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    Dog Licks Pussy


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    Woman bends over and encourages her dog to lick her. It licks her deep and she moans as she takes each lick deep inside her willing pussy

    Uploaded by woolaston · Rating: 4.2 (257 votes) · 71640 views


    did anyone hear her at all ? sexy ass body and looks like she is training the pup to be a great pussy eater

    bitchhunting, posted

    16 yr old girl, message me guys for some "chat" ;) xxx xxx xxx

    gewgirl, posted

    i could fall for a girl like her

    widow74, posted

    This girl is hot, and the pup licks her real well...can hear his tongue, but she isn`t vocal at all.

    jayko, posted

    Yess..im alll wet...gotta get my friend to do the same..but ill lay on my back..cause he gets to alllll the folds just right. .He just knows how to lick my clit in the right spot....then ill cummm alll over and he licks it allllll up. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmw

    lovknots, posted

    she has a damn nice ass

    musicman2022, posted

    Damn hot!!

    haavatra, posted

    what a pair of tits

    srspremium, posted

    NO NO NO!!! Let me lick your asshole! ! !

    Hellraiser2000, posted

    Ridiculously hot chick!!! Shit!

    cmezo70, posted

    oh wow, this is so sexy, very hot girl and such an eager pooch. when it comes down to homemade licking vids, can it get any better? and ohhh, i love how she chose the stairs for this...

    browneyedog, posted

    such a nice woman, marry me & live happily ever after =)

    Likezoo, posted

    mmmm nice! zo lekka kontje likken

    tnotBeast, posted

    ANother good clip. The video quality was great, The sound quality was good. A lot of licking action and the girl was hot. Lucky dog!

    bluedestiny, posted

    omg so amazing, im so horny now

    mmmamazing, posted

    u will be dead soon lol :) hahah

    alan361, posted


    moria23, posted

    lucky dog, hopefully he can get to put more than just his tongue in that pussy

    anthony_p_v, posted

    This is awesome, especially when she oves her pussy for him and lets him lick her fully. i have been licked by a friends dog frm behind and it awesome, can understand why she wants his long hot tongue up her pussy, lovely

    debs, posted

    omg just lovely...

    love_mature88, posted

    She has a great body and seems to really enjoy the dog giving her a good pussy licking. If only my wife would let me film her with our Husky/Mastif so we could share..

    alfaone, posted

    ik wou da ik die hond was zo een mooie kont zou wel ni zo goe kunnen likken zoals die hond denk mooi

    kangeroe, posted

    Wish that was my dog!

    terenia, posted

    Thats really good

    i8pies, posted

    perfect ass.

    tumbleweed1966, posted

    god that is so fucking good ive pulled my cock to death looking at this horny little bitch i bet she is at this everytime mom and dad go out

    strays, posted

    Very nice she's beautiiful gotta let my wife see this!

    breeder09, posted

    that dog love's his master ,she is one hot babe

    9inchhorsecock, posted

    damn girl u go!! i love it, love how u got in2 it, beautiful dog.

    codwod, posted

    Such a hot body on her, nice clip

    midnite3, posted

    dog licks pussy. In the next life,let me be that lucky,the master of the house will be in the'DOG'house at lease tree times a week, while me the 'DOG' be licking havenly tough.

    snoopy1946, posted

    She is hot. She has a gret body. Would have loved to seen her face, She acted like she really enjoyed it.

    kojak, posted


    09999, posted

    She is very hot. Their are alot more women getting sex from their dogs then people actually know. All you have to do is start paying attention and you can see it. Some people have a higher sex drive then others. To each their own. I personally know of a very beautiful 18 year old. I first noticed it one day when she was talking to a guy beside the road--then I noticed the doberman with his nose up her short skirt and she neve offered to sho him . A couple of days later as I passed her house(they were out front) I kept watching through my mirror and she took his nose and put it in her crotch. Man she is hot. I look anyday to catch them out in the woods getting it on. I hope I do.

    kojak, posted

    Wow what a fucking body and she was not bad either.

    james2505, posted

    ooooohhhh nice video

    rexs, posted

    oh yeah

    pussyzcat, posted

    she's sexy as fuck

    itsasecret88, posted

    ohhhhhh me encanta

    victorsancho, posted

    mmmmh i want his tongue forever in my pussy

    stuzzi56, posted

    very nice girl i want to this girll

    bykarer, posted

    having a good time huh girl..yeah its awwwsome!!!

    boybig123, posted

    Oh man.. she is smokin.

    slacker9876, posted

    buf que cuerpazo que tiene la chica no?

    zoosporo, posted

    Anyone in the Tulsa, OK area? bigtimeok3@yahoo.com

    bigtimeok2, posted

    does anyone know who she is or if she has other vids?? by far the best i have seen, i would be willing to pay this girl to do that in front of me

    carlbradwell, posted

    True, she has an awesome body....

    jayko, posted

    love this 1! the womens hot as fuck and shes loving it.......

    indie, posted

    This video was a big turn on for me. I found that the enjoyment of both the woman and dog were pleasing. The dog loved to lap up all of the woman's pussy juices and that just turns me on. The angle of the camera definitel could have been a bit better, but over all it definitely makes me want to buy a dog and start something like this. This video will turn you on and make you hot, so be ready to get wet and have a really really good time playing with yourself or a favorite pet of yours. :)

    lhasfkjbasklfn, posted

    This is a very sexy brunette woman, probably in her early 20's bending over and getting licked by a golden retriever (or maybe a yellow lab?). She obviously loves it as she keeps moving her pussy into the way of the dogs tongue. The woman has an phenomenal butt and good perky boobs with great hips. You can hear the dog licking at the woman's pussy, although you can't see her pussy very well. Part way through, she shifts a little so that her butt is facing the camera a little more directly. I only wish that I could see more videos of her and her nice dog. Definitely one of my favorites! I think I'm going to go watch it again!

    itsme2300, posted
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