• edited to entice your emagination.. if not then live the experiance in your imagination.. hey not unless you have a mini horse..lol hope yall enjoy.

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    Great To Bad Filming Bloos For Wooden Nickles

    Leoshort46, posted

    Edited for our immagination? GO FUCK YOURSELF! We don't want fucking edited videos, for christ sake that takes away the point of the mother fucking video being on here you god damn dumbass! I hope you get banned from here, I really do. I also hope you get raped by the same fucking horse you inbred moron!

    83Animals, posted

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    wirsuchen, posted

    Bi male52 and Bi horse cock/ ass licker/rimmer love mini.s that are tied to fence/post and muzzled. she loves getting them off before kneeling under to get large amount of warm piss all over her face, 36-c tits and tan, hairless slit.! He has fucked k9, chicken, and goat! Bad angle but great kinky freaky sex!!!

    lexxilynn33, posted

    i can't see nothing here

    Dogfucklover90, posted

    ja so ein riesn schwanz wäre mal geil

    petfrau, posted

    absolute waste of time this clip its ridic.

    talmine100, posted

    Re-upload with better camera angle and actual audio please.

    profice, posted

    @mbnat you suck

    ctscan, posted

    lose the GD sucky music and get a better cam angle. We don't even know if she really took it or not

    houndog69, posted

    the female apparently is awesome in these series of videos. camera work again sucks the music sucks. cant believe this when you have a great female and willing animals to turn out shitty video.

    mbnat13, posted

    That was stupid you couldn't even see anything.

    chasey, posted

    oh my god, uploader needs to learn some english

    luvbunny, posted

    Could only see about Top 1/3 Movie was a Real DISAPOINTMENT

    wcooksley, posted

    Looking for a granny with a harry pussy for myself. If she want's the dog there too then bring it along. I know we can get it involved with something. I'm looking for someone that's over the age 40. If your 70 and still feel that urge to have sex with a younger man (28 years old) then see if you live close to me and we will go at it and you will have the time of your life. Contact info in my profile.

    waybous, posted

    camera angle sucks i really enjoy looking at a half grey screen..... not

    corrilly, posted

    it pays to check the camera angle before you start filming....!!

    humpnfun, posted

    i woud realy like to see a woman do this mmmmmm n great tunes to

    gemini69er, posted

    ich suche wideos mit Zwerg Pferde, i loocking for videos with Dwarf Horse

    gienia, posted

    sound would've been nice, instead of music...

    humpnfun2, posted

    miniature horse the best!!

    gienia, posted

    it was a real disapointment

    houndog69, posted

    Wast!! no use!! wy they let this online???

    lovelynana, posted

    15 year old girl looking for someone to have some fun with :) and for someone with maybe a dog or stallion that will ffuck me <e

    gewgirl, posted


    pussycat12, posted

    oh ja das wäre ja mal was geiles würd ich gern mal machen

    petfrau, posted

    Wat a funkin waste

    harvey3311, posted

    you cant even see anything

    cocobarra, posted

    wow, wtf. porn, but not action. Is this really neccesary?

    Kantus94, posted

    not sure that was a real girl.the leg never moved and that much cock would cause some kind of reaction

    charliemyboy, posted

    could have been an awesome fuck but could not see anything due to camera angle to low below the woman

    castingrod, posted

    Ohh I would love if someone could help me out I neeed to feel a cock inside of me I'm in south east south dakota please help me

    cumplay696988, posted

    way too bad they missed the real action.

    forty34, posted

    yes i agree that mbs is excellent series but what ever happened to her?

    capice2003, posted

    i like have sexpet but i don't have animal

    musava, posted

    looks good, cameraman a moron

    royals, posted

    Next time please move the camera so one can actualy see the film! A good film ruined by poor cameraman/woman :(

    openc, posted

    Why would you put this in black and white then play Evanecens ocer it -.-

    fumuka, posted

    it would be so much better if the film was in colour with original sound, even not being able to see as much as we'd like to would be more than compensated for by being able to hear the girl cry out as the horse skewered her brutally and deeply with its long thick cock.

    transit2, posted

    It started out with some real potential, but sadly, that"s as far as it got,

    robh1tsgaq, posted


    elpandejo33, posted

    I posted a comment about 4 weeks ago. What happen?

