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    Biggs Fucking Cupcake 01


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    Introducing glamourous zoophile Cupcake.She has killer body and lovely attitude.These are first shared clips.She said she will share more soon.Enjoy what she has to offer for the moment

    Uploaded by bob669 · Rating: 4.0 (257 votes) · 45986 views


    love her shoes too good taste hehe

    petra_rose, posted

    We have a winner! This girl is Super Hot and seems to know how to get a boys attention. I hope to see much more her and this kind of action.

    watchindirty, posted

    great vid!!

    ericngriz, posted

    she is hot I' wish I'was the dog

    marin530, posted

    one of the best clips on site....

    ringaz, posted

    Ms. Cupcake got a nice fuck by Mr. Biggs. I would like to see more of Cupcake & Mr. Biggs.

    jim_41_70, posted

    I loved it , I love her I could have done with out the back round noise she has a sexy voice more more more I WANT MORE OF HER

    mcnesby, posted

    oh ya

    mcnesby, posted

    Very nice hes hammering that pussy and I like the way those firm titties are bouncing from the pounding shes recieving!

    breeder09, posted

    Want to see the cum dripping out of her.

    ryanlt81, posted

    take him you little bitch take the juicy cock up your pussy lucky bitch

    strays, posted

    take him you little bitch take the juicy cock up your dog whore cunt

    strays, posted

    muy follador el perro

    gallopolveador, posted

    Very nice Mr Biggs is really workin that pussy love to see her titties jiggling from the humping!

    breeder09, posted

    these vids are all too short and suck ass

    sirdoggy, posted

    i would love to be there wow

    ohiohunter, posted

    damn lov those tiny young perky pointy breasts lov that ur watchin porn and gettin dicked!

    beastsexbill, posted

    Hey sexy CC, glad I found you again, because I just LOVE that hot and sexy body! Thanks for sharing (rodsan) here!

    silverfox1751, posted

    like the clip cupcake, your so good looking and have well trained dog!!! hope to see more soon!!!

    sefriendlyguy, posted

    I am with momoko...loved it want more of it.

    aminalcracker60, posted

    Absolutely love it. I wonder what the first time is like ><

    Momoko, posted

    Mangler- You ever stop to think that maybe I didnt mean to shoot it sideways? ever stop to think that I shot it off an iphone and that to me, it looks to be in the right position? Stop being a dick and enjoy the fucking free video. Not like I even wanted it posted it here, so complain to the asshole who posted it and tell them to fucking fix it. and while your at it.. stop by my blog & support :] www.viewofazoo.tumblr.com

    Cupcakex, posted

    i still don't understand WTF people film crap sideways

    mangler510, posted

    el video se ve muy lento, porfavor mejoren esto asi se puede ver a velocidad normal

    fedecba_, posted

    pero porfavor mejoren la reprodccion del video porque es demasisod lenta

    fedecba_, posted

    upload more of it girl, I love its videos

    fedecba_, posted

    more of this please more of this please more of this please more of this please more of this please more of this please more of this please more of this please more of this please

    fedecba_, posted

    upload more of this :D please please please this is awesome

    fedecbaa_, posted

    My kinda girl! She has taken that dog over and over and I can never get enough of seeing her. She obviously loves it and that makes me raging hard every time....Good girl!!!!

    bluejacket614, posted

    I love the apartment cupcake - very tasteful. If that is your place you are living the dream baby!

    dogsrgreat, posted

    good move tour me on sexy

    usa26, posted

    She had a porno on in the background guys!

    stryder111, posted

    never knew there is this . enjoyable to watch.

    chiperoni2, posted

    I enjoyed! Mmm. Is the camera man so turned on he's enjoying himself too? Sounds like it... Hope he was, cause I know I was:) super smexy vid. <3 Thanks for sharing

    beastlydreams, posted

    I'd assume there was porn on in the background?

    notforreal, posted

    love the way u take it would love to chat with u ,, just make it longer next time,, hehehehe,, kisses

    dapiggy, posted

    This is really good! I love the way her little titties shake...

    jayko, posted

    Nice short little amateur clip ut WTF is with the blatantly fake audio that's obviously been added from another video? There are clearly 2 different female voices. lol

    Slickboyz, posted


    xanadu, posted

    great!!! any wome from te uk i to this drop me a line,

    indie, posted

    turning the cam 90 degrees would have been perfect

    dribble2010, posted

    Sweet! Nice looking chick and pup! Both very eager!

    harleypoor, posted

    This video is excellent. You can tell that the dog really likes going at the girl. She is pretty cool for letting her dog do this to her and to share it with the world. I wish I could get my wife to try having sex with a dog, maybe one day while I'm fucking her, I will let my dog lick her and see what her reaction is... Hopefully if all goes well we can have our own little threesome at home and nobody will know but us. I guess we will just see what happens. Maybe I will hide a camera and share my own experiences with the world too.

    whathehell1234, posted

    Bravo Cupcake...from the background noise it seems that young Cupcake likes Asian porn to get her,or Rex into the mood. Either way this is a beautiful young woman and her Boxer enjoying a romp in an upscale looking bedroom. It is apparent that Rex isn't slumming in the one! Her point, perky breasts give us a glimpse of just how powerful her eager lover is, as we seem them jiggle almost into a blur! I only hope there is much more to come from this newcummer...She is just delightful in her exuberance, and a joy to watch as she coaxes her lover in english....a personal favorite!

    dustydoggy, posted
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