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    Dog Pounding Amazing Ass


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    Big dog is behind a really wonderful looking, big ass. he is being gentle but you can hear her moaning real loud. awesome video. its a must watch

    Uploaded by thegankster12 · Rating: 3.9 (1079 votes) · 128554 views



    lillyfrench, posted

    Damn that bitch asshole made my Dick jump

    jayskywalker, posted

    he has a nice long cock. would love to see that in a lil girls pussy i know.

    bestialitylove1, posted

    so einen riesn möchte ich auch mal haben

    petfrau, posted

    the girls moaning is so hot!!! Got me wet right when i heard it!! anyone who has a dog or horse in New Brunswick message me please!!!

    ilovedogs7517, posted

    wonder how many of u realized that this dog fucked a guy...

    Dodentetzlaf, posted

    yes please!

    lillygee, posted

    id love to feel a horses cock slide in my tight virgin ass after you use it over and over and have dogs use it tell it has been streached enough to take it with out ripping my ass any 1 want to help age looks dont matter

    michaellj1972, posted

    got me so HARD!

    harderthannorm, posted

    hes going slow cause their dildoging it and that is abunch of bulshit if we wanted to see dildoing we would go to toyvids but this is petsex we wanna see real dog fucking not bullshit like this

    coryhogan, posted

    sorry, but this was kinda lame..

    DarkDawg, posted

    wow i bet that felt good

    donavanss, posted

    May not be real dog to slow. He would be slamming that meat deep in her and hiring that knob. That the good stuff there. Got a dog for me and want to film me eating pussy and dog fucking my ass message me.

    tinypecker, posted

    I hate the dildog videos.

    doggiefriend, posted

    Mmmmm great vid love the moaning!!!!

    gabriele40, posted

    too mechanical

    dman63, posted

    great vid! So hot!

    bianca18, posted

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    BlackBiTop, posted

    beatiful ass i wanna eat it when fidi finishe tongue that ass bi wht hory male message me i likedirty messaging

    nailmesweet54, posted

    That dog's cock is HUGE!!

    NJBeastCam, posted

    almost blew my speakers with that moaning god dayum

    robertBruce, posted

    dildoggin sucks

    eanesmike003, posted

    That dog sure had a nice cock , but I wouldn't say he was " pounding her ass " he wasn't in her ass atall just her pussy . As for pounding ; I never saw a dog fuck that slow . I did enjoy watching the long slow stroks but I thought some of the moaning sounded put on

    houndog69, posted

    fake as hell .-.

    Athenos, posted

    What a very lucky woman. I'd love for him to make me his "bitch".

    dogknotluvr, posted

    omg lov it

    stevie50, posted

    Hello, ive made a few of these comments all ready but ^^. Look at my profile maybe msg me :) Im male and 100% bisexual so its all good ;)

    young_one_65, posted

    i agree with your coments. let the dog do it.

    dogirl100, posted

    This is a dildofuck. The guy groaning so hard is pushing the dog. Dogs don't fuck this way. Nice clip, but fake as hell.

    Darksidehntr, posted

    her moaning is a bit over done...with every stroke..seriously? plus dog wasn't being gentle, her man was controlling the fuck. Slow is nice in the beginning...but let the dog be a dog and ride her like a hungry animal!! Still better thank many videos....nice camera work. great dog cock

    peachesncream69, posted

    15 year old bi looking to tango with dog or anyone live in canada messege me

    tdog62868, posted

    So fake...

    Athenos, posted

    This is good and I'd like to do the same.

    1billy4unow, posted

    what a nice looking cock. would love to have it in me

    honeybunstori, posted

    who wants to fuck some fat 18 y/o boy ass. pm me

    guyyug, posted

    the fucking is fact, the moans are faking...what a waste of such a good hard dog cock!! Anyone in NC have a odg that would ENJOY fucking me???

    lynn7272, posted

    Good Video! At least you get to hear her instead of music in the background!!

    coyote561, posted

    The moans are fake, they aren't keepng in time with the thrusts of the dog cock.

    tsmith5143, posted


    whsepop, posted

    Omg The Things I Would Do To That Pussy

    ManLovesDogs92, posted

    I wish i had a women,and a dog..I would fuck the women and feed the dog...

