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    Wife Try's Dog Sex


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    Wife strokes the dog, try's, try's.... dog licking her pussy and dont fuck. Lick me litte Dog!!!! Lick me!!!! girl gets cum in mouth..

    Uploaded by 34343421 · Rating: 2.3 (566 votes) · 87698 views


    hello im michaellj1972@yahoo id love to find a BBW that was into animal sex of any kind i would do any and every thing she wanted needed or desired for the pleasure of even just watching her play i have no limits age looks and relationship status dont matter to me i just need it desperatly please please please ive always loved seeing gals in panties i used to love taking my step sisters worn panties and smelling them while i stroked my penis id truly love to have a pair of yours to get me threw the lonely nights please please please im begging you please im mike john 140 Crawford Wenatchee Wa. 98801 its for my birthday please

    michaellj1972, posted

    good post by TZwolf, says it all. these two haven't got a clue - or at least the unseen control freak with the camera doesn't. they're trying to make a fantasy happen instead of going with the flow of sexual energy of ALL participants. how can that not be obvious? they must be crap with other people too. they need therapy and a few years' practice before they're allowed to do that again.

    Dion48, posted

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    BlackBiTop, posted

    No fun. Dog isn't interested, leave him alone.

    zoodog999, posted

    Women in Nebraska or by Nebraska message me

    doglover0869, posted

    I want to be cameraman for these guys.

    billy4unow, posted

    Are sure the dogs not gay??.. with all that wanking and attention you deserved a really good longggg fuck, nice work though xx

    maljack, posted

    What a beautiful woman of whom I'd like to fuck after the dog,definately have some lone time with him.

    1billy4unow, posted

    too boring

    sweetbaddabing, posted

    sexy 20 yr old male in lakeland,FL looking for female friend whose into beastiality, looking for someone to have fun with dogs, maybe horses with....shoot me an e-mail =] i have a big dick too =] pimpn_ska @ yahoo dot com

    lightnin01, posted


    ddpit, posted

    she was forceing t he dog too much, cant blame her for been excited was an alright vid :)

    woofsexx, posted

    feel sorry for the dog and the lady, both inexperienced and boosy man in background. Learn about your dog and your own pleasures before giving in to a demanding man. Spend time with your dog and building up your repoire and confidence together before you let anyone else interfere. This dogggy just needs a few sessions alone with you and your pussy, without cameras and he will be fine. You look readt for it, you wide open for him, but he a little shy of commands and the camera. Ban anyone else for a while but let him have access to you on your own until you both become conifident and you will have the time of your life. then introduce an audience and cameras and let us all enjoy, you both coming. Good lick, i mean good luck lol x

    debs, posted

    I love amateur vids.

    omrt1, posted

    Maybe this couple should find an experienced dog, and learn from that.

    flattop04, posted

    Too bad because the woman was ready to go! I think puppy needs more training and then he will be willing to fuck her hard like she wants!

    Bigeightincher, posted

    the dog feel not to fuck her,let her boyfriend do the job.

    samsonsam123, posted

    Some horny girls out here? Add me if you wanna cam! :) hornydutchdude@hotmail.com

    dentamana, posted

    this gal is fairly attractive...with red bra & nice black heels ~ yet the feeling I get is that she's only participating because her boyfriend, husband or whoever is rolling...wants her to be "bad"...not because she is actually having fun with it. too bad for us.

    deexx, posted

    was not my cup of tea at all just seemed like it was all jacking off would of been better if it was all oral or fucking your pussy

    bonjourmissoir, posted


    henryv, posted

    if the dog doesn't want your pussy, don't force him! poor doggy! :( love between you and your dog must go both ways, if he doesn't want to love you, then don't force him. spend more time with him and warm him up to you.

    timula, posted

    that was not interesting at all...............

    lalagirl0821, posted

    very beautiful woman and what such a lucky dog, sweet pussy and she seems to just cum natural to wanting his cock

    k9lovin69, posted


    bigjoker1, posted


    Italianmeat, posted

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    ilovetocum, posted

    any girls/guys wanna fuck message me

    summitkid96, posted


    reiben_41, posted

    Oh my fuck....shoot these people! What do you do, keep this little guy crated until you wanna try getting off in a kinky, degrading way?! Go find some other kink--THAT DOES NOT INVOLVE A LIVING BEING--leave this poor dog alone! Or at least care enough about him that he even acts like he wants to be around you.....He obviously doesn't want anything to do with you! Sex with dogs is not about some kink that you can make the "wife" perform with anything that happens to strike your fancy. A dog is a living creature that should be loved FIRST....then the sex is a great and MUTUALLY pleasurable thing.....sheesh!

    TZwolf, posted

    anyone want to meet up or talk

    followdreams, posted

    alle anfängerfehler auf einem so kurzen video hmmmm.....

    hebr63, posted

    good start but where is the rest, I liked her it would have been nice to see her get licked a little at least might be time to upgrade

    mcnesby, posted

    damn i wish she was jackin me off..lol

    mydogsissy, posted

    Nice! Very Very Nice! More please!

    dirk20200, posted

    I don't think they have it down yet, so much more practice needed then give it another shot before recording it and posting for the entire world to see their failed attempt :/ I like that they are interested but not worth watching, yet. I agree with another poster, near pet abuse too, if your animal isn't interested youre not going to force it to please you, it is an instinctive creature, deal with if they are not sexual around humans. They probably need to get a puppy and train him to be her lover.

    browneyedog, posted

    I give them credit for trying,it is not easy when everyone is inexperienced.

    breeder09, posted

    poor guy looked like he was scared outta his mind...if the animals not willing shouldnt be forced..sorry just my opinion

    Tigress1283, posted

    Why even upload such BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    missthang72, posted

    that sucked not worth watching try a dog that hasnt had his nut cut off

    snakelust, posted

    It was a good try to bad there was no fucking. I hope you guys make more.

    ghantry10, posted

    This little darling is a very sexy lady, like as in ALL WOMAN. I just love the way she went straight for the dogs cock and started wanking it, no messing around, straight to the point of what it is all about, SEX, fucking hot, horny, high labido, lets get it on, beautiful sex.Would love to have seen the horny hound cum all over her, oh well, maybe next time. Iám sure that her hubby is still wanking over this great little honestly uninhibited vid/clip because I know that I am. Please, more like this one.Regards Billy G

    BGoodall, posted

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    mew001, posted

    i love to see clips with a real wife at home and this lady looked realy homely, she was nice and thin and looked stunning in her cute bra and no panties , it was great to catch a glimps of her face as it ads that real genuine feel to the clip, , she had a lovely body, ishe tried hard to get her lover excited but he never lived up to the moment, with a little practice these two will be worth watching, it great to see real home grown talant on the site , so keep it up girl you will soon be taken right there for us all to enjoy

    chrisoz, posted
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