• an incredible video, a mature woman with a wonderful blonde girl make love with their dog. a vintage movie, i think very old. for me it's a godd movie i hope you ejnoy.

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    Wer hat den ganzen film? :) geil!

    Wayne6990, posted

    very nice to watch ir again. one of the old Danish vids from the 80/90ties.

    rberger, posted

    nother nice vid. seen the girls b4 but i quite like seeing them again. dont speak the lingo but no need for subtitles lol

    micky84, posted

    The dog can't get through her bush to lick her. Shaving is a necessity if you want your dog to lick you just right.

    zalyndiah, posted

    The very hot blonde riding the dog is in parts 4 & 5

    rodeotexas, posted

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    I love vintage beast porn. While I really lover old black and white, this color video, from probably the 60s-70s is really hot. In this video, first of the short clip series, a mature woman retires to her room and begins love making with her dog. As she lays back on the bed, it appears she is going to take him missionary. But instead the camera moves to a shot of the dog licking her. As the dog licks her and she begins to suck him off, the younger woman walks into the room, in panties only, and watches the "couple" with interest. I don't know what it is, but the more vintage it is, the hotter it seems.

    RottieFan, posted

    A classic style video starting with a brunette saying good bye to a blonde friend. When she closes the door you next see the brunette naked on a bed encouraging her sheppard friend to lick out her hairy pussy. The dog gets into it as does the brunette. As you would expect the blonde sneaks back in and wearing only her panties and watches with enthusiasm. The video ends there but leaves you wanting to see more of the hot blondes body and wondering how she is going to join in and what she is going to do when she does.

    pall1, posted
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