    letmeecmor60, posted

    Title is wrong, that is not her ass. You can see her lovely little asshole when the guy who is helping out the dog (and doing a lot of moaning himself) pulled her cheek to the side at 2:14. Nice video though!!!

    sumpthindifrent, posted


    jfmata, posted

    loved the moaning. love the way they had the dog slow fucking that fabulous cunt. would love to suck that cock when he pulls out.

    bigshep, posted

    her moans were irritatingly like my oldschool science teacher i could fall asleep to it -_- the dogs dick was sexy as hell though!!<3

    tata1991, posted

    unbelievably sexy - I couldn't stop cumming

    jrpa, posted

    I agree with you Zoo, I thought I caught a glimpse of someone's hand holding it. Good clip though.

    bluedestiny, posted

    Pretty sure someone had to be holding that dog from behind to make him move that slow and pull out that far; that's not normal. Hot vid though.

    zoocurious420, posted

    that dogs cock is massive

    yummy1234567, posted

    20 year old dominican hmu :)

    ruby6020531, posted


    oocumoo, posted

    just wonderful camera work - and her moans are are great - lovely stroking

    jrpa, posted

    Wow who said dogs where MAN'S best friend? Very good video. Loved her moans.

    TheLoneWolf654, posted

    she has a nasty hairy ass... ewww no wonder she cant have a man.... shave that ass bitch and get someone too pop those bumps

    lolololololol2, posted

    That beautiful pussy of hers is taking that big dogcock beautifully!

    breeder09, posted

    That cock.... WOW! Sure wish I had THAT inside me right now. Anyone care to chat or rp? Add PushAlysia at yahoo dot com

    thatspuppycock, posted

    should have had the dog knot inside her and make her REALLY moan like the bitch she is...... damn I hate fakers

    DarkDawg, posted

    very good, but he is not in her ASS - you can clearly see he's being pushed into her pussy

    daggen, posted

    Love The Video Lol Its One Of My Favorites :D

    ManLovesDogs92, posted

    This may be the best beast sex ive seen.

    animalcum101, posted

    wishin I had a fun boy to make me moan like that :P Nice dog

    gloomgirl, posted

    what a cock! pity he didn't get that knot in; then the bitch would really have squealed! lucky dog, lovely arse! go to www.pet-animal-lovers.groups.live.com to meet other animal sex fans

    hamilton2, posted

    im longer and a lot thicker than that dog, but id love to get inside her after the dog was finished and feel the hot cum iinside her.....great butt on her...i tpp would like the dog to fuck her without some controling the dog...his cock looked perfect to go in her ass also...omg

    xxcu33, posted

    It does not take too much to get you guys excited does it? Yes the dog is hard, he is in her too. I guess that is exciting enough for a lot of guys. I prefer a vid in which the dog is more than supplying the cock. In this vid, obviously there is a guy on the other side of the dog controlling the thrusting. I like it when the dog is doing the work and the gal is obviously enjoying it

    sacalasjohn, posted

    Very nice video. Dog has an excellent cock. Very good lighting.

    deeperdabetter, posted

    Video clip was good, lighting was excellent, the dog is fucking her pussy, not her ass. Would love to see the dog cum drip from her pussy, the action is slow and the dogs cock is great as it slides in and out of her pussy.Sound is good, altho the groans of the man don't need to be there as it is a distraction

    dipswitch69, posted

    I would love to experience making love to a dog for the first time. Anyone in south dakota willing to help me?? :)

    cumplay696988, posted

    she does have a great ass and i would love to lick her pussy juice off that stud's cock and then eat his cum out of her cunt

    married1, posted

    the dog is clearly fucking her pussy, not her ass

    candyapples, posted

    Nice vid buy misleading title. The dog is pounding pussy, not ass!!!

    dogmybum, posted

    Ok, the dogs got a big dick in her, and a nice ass it is! The moaning guy is obviously using the dog as a dildo for the lady! Is the guy moaning cause he's boning the dog out of frame? That's my thought!

    harperreese, posted

    totally hot!!! and that dog really knows how to work it, well trained!!! makes my pussy drip

    bluegreens11, posted

    The dog is in her pussy, NOAT her ass. And why is some guy moaning also?

    olemanjones, posted

    hum..wow..que ces beau a voir...j,adore..moi g au quebec...saguenay/lac st-jean...ouvert a tout..écrivez moi.bye XXX

    Nickstfelicien, posted

    damn awesome video, my pussy is so wet, I want a big fat dog cock in it. make his cum squirt all in me

    gabriele40, posted

    awesome vid, made my pussy wet and ready to cum

    gabriele40, posted

    holy fuck thats a HUGE dog cock! very nice video! would love to see more!

    amandanrocky, posted

    sounds like the guy's getting fucked in the ass.

