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    Horsecore The One With White Pony.. And Pics


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    this is the hc series the one with the white pony.. i added some pics with it.. and turned out okay.. very exciting.. hope yall enjoy it..

    Uploaded by lonerchild · Rating: 4.2 (328 votes) · 37874 views


    with the music, it sounds as if she were dead ;(

    Loaderon, posted

    ugh I wish I had a mini pony. I'd seriously just fuck it all day. I want that cock inside of me. I love this video

    Magichands8, posted

    i dont get it. you have a super hot female and a very willing horse. cant believe the female can take the horse wow. but the music sucks and the quality of the video is terrible. learn to use lighting and stop with the editing pictures. you have the oppurtunity to make great video.

    mbnat13, posted

    Good video

    petsmart013, posted

    whats with the FUCKING MUSIC?!?!?

    PINKCADALAC, posted

    This is nice and hot... but the original sound track would be preferable.

    jayko, posted

    oh beautiful mobntage and I would have liked to be one of the mountees

    jrpa, posted

    tres belle vidéo j'ai aiméé

    a_lodie, posted

    Beautiful, sexy, delicious;)

    CherriesD, posted

    What's with the music? good clip but it would've been 100% better with the actual sounds of the pony thrusting & to hear the girls moans of pleasure instead of adding music...still made my pussy wet though.

    bigarse, posted

    if anyone know's a better horse/women vid. than this one let me now?

    cyberx76, posted

    OMG,,, how i'd love to have that big cock deep inside my pussy,she's such a lucky girl,that has been my fantasy for a few yrs now,hope it comes true,plese keep showing movies with women & horses

    SussieQT, posted

    bellissima scena

    ziotobia, posted

    Aclip well worth watching,appeared both were well satisfied. Could stand to see a lot more like this and a lot less women sucking dog dick. Close to 2:1 on this website.They could also get rid of a lot to the worthless fucking cartoons and add more of the real thing.

    chief202fire, posted


    hector666, posted

    Very exciting to watch very sensual & appealing.

    Sylvia74, posted

    I dont normally post comments.. And although it's easy to criticise another's work; In this case it being repetitive and a little short.. I really liked it :) I like how she took the whole thing.. It's funny that more males can take a horse cock better than the girls can.. for some reason.. :/ ..lol

    youngnhungry, posted

    eff you freddy..lol.. its free isnt it..

    lonerchild, posted

    The footage was excellent, very hot stud. But the video is crap. Repeated and looped footage, random pics, bad music... Meh.

    Feddy, posted

    why keep her shirt on ? She is showing her pussy with a ponys cock fucking it Show the tits

    hogwild73pont, posted

    loved the video part more than the pictures. would of liked hearing woman moan.

    horney4sex, posted

    sehr gut

    moklie, posted

    that was beautiful on both parts! the one thing that would have made it better would be hearing the woman moan while being rammed. Keep up the great work :)

    chikin, posted

    love it! thanks so much!

    Angus10, posted

    Can anyone help me with uploading a movie, it wont upload..

    kellibubba, posted

    sehr gut

    pavcek, posted

    i would pay a lot to get a dvd of this,anyone got one ?

    namooz, posted

    very good

    tinson1944, posted

    delicioso rico hacerlo asi uno tambien

    MAKONGA, posted

    What is the original Video and where can I get it?

    testosteron72, posted

    Ido belive this is the best Animal mating with women ,ever made...

    llodycannon, posted

    nice movie...more*more*more plzzzz

    mngr35, posted

    hummmmm la cochonne j aimerai la connaitre

    chrizz33, posted


    calle, posted

    sooooooooooooooooo want 2 try a horse cock can any 1 help me with this plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    lesley, posted

    great movie i wish i seen the cum slide out.

    darthur, posted

    Mmmm loved this video

    cuddles2puddles, posted

    wow,double wow

    at0zee, posted

    Oh I want to get fucked by a horse so bad, whats it like? please talk to me on AIM kaillen god this is so hot

    Kaillen, posted

    My wife has been getting fucked by a small pony also! His cock is about 10 inches or so with a big flare at the head. She can take the whole thing too, and loves to be pumped full of horse sperm! Very hot to watch!

    Bigeightincher, posted

    thanks rodeo.. im always searching for the original vids..

    lonerchild, posted

    That was an excellent compilation, even included a photo I have not seen before.

    rodeotexas, posted

    You could shove your hand all the way inside her up to the shoulder....that girl definately knows how to satify the ponies, too bad no man could ever hit bottom on that girl....great video.

    becauseican, posted

    would love to join some women if anyone interested get up wit me mississippiswampdonkey21 at yahoo dot com

    swampdonk, posted

    Love it and her.

    bulldawg, posted

    omg size does matter, mmmmmm

    karrie, posted

    There were many more pict.s and more video: someone stole them and, somehow, cleared he entire market of those pict.s and videos.

    abl72lok, posted


    solido, posted

    That was amazing! What a woman to take that huge horsecock!Very nice!

    breeder09, posted

    awesome vid eh.. but its meant to stimulate your fascination.. fantasize about how she must have really been fulfilled..

