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    Glamouros Cupcake And Mr Biggs


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    Introducing glamourous zoophile Cupcake.She has killer body and lovely attitude.These are first shared clips.She said she will share more soon.Enjoy what she has to offer for the moment

    Uploaded by asserex · Rating: 4.2 (45 votes) · 5380 views


    Cupcake and biggs are just hot!

    jayko, posted

    didn't like back ground noise or else good video

    fredpotts, posted

    hi Cupcakex thanks for de videos please upload more of it it is amazing :D

    fedecba_, posted

    You should need my authorization because it's my material. I posted it into BeastForum for the BF members. Yea, I expected people to save the files. But why do you need to post it somewhere else? Couldn't just watch it from your own computer? You can try to justify yourself how ever you want, but you fact of the matter is, you had no fucking right. So thanks for being a douche. :]

    Cupcakex, posted

    I want see the completly video please

    fedecba_, posted

    more of this please more of this please more of this please more of this please more of this please more of this please more of this please more of this please more of this please

    fedecba_, posted

    upload more of this please

    fedecbaa_, posted

    wow, loved it. Thank you.

    wotwolf, posted

    BB CC WHO GIVES A FUCK...she obviously loves her 'job' and her puppy-pleasure!

    abl72lok, posted

    CC has posted this clip in a public board (e.g. Beastforum) for THOUSANDS of users to simply download it and enjoy watching.So why should I need her authorization to upload it in here as well as long as I'm giving proper credits?

    asserex, posted

    A: Spell check. B: Not sure CC would apreciate some idiot adding her stuff here without contacting her. . .

    devron777, posted
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