    1robert, posted

    The moaning is annoying other than that the video is great. I hope I get a big long k9 cock like that when I finally get to do it.

    SimoneLee, posted

    I read my comment from 1 mnth a. The title's still right: that ass is amazingly beautiful. Even with the pimples. And the stupid review I'm referring to is not this one. This is another review. I have noticed already, that reviews change. I don't know, how they do it, but they have different reviews for the same clip. I saw 1 clip, which I recognised by my comment, with 3 different reviews. And why the sighing in the clip? It's not the dog pounding her cunt! The dogdick is long and a man is pushing it in her cunt. The sighing is not necessary. And he is sighing so loud too, as if it is such hard work, pushing that dogdildo in her cunt. So, yah, I say: they are full of shit! The rest I already said in my former comment. And don't even think, that because his dick is pushed into a warm, moist cunt, that he likes feeling that warm, moist cunt on his dick. Because he doesn't. His pleasurepoints are behind his knot. When his whole knot is inside her cunt, he likes it. The only thing, the dog would be thinking now, would be: 'Let go of my dick, you fucking shit, you!' Happy New Year!04@ animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    Armseliger Fake! Da muss wer nachhelfen, armer Hund...

    gentleg, posted

    Amazing Movie This is One of the best one's i'v seen Dog takes his time giving it to the woman and she seems relay into it as well

    chooch890, posted

    simply awesome

    satkiller, posted

    It must be true what they say after a dog comes you can still fuck him or make him fuck as is what is happening here.

    sewcrq, posted

    sweet dick yeah baby bring it around my house

    chubbyladie, posted

    The title's got 1 thing right: it's an amazingly beautiful ass. Even with the pimples. I'd've loved to lick that crack, her cunt and ass. Another review written by a stupid turd, that thinks the dog is slowly, methodically thrusting his wet doggy cock deep in her ass. SussieQT is right! It's NOT in her ass. Does the turd even know, what 'perforated' means? I am surprised, that the turd saw the stray hand spread her cheeks so you can see the cock pushing into her. Just as surprised, that the turd did NOT see her asshole (her anus, her rectum) with clarity in the beautiful illumination. It was just above the cock pushing into her cunt. I think, the turd just wanted to earn some credits. So it plagiarised something it read somewhere and made some long sentences with big words, it doesn't understand, just to get to 100 words. Anyhow, the turd knows shit about dogs too. Or else, it would have known, dogs don't fuck this way. When dogs fuck, first thing they do, AS SOON AS they get their dick in, is they paste their loins (their hindquarters) against the bitch's butt. ALWAYS! Why? And a dog NEVER, NEVER, NEVER thrusts his dick as 'slowly and methodically' into a bitch (or a woman) as shown in the clip. It was clear, that a man (his hand was to see on the ground) was holding the dogdick and thrusting it like a dildo into the woman's CUNT. If you thrust a dildo into a woman's cunt, is the dildo pounding her? And everybody, that thinks, that the dog even likes, what the man is doing, is so VERY fucking wrong. How many takes, do you think, were necessary to not get the man's hand on the dog's dick in the clip? More than 1. animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    nice long juicy dog cock yumm but that dog isnt humping at all someone is pushing him and his cock was sideways i think they did that so the knot could go in and out and not get stuck

    ilovedogs24, posted

    nice big slippery dog Cock mhhhh I bet she would have loved that Knot in here :)

    lilbeaver, posted

    my turn next please

    runner1, posted

    very nice cock on the dog but title is wrong,it is in her pussy,not her ass. i would love to have that cock in either of mine thou.overall a very good movie

    SussieQT, posted

    big cock there bet she loves it .

    dogfucker03, posted

    That is one lucky dog

    chuy6969, posted

    crap!!! Dog not having sex...Mans hand putting dog's cock into woman.

