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    Pissing Pussy Gets Licked


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    I love having my pussy and ass licked by my dog, and I love how excited he gets when he knows that he is about to taste me and all my wet sticky juices.

    Uploaded by wetdoglover1982 · Rating: 4.5 (270 votes) · 36405 views


    you know there are 1000s of ladies who do this in secret... thx for posting and your enjoyment of this is soooo sexy!

    skunk420, posted

    lol damn

    JyuOH, posted

    SUCH a Turn On!!

    LunaTyk, posted

    yess i want that dog

    aaaaah, posted


    xell35, posted

    This was awesome! Loved how she talked to her puppy and loved to se how eager the puppy was too! Loved it!

    Viktoralia, posted

    thaat dog must love pink lemoonade, i wouldnt mind drying her puss off with my tongue too.

    immacuminurmouf, posted

    all the elements of a great vid...great subject. nice pic....great sound

    matchbox53, posted

    that is one of the hottest videos i have ever seen...OMG!!!

    troyv7, posted

    I've made it a point to watch this movie over and over. Love it!!

    LunaTyk, posted

    omg its got my pussy throbbing

    needkitty, posted

    I am so fucking wet now! HOTTTTT

    barbann73, posted

    Wow like all the video with the audio....

    Juliazam, posted

    So fuckin HOTTTTTTTTTT

    tbailey61, posted

    My pussy gets soooo wet everytime I watch this! Her moans are so hot. And that dog is so excited to lick that piss from her nice pussy.

    kelll23, posted

    sweet woman.

    digitallover, posted

    came back again to watch the very, very, very eager pooch get so excited knowing he'll get a taste of her musty pussy soaked with urine. wow, he must of been raised on her golden necter. like pavlov's dog, only instead of a bell its the tune of her piss into the porcelain throne that triggers his urges. go get it boy, go get your reward!!!

    browneyedog, posted

    i shot my bolt when he licked her shithole only wished she had shit instead of pissed that dog woucld have gone wild on her asshole then.

    strays, posted

    Please shave it all off.

    jackf9, posted


    ciggy, posted

    That is sooooooooooooo nice! Love the light covering of pussy hair too!

    breeder09, posted

    this is fuckend hot i love getting my pussy licked i squirt so much

    hentaifucker, posted


    iwannadoginme, posted

    My cock is hard as helllllll

    tbailey61, posted

    mmmm yess lick mommys pretty pussy :)

    love_mature88, posted

    Wow that's how my son dog started licking my pussy I was in the bathroom pissing and he came in when I stood up he went to licking and haven't stop yet that was three years ago now. Dam I just can't stop.

    wetpus, posted

    amazing loved it.

    shintax, posted

    Best vid on this site. Best dirty talk, best mommy & her pet. God i love this.

    sgrodzki, posted

    this was amazing!!! i want to watch this everyday !! please post more!! i squirted everywhere!!!

    uglycow, posted

    so hot!!!

    excite16, posted

    Pissing is hot by it's self but seeing the dog get excited while licking it up is sooo hot!

    Uzzaho2, posted

    oh yes, two fetishes for the price of one, FREE! great vid, sexy, horny pussy, eager, cute doggy, so excited to clean and please the wanting woman! very, very hot!!!

    browneyedog, posted

    I love how the dog gets so excited when she pisses and obviously can't wait til she spreads her legs so he can lick her pussy and her ass clean. Great sound and camera angles too. HOT!

    animallover1981, posted

    Dayum that was nice.

    pesent9000, posted

    MMM my two fav thinks piss and k9 very sexy girl bravo

    james2505, posted

    Mmmm... loved it when she laid down and spread her legs and her dog went to town licking up and munching that pretty pussy hole. He knows just what to do to make her feel so good. I loved hearing her moan, we need more of this.

    lionlicker, posted

    Oh thats nice he couldn't wait to lick that tasty pussy!

    breeder09, posted

    i would like to see her take a shit.No toilet paper there whot a good dog.

    smint123, posted

    ahh I miss my dog licking my pussy..he lapped my piss up so quick I didnt even need a toilet! ahh i am soo wet..want another puppy dog!

    tammyva80, posted

    fucking hot! get my pussy all wet hearing her moan! & the doggy loved it! (;

    bigbOOty8O8, posted

    i miss having a dog... my aussie loved to lick my pussy as i slowly pissed for him

    chrmdcrvy1, posted

    Loved how the camera showed how the dog loved what it was doing to the female.Also loved how the female talked to the k9

    pbhorny, posted

    that was so hot

    jesse2010, posted

    Thats fuckin hot!!!!

    jayko, posted

    great movie. so intimate.

    digitallover, posted

    Wow!! Amazing video!! Excellent in every way. I got an instant hard-on from beginning to end.It left me wanting more.This clip is perfect.Hopefully there will be more of you and your dog pussy licking for us to see and enjoy.I LOVE IT :-)

    roverover, posted

    Sooooooo awesome!

