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    good pov licking session...ya gotta love a good licking....dogs have it too good. I only wish to come back to this earth as a dog so I can keep doing that wonderful deed.

    Uploaded by baxman11 · Rating: 4.0 (152 votes) · 44043 views


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    anaughtyguy22, posted

    mmm is there another part that shows her playing with him and maybe been mounted

    jacko82, posted

    Probably some ugly obese old bag who cant get a man.

    petesfolly, posted

    I love letting a doggy lick me clean after a long before my shower.

    AimeeRobby, posted

    Very good ! Love to see more soon.

    resther, posted

    good looking dog and ur pussy is nice and awesome and wet, shows how much u like it, but that shows it's a real moment, caught on vid for all of us to enjoy. horny

    mrtnyousaidwhat, posted

    Why is it that the only women on this site are fat homeless looking things. Just because you're three times larger than healthy people doesn't mean you need to occupy three times the fucking internet.

    drhorrid, posted

    good looking dog and pussy, tires of licking quickly, but that shows it's a real moment, caught on vid for all of us to enjoy. horny now!

    browneyedog, posted

    Well done!! Lovely video!!

    polarize, posted


    a2m, posted

    I wish i was that dog.

    k9kiwi, posted

    wow very nice i would love to have that dog lick my shaft

    xxchrisxx81990, posted

    no, play with mine pleeeeaasse...

    ravensley, posted

    I will lick it for u

    power109, posted

    Oh my god!! How fucking hot can a woman be!? Listen to what she says at the end of the clip "Mmmm mummy's gonna play with your dick" in such a hot english accent it made me blow my load instantly. This is truly one of the hidden gems of this site. If only we could see more...

    Checkmate_fo0l, posted

    I wish that was my pussy mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Belinda402007, posted

    Well, I'm new to all this after having an amazing experience with a neighbours dog- my cock has never been licked so good! This is my favourite clip I've seen so far. The dog is clearly into and the why wouldn't he be. His wide, long tongue licking up and down a very sexy looking pussy. Dogs have no hang ups- their tongues are so long and relaxed. What a very lucky lady! The camera work is great too so we all get a great view of the fun as it unfolds. I can recommed this clip to everyone. See it, get horny, act on it!! Enjoy everbody.

    rider2879, posted

    oh my fing god! what a hot clip! i wish i was on the receiving end of that wondeful tongue that dog has! how he licked her pussy so hard was a real turn on!! i was so hot and wet after watching, it was wonderfully incredible!!! the black dog in contrast to her pale skin and pink pussy was mesmerizing!! how he kept lapping at it and her delightful moaning was a true inspiration to those who are watching. totally hot hot hot!!! i almost wish i were the one to have the good fortune of eating that cunt out!

    cleo17, posted

    what a great camera shot and you get a feel for what is going on here,if only all camera shots were this clear we would be in a world of heaven , please send in more clear and great films for us to enjoy, well i certanly wish i was the dog here being able to get right in and eat that sweet looking pussy , his tounge must have been really getting some great flavour as he looks on almost with lust in his eyes , Once again more please. thats about all i can say here for this film yes its a little short and would like to see more action from them , the lady has a great body and feel she would make a great star

    ratchethand, posted
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