    volvoman111, posted

    hot stuff yummi yummi

    anarchist69, posted

    I like it, great ass.

    h201234, posted

    que bueno el video la mina se lo comio todo

    valruipo, posted

    that dog really knows how to long stroke that pussy

    pitbull87, posted

    the dog had a great dick. but i ould have liked the dog to actually be pounding her.

    kelseefuckme, posted

    Any women in FL that wants to fuck (me or dog or both) message me.

    carnageprc, posted

    Why is the guy in the background moaning when he's only making the dog go in and out? >.>

    KitsuMomochi, posted

    Wow! Great clip, and dog

    tediz87, posted

    love to find a woman in the ft. wayne.indiana area thats into this kind of activity...please contact me...

    racan3, posted

    I want this dog to fuck me hard.

    arizonaaaa, posted

    awesome movie

    chapdick, posted


    lasa75, posted


    lxd785, posted

    well ,i have watched girls get fucked and moan with a knot and that moaning was not from this fucking. im not gay but i let a dog do me and i moanded more that that.it was good .but not that good.

    getdownonit, posted

    I like it, but the dog isn't thrusting and that's not her asshole.

    sumpthindifrent, posted

    He really wasn't pounding her that was dildoeing,but that dog sure was hung and her hungry pussy took it all!

    breeder09, posted

    horny TN girl here. any TN OLDER guy?

    evonnem, posted

    I found this and i had to jackoff...I love the sound of her moaning and the guy in the background just blows it over the top.....

    rc3202, posted

    That was very hot, love the way the dog seemed to know exactly what he was doing, would have loved to been there.

    jcker169, posted

    Despite just how hot that vid was, DAMN THATS A BIG FUCKING DOG.

    nigelstoy, posted

    nice ass lucky dog

    454chad, posted

    Hot movie

    Firebirdsx2, posted

    Hell yell, I'm a ass lover and will be until the day I die and the ass on this girl is delicious. The dog is lucky to be dicking such quality ass. He has a rod too. I will rate this video a 8 between 1 to 10. Go Ass

    VOND3, posted

    i loved it. good pup long dicked her nice and slow made me start jerking.hope she got the knott to

    damtrav, posted

    this is WTF

    zombe12, posted

    that was nice

    buzz159, posted

    Dildogging and it's not going in her ass like the reviewer thinks.

    Nekkofox, posted

    Dildogging trash.

    ou81288, posted

    extremly good make me horny try horse its amazing

    oskuldenkat1, posted

    Thats not a natural mount!

    St88man, posted

    nice wish the dog was doing the fucking

    rit205, posted


    red1990, posted


    ciombe, posted

    If you look closely at the end of the movie, you'll find out it's not really in her ass.

    jakdark, posted

    Can i pound your ass if so message me back (;

    Kingcockdick, posted

    Can i tap your ass

    Kingcockdick, posted

    mmm zo een vrouw wil ik wel eens ontmoeten zo geil

    kangeroe, posted

    still looking for that special girl to marry.

    looking64, posted

    email me at beh8@hotmail.com if your into this kind of stuff good vid

    heavyd8, posted

    just the best what a cock can i clean yall up

    dickcuckold, posted

    Der hundeschwanz war in der vagina aber leider dildogging! Laßt den hund ohne "hilfe" ran. Er wird schon rausfinden, wie es geht. Geil genug ist er doch.

    capricornus, posted

    The guys moans are distracting!

    jackf9, posted

    Now that was hot. I'd like to take that dog and that ass.

    bigandbeefy, posted

    mmm, lucky dog

    Reanimator1, posted

    my turn next

    runner1, posted

    Fake moans, dildoing...no thanks.

    delphinic, posted

    Would love to watch my wife get slow fucked by this dog too

    midnite3, posted


    zook555, posted

    if any guys or girls wanna fuck me or have me fuck them then message me. i can travel.

    summitkid96, posted

    Nice vid... Um.. Can I borrow your dog.. :)

    haavatra, posted

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    1seximama, posted

    So when is the pounding going to start?

    Bober, posted

    would love to feel that big knot trying to get inside of me. What a beautiful long cock.

    dickweed1, posted

    •Aluzky• Boring dildog video...