    lonerchild, posted

    fuck thats hot wish i did not live in the city

    cottonballs, posted


    pigslove308, posted

    That is one of my fave mare and female videos. I saw the real one and I so wish that was me. She took all of that cock and he did a nice long breeding to her. Epic Win!

    dragonsgirl, posted

    Fuck your stupid montage and your shitty music.

    ou81288, posted


    unker, posted

    that wass pretty good must have been hard to take it at first

    ilovedogs24, posted

    lucky girl, but wish it was me takin it

    bootedskinhead, posted

    boy its amazing,looks like she takes 12 inches or more of that mini hores cock,i would love to see the whole movie!

    namooz, posted


    cutter64, posted

    Sweet! She took the little ponys meat to the hilt! He left her a nice load! Well done!

    harleypoor, posted

    wow art and.....

    hapy1, posted

    That was sexy!!!!

    poopyhug, posted

    Well done !! She can really take his horse cock!! :O She gets it all in her pussy and he cums inside her!!!!! ;0

    mehoff, posted

    Thats A Good Girl...mmmmmm

    brownassbobby, posted

    that was hoooooootttttt

    Kript, posted

    woman knows what she is doing as obviously has been practicing

    horsepoop, posted

    Very Well Done!!

    gazgazgaz, posted

    Being a female I was thouraghly turned on by that hung hard cock pumping in and out of her. I would have loved to hear her screams and moans as that beast pumped her cunt with his hot cum. I especially loved seeing that drained rod drop down exhausted. Personally I have been wanting to start off with some dog sex maybe a dog lick and nibble my clit but I wasm't real aware there was so much horse sex on the site and I am now so facinated with any woman that can take a horse up her cunt I want to see more. Definatly going to be one of my favorites.

    sexkitten50, posted

    Wow. Its amazing how she takes the horse and the force of his thrusts is surreal. The pictures are ok and was an added bonus. But to see this action taking place you would not have believed it if you did not see it for your self. And it looks like the horse was enjoying it too. The position of them made it easy for the horse to fuck her and take his huge cock and enjoy it like they were made for each other. To me the horse did not feel out of his element, like it was a natural fuck.

    sexymt33, posted

    oh yeah im loving this video can i borrow your horse... awww awww awww i want to be able to feel the cock of the horse i think i couldnt be able to handle it but i can try as long as i have some kind of anymal in my house.. and tell me do you have anymore anymals or is the horse the only one. have you ever had anty other animals you would like to do it with?? what about a dog that sounds pretty good aswell and you can keep him inside your house at all times

    santiago1, posted

    awesome little vid, would love to see the whole thing sometime. Enjoyed specially seeing the cum shot at the end. the quality isn't the best video wise but good enough. can't see it going in and out so much, but seeing it come out at the end, the pony cock, is pretty awesome. would love to see more for certain, specially of the girl, she has great legs. and some sound of the action as well. the music wasn't the best turn on value. :) the pony seemed well trained and plenty horny. wonder if there is more of this guy out there.

    caljones1690, posted

    This is my first review and also my VERY first time ever actually seeing bestiality! Yes, I was a virgin,-but I certainly am no longer...I found this movie fairly exciting, epecially watching what looked like a gorgeous-bodied, young woman getting fucked very deeply by a white pony. I also loved the close cum-shot streaming out all over her pussy, showing-off the true length of this little pony's prick. On the other hand, I could have done without the cheesy music and instead, would have liked to hear the actual sounds of woman probaby moaning loudly as she got plowed all the way in the cunt by a little pony. It was filmed like a music video, just repeating the same shots,(please don't mind the pun!), over and over again.

    1seximama, posted

    Ive seen a few videos of this girl and the white pony, they were quickly done, and low quality. This one is wonderful, the pictures flow nicely with the video and the music just adds even more passion. I would have waited till the end to show the after pictures. I think that would have threw the watcher over the edge and made it a wonderful experience. The quality isn't amazing but is good enough to watch the video. Not really much trailing when it switches between picture and the movie. "All and all" I love this video and can't wait to see more of them from you. Keep going with this and you will get something awesome. Thank you.

    angelsgrim, posted

    I myself found this to be sexy, was a little dissapointed with the pictures and the music that was added to the film though. She took it very well which is a plus and the pony gave a nice beginning, middle, and end. Seems obvious they have had some practice with this exercise...and that will always make it better to watch! The only things I would change would be taking out the photo's as well as the music, because I like to hear the girl enjoy what she is taking! With that being said, if those minor things were considered by horsecore and she just made this a plain ol' movie and showed more of the sexual encounter up close and personal, I believe people would enjoy it more and watch her with her pony more. Of course this is my opinion, but I think alot of people would agree. I would recommend watching it at least one time, it is worth that, but I probably won't keep a look out for anymore of her's for these reasons. I want to watch the movie, the whole movie, and not bounce around from a shot of the movie, to the same picture of her butt that was shown at least five times I seen, back to the movie...that also seemed to be the same couple of seconds looped over and over again. Once again, take a look for yourselves. Seemed some of the people liked it, so maybe you will too. I also know a good amount of people will agree with my opinion as well. Make it a full length movie, with no music so we can hear you horsecore, and I promise you will have more of a fanbase I promise! ;) P.K.

    pussykitty, posted
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