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    Biggs Fucking Cupcake 02


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    Introducing glamourous zoophile Cupcake.She has killer body and lovely attitude.These are first shared clips.She said she will share more soon.Enjoy what she has to offer for the moment

    Uploaded by bob669 · Rating: 3.4 (153 votes) · 58875 views


    oh ja schöner schwanz

    petfrau, posted

    Very bad camera angle, are these people even trying to post good stuff? She's really into the dog, and what dog wouldn't want that kind of attention. Fire camera guy

    Joeharp76, posted

    I think cupcake was licking mr.biggs erection.

    breeder09, posted

    I don´t know if anyone else kind of seen what I seen or if it i simply so that most commentators cant read. But THIS Cupcakex's is not THE Cupcake who enjoys her pet Mr.Biggs. It doesn't even sound as it being a woman. That is why the "X" is there for everyone to see. It is Cupcakes X. Anyone ever think that the beauty calling her self Cupcake would actually risqué being hunted down by the authorities and put out into the main stream media which seem to enjoy hanging out anyone who enjoys this kind of kink. But, most probably do not even care beyond their own release.

    LoonyBite, posted

    awesome more vids please.

    numbskull, posted

    suck that cock properly lickin at it like a wimp suck it back n forth worship the dog cock drain it i love to suck dogs cocks

    strays, posted

    What a pretty face I'll be looking for more of cupcake.

    mcnesby, posted

    No fan club, but you can stop by my blog & support :] www.viewofazoo.tumblr.com

    Cupcakex, posted

    I love Cupcake! Is there a fan club anywhere? She is fantastic! Tell me, tell me.

    gloryholesrfun, posted

    At least we now know she took the big one

    mangler510, posted

    upload more of this :D please

    fedecbaa_, posted

    i dont think CC gave you permission to upload these vids on here

    bucknutz, posted

    monkey,donkey,horse,pig,bear porn video to download

    zaiwar, posted

    spot on she looks like she is really going to enjoy him, sexiest vid more please cup cake

    mole2, posted

    cup cake looks like she is in love with the dogs cock.just to short would like to see her in a longer film.

    smint123, posted

    This is very hot, just too short!

    jayko, posted

    Ok very nice. Now try pointing the camera at the subject.

    ou81288, posted

    Me gusta! Que rico..

    dalmata, posted


    xanadu, posted

    fucking love it! any 1 from the uk drop me a line

    indie, posted

    Yes more of this..very promising

    toddress, posted

    nice face

    zenekzzz, posted
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