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    any one invite me to live show like this id love to fuck her after the dog

    regie3, posted

    ho un dogo di bordeaux con un cazzo esagerato c'è qualche cucciolona interessata? stell0123@yahoo.it

    stell0123, posted

    The biggest dog dick I have seen so far

    wolfes33, posted

    i started fucking my dog when i was 12 years old. my dog loved the taste of my precum.my friend watches me fuck her dog while she fingers her pussy mmm

    oocumoo, posted

    even tho its in pussy not her ass this is still very hot

    inuyasha86, posted

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    rolrex, posted

    woow ce chien à une queue fantistique

    Sampik, posted

    it is in her pussy / vagina , NOT her asshole

    MG1487, posted

    I'd love me some doggy dick in MY ass!

    ilovecreampies, posted

    I really enjoyed that ass that moen the entire time she was screaming for more more of the big cock, tha ass was amazing love it his wet doggy cock deep in her ass. She's moaning pretty for him too, each thrust bringing a deep grunt perforated with little throat catching whines... a beautiful piece for those who get audibly stimulated. I love the vocals, she sounds like she's very into it, and having a wonderful time. thanks I enjoyed this film very much who would not. I will watched again 100 times when you guys going to post more to see more acction.diferet position wiht difrent dog that really pound that pussy... nicee.. .. good job .later.....

    mipita, posted

    ok um first off the dog wasn't fucking her ass and second off the dog wasn't fucking her at all it was a guy pushing the dog in her as if it was forced to do it though the video is hot i agree with that but the dog should not have to be forced and it shouldn't be have the title (Dog Pounding Amazing Ass) it was in her pussy the entire time?

    mrbill63, posted

    He might not have been fucking her in the as but she certainly was ennjoying the doggy fuck. Hubby seemed to be gettig off also. Good short flick.

    frogballs, posted

    I love the noises she's making! and I love how big the do is too! The only thing that could make it better was a cum shot. <3

    HornyDragon1408, posted


    JaffreyJames, posted

    aw aw aw amazing , great camera work,nice angle,she does have a sweet ass. I like that her man pulls the dogs cock farther from time to time so we can see how much cock she's taking into her pussy. I love the vocals, she sounds like she's very into it, and having a wonderful time. thanks I enjoyed this film very much who would not.

    mcnesby, posted

    He wasn't fucking her in the ass... if you watch when the dude spread her cheeks your can see her asshole. Also, the guy is moving the dog obviously, so the description is stupid in saying the dog was fucking her slow. But! Good video, made me cum pretty quick.

    ShintaNohara, posted

    is that the dog moaning or the camera guy? good vid though.

    cyberx76, posted

    wish i had that dog great clip

    bellhill1950, posted

    what breed is this dog? his cock is huge!

    xperimentall, posted

    wow that was some great stuff showen

    mrtnyousaidwhat, posted

    nice long cock,very nice ass,Id love to see the whole thing knot and all go in

    mcnesby, posted

    If he was to knot it would be an awsome feeling as he is huge.

    bradshaw, posted

    Thats got my pussy dripping...fake or not

    d26zip, posted

    The dog was not even doing the work, he was being pushed in and out by a human .... he did not even have it in her ass, it was in her pussy

    apprentice79, posted

    phim nay la phim khong dung

    anh2hn, posted

    Sweet! Sounds like a good time was had by all!

    harleypoor, posted


    gentlesquire, posted

    Still can't figure out why the guy (human) is moaning while he's shoving that dog's butt back and forth to "dill-dog" her, unless he's got his cock in the dog's ass...?

    abl72lok, posted


    chris1008109, posted

    ;) HOTTY TOTTY! :)

    tercel, posted

    He has an amazing cock. If he fucked her on his own he would have hurt her for sure.

    tinymut, posted

    Really awesome!

    evensah, posted

    dildogging isnt as hot, i like the primal ass-pounding that is only achieved when a dog humps a girl without any help

    bahamut66, posted

    Na das nenne ich mal einen richtig geiles Video das Spaß macht sich anzugucken und das mehr als nur einmal und aber hallo der Hund hat ja einen richtig geilen und langen Schwanz das er ihr es damit richtig besorgen kann ist nicht zu über sehen und zu hören aber ich denke wenn nicht der Mann die Bewegung gemacht hätte sondern der Hund selber währe sie richtig abgegangen kann nur sagen echt sehr geil mehr von euch bitte... würde mich freuen mehr von euch zu sehen zum Beispiel wenn der Hund sie mal schön von hinten vögelt und sie ihm dabei einen blässsst das wäre echt sehr geil und ich würde gerne mal bei euch mitmachen bitte eine pm an mich danke

    Murkel, posted

    To me the sound seems fake.

