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    Bbw Wife Mounted


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    A hot amateur BBW wife gets mounted by dog for her second time and likes. only a short clip and the lighting could have been better but it's worth a watch.

    Uploaded by chicosteel · Rating: 3.4 (255 votes) · 82632 views


    cunt filming put me off

    madcyril, posted

    That pedo in the background was a huge turn off D:

    l0l4, posted

    anyone have a mare, sow or bitch that would be willing to let me play with? i will gladly "play" with you as well, im in Ohio

    bigcaboom1, posted

    very hot

    mari_luv143, posted

    Hell yeah, that fat cunt loves that doggy cock pounding her, breeding her, spermimg her good...

    jayko, posted

    Beautiful, big, black dog! I wish I was that lucky lady. The clip is a little dark and a bit short but the fat bitch gets a good fucking and both the dog and his bitch enjoy. Love how her ass and thighs jiggle as he pounds her. Would have liked to see the knot and his hard doggy-dong slip into her pussy.

    hollycumlately, posted

    thats were diseases come from very gross and abusive maybe you should find a man that will fuck the shit out of you and beat you up for being a sick human

    1mommy23, posted


    curioushubby, posted

    very nine women i vanted see more with her

    BAKSAS14, posted

    You people are fucking sick

    gross12345, posted

    The clip was short but hot none the less

    greasham20, posted

    Yum Yum

    watercatdog, posted

    I wish the clip was longer! I'd like to see more of this woman's work.

    rgrijalva, posted


    shannan5, posted

    Any women interested in caming with 16 year old male to cum add lovestounload@hotmail.com, won't show face though. Just a precaution :]

    ilovetocum, posted

    sexy big ass n thighs jiggling! lov her hangers!

    beastsexbill, posted

    would love to see a movie of her

    ponytail72, posted

    where's the camera? I want to c the pussy getting it.

    mefirst, posted

    I'd LOVE to see more of her!!!

    snozler, posted

    wish i was that guy helping out

    cop2125, posted

    prety good

    onappp, posted

    dog started to pump her fast had her ass cheeks a bouncing she was moaning enjoying the big cock

    chessrocks, posted

    I wish I had a big dog like that to fuck me

    dogdays216, posted

    Awesome, lucky dog!

    dazzajl, posted

    id love to get knotted by that dog

    wannaiguana, posted

    ....I prefer women & dogs with no dudes in sight or helping.....it interrups the fantasy or girl/mate know what I mean ? ! ? !

    linda79, posted

    Fantastic, so horny. Do you put on shows?

    Johnson007, posted

    sup14@hotmail.de gud

    spus, posted


    biquick, posted


    jayko, posted

    Lookin for women that would like for there clit to be lick while a dog is cumming in them mississippiswampdonkey21@yahoo.com EMAIL

    swampdonk, posted

    sweet BBW. nice ripples.

    digitallover, posted

    lmao! spam!!

    kitten2, posted

    very hot would love to meet if your in england

    dogfck111, posted

    Beautiful clip, albeit short. A very enthusiastic dog, and horny female...You can tell by her moans she's not only enjoying the thick red dog cock going deep inside her pussy - , but having multiple orgasms as well...Dog is happy and having a great time!!Beautiful fat ass shaking as she gets pounded by a thick dogcock. Like the friend assisting and checking the knot to ensure ultimate depth and enjoyment for all parties... Love the accent of the cameraman; Cockney? I really enjoy watching big beautiful women take a dog knot, especially "doggie style", no pun intended! Wish I could see the cum load (or loads) from this session, and I wonder how long they stayed knotted after? A longer clip would have answered these questions, but for 11 seconds, you get good fucking, great sound, and a huge fat ass getting filled with dog cock!

    Grizzly260, posted

    A very hot clip. A very attractive BBW who makes it even hotter when she looks at the camera letting a dog have it's way with her. She looks amazing in her black lingerie which adds to this video. Also as the dog is fucking her seeing her chubby ass bounce and wiggle is very hot. It is made better by good audio that lets you hear her reaction to the dog. The moans and gasps she makes as the dog is riding her really makes it great because you can tell she is enjoying this. This is a must view the only problem is that it is not longer.

    jimwaw, posted
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