    ThunderPaw, posted

    This will become a instant high rated success. She is so hot and the dog is so eager to lick that wet pissing pussy with drippings going down her asshole. The dog is so eager to please and her commentary is as awesome as her awesome pussy and ass body. Would love to see more videos from her.

    alifealife22, posted

    im in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    xanadu, posted

    Geeze! Should'a licked that naughty face opening too!

    abl72lok, posted

    good puppy & clip ^_^

    kitten2, posted

    Fucking great clip. Hot looking pussy and I like the orange nails.

    tinymut, posted

    damn! das lekker! een pissend kutje die gelikt word door die lekker tong!! heerlijk!!!

    poesjeloesje, posted

    this movie is just awesome!!!

    dastalion7, posted

    I am in love that was fucking hot

    jackl67, posted

    This is my favorite video I have come across! I love the piss, wish you could see it better though. I love the dog's tongue on her clit! The way she spreads it... makes me want to lick her! I always play with my clit while watching this video. The audio and video quality are perfect! The tone of her voice perks my clit up as well. Mmmm I honestly really and truely wish there were more like it. Its also really sexy that she doesn't wipe and let's it linger there for his tongue to lap up... OMG

    spreadhood, posted

    Wow.. amazing video.. its so hot to hear her while the dog is licking her out.. then when she says lick my ass hole , seals the deal.. Very sexy indeed. love to see this women be mounted from behind and hear her moan as she takes the dogs cock deep inside her pussy or ass. Love to see more of this wonderful women and her dog. Very well shot , not sure if she got helped but would love to be the one helping her that for sure, all while i would sneak in a good wank.. Such a turn on thats for sure, and always much better with sound that when it's dead quite, get more of a feel for the very sexy act..

    remarc, posted

    This is a really good quality movie, even though its short. But Its a must for every person who likes dogs and wet. You can really tell that she loves her dog and that her dog loves her. The movie has really good sound aswell so you can really hear her moaning. Its a very pretty dog, and I really feel how much he loves her becuase of how he wiggles his tail when she tells him that she need to pee first. The movie starts in the bathroom and then she walks out to the hallway with her pussy all dripping with piss. Very sexy movie over all.

    Viktoralia, posted

    Wow! What a great and exciting clip! So HOT! All the elements present to make a truely erotic and exciting movie. Young, horny lady with a sweet juice pussy who knows what she likes. Young and excited pup who wants to taste pussy, ass hole, and sweet hot pee. She loving every bit of it...moaning and groaning and getting off. This is the stuff of fantasy. This is the stuff for all people of all ages to get their rocks off simply because all the classic elements are present. Thank you for getting an old guy like me off! I hope to see much more of this sweet young lady and her alert pup.

    billypackleader, posted

    This has to be one of the most erotic short films I have ever seen! The dialogue between her and her dog is what makes it so hot, as you can tell that she is really enjoying the moment! Can't wait to see more! Also, the fact that it is self shot is amazing, as she really want others to see and share in the experience that she has with her dog. Now add on the naughtiness that she want her dog to lick her pussy right after she pees, doesnt wipe, lets it drip, is just simply amazing. This short video alone is worth joining the site!

    azarn, posted

    ive been stalking this site for a long time.. is my fav dirty, undercover nastiness... this vid is THE best one yet.. have seen a few good clit rubbers but this one..was hot.. good audio.. thats what i appreciate.. i get into the more i hear those appreciative moans.. whats the use of filming with out audio.. got give the horny watcher that whole experience...ill watch this a couple of times and ill get off each time im sure.. seriously thinking about getting myself a sexy little pup... this is making me wanna rub my slit right now..i really hope she continues with her movie career..

    onlyiwould, posted

    The girls pussy is so wet and the dog is very eager. As if not wet enough, she sits on the toilet and gets ready to pee herself so she is dripping wet down her awesome pussy hole to her equally awesome asshole. Decently shaved so you can see all the action. But what is really awesome is her own commentary about the action to come and the action as it happens. Once she begins to drip some of her juices she gets up and has to get the eager puppy to back up from licking her juices so she can get a good angle laying down on the floor so her puppy can immediately dive into her holes and lick all the pee and pussy drippings clean. Her commentary during the action will get you hard and wanting more. I would love to see what happens after this clip, perhaps she moves on get blowing her dog and getting him hot to cram his not up her ass. Then we could see him like his own cum drippings from those same holes we witnessed earlier. Just a suggestions for her next submission. It would keep me cumming for more again and again. Hope to see more like this from her in the future because this will certainly go down as a highly rated piece.

    alifealife22, posted

    What a combination. A sexy partly shaven woman with a tidy and inviting pussy coaxes her keen canine to lick her sopping wet pussy. But the juices are not just pussy lube - our daring dog lover has just pissed into the toilet. It must be a routine the couple have performed many times, as the dog goes crazy with excitement when he sees her let loose a stream of hot piss. He just can't wait for her to stop so he can lick her wet slit. The excellent video and audio quality really work us up as she praises him for tonguing her slippery pussy. She especially loves getting her tight ass licked towards the end of the video. This film deserves a 5/5 rating.. a real winner.

    dan_daman1968, posted
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