    DanishMale, posted

    I thought it was hot.

    1of13c, posted

    what a nice ass on that lady. thats one lucky dog. wish I could have been there to enjoy it both ways.

    bparra, posted

    mmm thtat made me so wet wow i would love to find the right guy that has a dog like that

    piggabbit, posted

    what kind of dog is that i would love to have that cock in my ass that nice long wet worm dick

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    OMG does that dog ever have a nice cock. I would love to suck him dry or let him have my ass.

    dude4mk9, posted

    never heard a dog moan like that...never seen a dog fuck like that neither....not a good video

    goodface10, posted

    hmm..its in the cunt and not the ass..lol

    cigarkink, posted

    nice ass

    2315, posted

    this movie is fucking great, i am wet from watching it.

    lickmyhotcocoa, posted

    awesome ! nice ass

    manyman999, posted

    yeah, nice big dick... and lovely ass!

    Prasak, posted

    I love how big his dick is, I want that inside me soooo bad

    WayWeDoIt, posted

    that was no dog man dressed as dog I BELIEVE

    mouse05, posted

    [If that 'other' groaning is the dog---I give up!] It's worth watching; nice ass and so on, but THE DOG IS NOT "POUNDING" shit (right then, anyway): this is another dil-doggy movie---NOT inspiring.

    abl72lok, posted

    love this vid..i want that dog cock for mself..btches ass is also very fucken nice i would love the lick the dog cum right ot that pussy after he finished with her before he gives it to me..didnt like te fact the dog was being assited but overall loved the vid..need more like em..Sexy Ass girls with nice juggling asses for mate and dog..i wished hte knot would have also went in that would have done it her moans would have sounded alil more real and stranger the dog had a nice ass knot to that i would love to put my lips around and the watch it go into her pussy and ass..watch em both cum all over my face

    tisha6a6y, posted

    The video is very veryy verrryyy sexy and intense. The way in the begining the k9 slowly penetrates her is enough to turn anyone on. Its like he has a mind of his own to fuxk her nd make her moan like a man would. Ive never seen a dog cock that big. Ive never tried sex with an animal it just arouses me to watch it but when i do try it mmm i can only hope to get the pleasure she was getting even tho the same consistant moan was a little annoying lol. The dog just seems soo so fucking into it that like idk more into than most humans lol. Overall awesome actully killer fuckin vid

    horses1992, posted

    this video really made me stand to attention,if u know what i mean, the lady had to have been in excstacy with a cock that big inside her.lots of knotting involved which reallys makes he experience of watching a millian times better!a cumshot inside would make the the perfect knotting video and was that ten inches of dog cock in there? im pretty sure he was ramming the back of her throat, tickling her tonsils as he shot his load in her ass. i wish i was the guy filming her maybe getting a blowjob while it was all goin down.

    jeff235, posted

    wOW!!! what a perfect intimate time! I'm jealous! nice big dog doing his master nice and slow, giving her that nice slow fuck with a nice size doggie cock. and she is just enjoying every momen of doggie cock bliss! and wow, even though you can"t see the master in her entirely, she has has a beautiful body, what an ass she has!! if i could only convince mym other half to alow our boxer to do the same to her. wish! wish! wish!! please please submit more videos like this!! keep up the awesome job! now if you will excuse me, i gotta go and blow my load!!!

    mindbug, posted

    Just so you anal fans know this is not an anal clip! Which may be a bit disappointing (myself included) considering the title which as someone else pointed out is a bit misleading. However it is still a good short clip, the dog is taking his time and the woman is enjoying every minute of it (as is the camera man lol). Camera angle is very good, gives a nice clear shot of this beauties ass as well as good close up shots of the dog doing his thing! Definitely a clip to watch I would love to see the full version this dog and woman have great chemistry.

    doggg, posted

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