    Jaimeelmeromero, posted

    very good

    mocox28, posted

    This poor clip is from Mistress Beast's mini_coop collection. You can see it on her site. I have the entire clip and its pretty good. She has various movies and her and stallions, coops, and mini stallions not to mention pigs, llama's, and even a bull. This chick rocks but this clip can kick rocks because its horrible!

    ChicagoGirth, posted

    anyone know what the words say? maybe look this up on a different site?

    thtguy99, posted

    total crap. shouldnt have even posted this video.

    puppiboi, posted

    this could have been a very good clip but the camera man was to bussy watching her get her pussy filled with this hugh cock.wanted to see a couple cups of cum gushing out of her pussy.

    catskinner, posted

    The video sucked but the entry was supper hot. I do like to see it slide right in and the woman rear up to receive it all, or at least what she can take.

    jamieboxer, posted

    would be ok if it wasnt for the stupid fucking music...

    jimster1, posted

    Still a nice ass on both,and a great cock on the stallion.Yes it could have better but I've seen worse.

    philip, posted

    couldnt even see most of it. bummer!

    sgfredrick, posted

    Geile Action! Leider konnte man nicht viel davon Sehen. Mach es nächstes Mal besser.

    capricornus, posted

    thats mistress beast, can tell from writing

    beastsexbill, posted

    no bueno

    bigarmor, posted

    no se ve muy bien

    gallopolveador, posted

    really bad

    johnjamesblack, posted

    lol.. sorry teddybears.. forgive me for whatever it is that your compaining about.. :)

    lonerchild, posted

    stupid shit

    teddybears, posted

    lmao..sorry.. but i cant delet it.. people.. i tried

    lonerchild, posted

    Was the pony holding the camera?

    Deidra, posted

    I would love to see the full screen and a close up of how the pony is penetrating the woman's pussy. Do not like the soundtrack, would like to hear the woman's voice when fucked by the pony,,,

    racoon69, posted

    wow how did that feel like ?

    johanna88, posted

    Why do some fools have to put idiotic soundtracks to the vid clips ?

    XKS, posted

    this is just retarded

    MasterRecruits, posted

    bahahahahahahaha.. yea i know its crap..

    lonerchild, posted


    catlady11, posted

    Fuck "Imagination"! I couldn't "SEE" the ACTION! As bad as Win. Media Player when it can't handle the Vid. portion and you hear all the ooooo'ing and ahhhh'ing or OH MY GOD'ing and the stupid App breaks out a light-show instead! This was WORSE! You could just see beautiful girl legs and the horses ass thrusting and little else during the entire clip! The angles were horrible: too far away and showing her forward hip area---Send it back for a 're-shoeing'!

    abl72lok, posted

    could u send me the regular video?

    poolshark1991, posted


    lonerchild, posted

    aw I saw so ready for this too! Best vids are when the horse mounts up. When to re-post please note me! Also...take of the song....it does not fit this video :/

    dragonsgirl, posted

    so sorry it didnt trun out better.. thats what i get fro posting with out watching the finnal version..lol .. im tryint to delet it but cant id put a better version of it if i could.. but like i said i cant seem to delet it..

    lonerchild, posted

    what is this shit of video???

    beastonpregnant, posted

    This fucks up right around the 30 second mark. Garbage from then on.

    BonesMcNasty, posted

    out of frame!

    tstewart22, posted

    Fucking sucks!!!!

    aceswylde95, posted


    KINKKY74, posted

    OMFS fix it or fucking delete it.

    ou81288, posted

    dont edit and u need a better cameraman

    NeedsIT69, posted

    Worthless piece of shit!!!! Why post useless crap like this?

    Youchus, posted

    Badly shot, can't see anything near the middle and end; and the music really detracted from it.

    silverblade18, posted

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    the ideal was great and lots of poeple like horse and women films and this one could have been good horse women show but the camera was not in the right place so all one could see was the bottom of the bench that the women was laying on. maybe it was a statinary camera and the girl did not know that she was not being photoed because she was feeling so good with what the pony was doing to her. maybe she will redo the whole thing so that we can see the horse dick going in her, like it should be. thanks anyway.

