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    Sex At The Kitchen


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    This was her first experience with a dog. She was very excited after that and I fucked her like this suku.Video filmed in Russia - all rights reserved.

    Uploaded by ialdab · Rating: 1.8 (128 votes) · 30051 views


    Есть кто из России? Пишите, пообщаемся!

    milena1980, posted

    this was a waste!

    fxygrl10101, posted

    acemi ilk olduğu belli

    xxxturkuazxxx08, posted

    WTF? this is a waste of time. dont even post something until you can AT LEAST HOLD A FUCKING CAMERA STEADY.

    lickmyasshole, posted

    Camera work was pretty bad but practice makes perfect. For a first time it was nothing special but had its moments.

    outlndr, posted

    this video isn't the best Ive seen on this site. Its mostly flash tone blurs. The girl is very attractive, even though you only see her face for a few seconds. For the free video user its not really worth the time because of the pause that always seems to happen at the best parts of the video. It almost seems planned. i still enjoyed it none the less. On the whole, its better quality then most videos and thank god there is sound.videos lacking sounds are always a disappointment. Its better with sounds and makes you feel like your there when you get the hear a moan or that nice packing sounds of crotch to ass.

    bigdogperson, posted
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