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    Mature Woman Getting Licked


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    Mature woman enjoying her dogs tounge all over her hairy pussy mound. She squeals and moans as the dogs rough tounge gives her pleasure. Hot!

    Uploaded by tempstek · Rating: 3.0 (93 votes) · 44800 views


    A good looking mature getting licked well? This is a goo clip. Hope too see more licking in the future.

    bluedestiny, posted

    She has a great pussy. Would like to see her get mounted in the future.

    chucky001200, posted

    tooo short

    cresida, posted

    Best to have your legs spread wide so the tongue can get in all the crevises a lick up all the juices.

    clitorliscious, posted

    nice snatch on her

    mrsimon, posted

    i really do like this, to short, want to see more of her body, but an awesome homemade clip, very believable, she does it with no camera on, love it! sexy, sexy

    browneyedog, posted

    she needed to open that pussy up so he could get to the juice

    marahya, posted

    some of these movies are so bad they are taken up valuable space on your archives , best to let them go!!

    valentine78, posted

    Nice! Wish it was longer.

    littlemongeral, posted


    femalezoo, posted

    I'd love to lick that pussy :P

    HarleyRider21, posted


    biquick, posted

    sweet mature. great video.

    digitallover, posted
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