    ranchhorse13, posted

    . I sucjed the cum out of he mouth and then tried to get her to fuck the horse but my wife came to the barnbetter camera kind of hard to watchwith out a doubt real I have only seen one in real life =I can be found right here and may get one of my girl friends to do our dog my vet sucked off one of my horses in Tomball texas it was great. I would like to hook up anywhere in USA to aprticipate in Horse SEx. This is what movies are about real sex and lots of cum

    miylousmc, posted

    I like the video but it should have been you see the most of it but it would have been better if you see the full video and but on the other hand it is a good one id like it even more if you could see the girls face and she is very hot and the horse is very well trained and knows were to hit the hole but it would work better if it had more view and different anglais but its short and sweet and to the point there need to more like this only you should see all of it

    mralancoulter, posted

    Great shot of a extremely long dick stallion owning this wanting woman's pussy. He takes his time lining up for the strike as she waits. He breeds her well and hard, and she dutifully and eagerly takes his thrusts and his hot steamy load. Although the shot is cut off in the frame, the viewer can still sense the power and the passion of this clip. Super nice touch was added with an Evanescence music sound track. Given the film's poor quality it is still well worth the time it takes to view it. Wish more clips had the same passion as this one.

    beastlvr11, posted

    this movie would have been better if the camera moved around and actually showed the girl getting penetrated by the horse cock but still a good video. the big logo in the middle of the screen kind of got in the way of showing a lot of it. wish it would have showed everything that was going on. it would be nice to see more videos like this one where the horse is the one mounting the girl and not just a girl using the horses cock and a big squirting dildo. but this whole video really got my attention and i wanted to see more of it.

    thtguy99, posted

    the actual cam work is a little shotty and theres no sounds only music. but that mini is more then ready!especially in the beginning he practically impales her on his long member as he shoves her across the mattres. u can imagine the kucka splitting pleasure from some very deep and powerful thrusts!! sure theres no sound but just use a little imagination it shouldnt be too hard after watching the mini try and poke her throat from her pussy. it really is amazing seeinh how much the chick can take from such a huge cock! grats cutie pie

    besrkerjoe, posted

    absolutely the hottest movie you may ever imagine , although it's a bad quality and also the camera view is difficult to see but here is what happen , it looks like it's not the first and i hope not the last mating between this stallion and the amzing woamn in this video , the she is rested wide open her back facing the stallion who spare no effort and jumps on he back thrusting and humping to get the fine pussy , first thrust touches her ass , the second her pussy lips and the thrird the lips of our girls wide apart to welcome the huge invader , then he thrust his massive weapon inside her touching her womb immediately as if no barrier as if she is hollow from inside this is logillically because the thrust are huge but the girl is wise and let it all in , then camera moved but you can see the horse thrusts and deep penetration then a huge cum burst inside her well fucked pussy, the stallion moved aside with glory and happiness for both sides , i hope we can find more of these videos because i doubt that many women have this talent

    shery19841, posted

    Using one's imagination adds to the movie. The beauty of the pony's cock is very well seen, as well as him taking the young woman. Could have really gotten into it, if the camera had of stayed focused on the mounting! Loved the layout of her on the bed, and the pony seemingly having his way with her! Could have really been a hot, exciting movie! The music was unnecessary, and was a bit distracting although one can "get" that this is an art of "making love." It left me wanting much more of this pony's big hard cock!

    Farmgal54, posted

    I am rating this video awesome because it appears that the mini is very well trained he shows that he knows what to do takes his time to get his tool nice and hard and quite frankly he shows high skill finding his target a whole lot faster than some bigger studs with a mare. I can tell by the was he moves and the way the lady positions her self that they both have being doing it for quit some time. I am incline to believe that the little stud has never fuck one of his own kind. He takes time in pleasuring his master and lover, staying in her longer than I have seen studs staying in mares. It really turned me on. The only down to this video it was the music I had to mute it it would have being nice to hear her actual moaning.

    Jaimeelmeromero, posted

    Looks like a fake... but still good one , Upload and Share Movies For every minute of movie uploaded you get 120 credits for 90 days. In other words: For every minute of movie you upload you get to watch 2 minutes for 90 days. Movies have to be on the site for more than 2 days before they are included in the credit calculation. It is not possible to view the premium movies without having a paid membership to the site. Pay for a membership to the site If you don't have anything to upload or prefer just to watch then a paid membership is the thing for you. A paid membership will give you MORE THAN 10 hours of streaming movies per day.

    gothik814, posted

    The camera moves away from the subject part way through this movie. However if you have an imagination there is enough get you rocking.It appear the mini stallion is well trained and certainly well hung. The force of his penetration will send shivers down your spine. The negative side of this movie is the camera work which is probably as bad as it can be. More than half the movie is only thighs and hoofs and in the last second we manage to get a peek at his huge cock as the flair retracts. Lots of potential but fails for mine

    tripode, posted
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