• Wife having fun at home with with dog. Shes enjoying herself as you can tell. Hope to have more vids of her up soon!This was just her second time and first time filmed.

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    she did not show a close up clear for viewing when dog's cock fucking her puss

    jaasson77, posted

    hi i love BBW's and i also love animals i would love to find someone that is also into playing with large male dog or horse s male or female i would love to be able to have her sitting on my face while the animals fuck her ill lick her sweet juicy pussy clean im open and very willing to do any and every thing you want any thing goes im michaellj1972@yahoo

    michaellj1972, posted

    let him from the rear ( kingaries99@yahoo.com )

    xbeastkingx, posted

    nice. should let the dog do the humping. Might be hotter.

    cheezst8ke, posted


    lillyfrench, posted


    sonnymarie, posted

    Mmm, soo sexy, sooo hot!!!

    gwenwalker69, posted

    about to cum

    littleman12, posted


    mommadoo, posted

    nice job woould luv to see her fuckin him more good quality video though

    k9luvver69, posted

    Great quality... Would have liked to see more penetration...

    Nya1979, posted

    wife in fishnets and heels , gagging for a big dogs cock

    slutwifekelly, posted

    Loved it nice long big cock bet she loved it wish

    readyforthis, posted

    anyone in minnesota with a big cock dog, for my first time?

    jacatz, posted

    She is so cool!!!!! OMG, I LOVE just playing and letting them shoot all over me or the house in general, I LOVE the little spatters of dog cum left for my family... I love feeling it spatter all over my body!! I think she is soo awesome!!!

    gwenwalker69, posted

    lucky dog

    coolwater16, posted

    I love that slippery cock in her hand even better when she sticks it in her cunt

    analperv, posted

    Made my pussy so wet!!

    crystal77, posted

    wife loves to play while hubby is away

    sillyjilly, posted

    thumbs up!

    johndoe808, posted

    verry good!!! please more? kissss frank

    frank1977, posted

    that clip made me cum so bad,you are one sexy woman ty

    kahunaman, posted

    not bad to make me want more she will have to suck on it like the pet store wants the dog back

    partnersincrime, posted

    mmmmm....Good girl! Yes...by all means, get more of her posted taking that nice stiff cock.

    bluejacket614, posted

    She will just get better with more time and practice. Not bad for just the second time.

    medicrescue, posted

    good effort for the second time!

    dirtdevil, posted

    yeah that was very nice, would like to see a further away view to see her body when she was fucking his cock like that. Not many good videos like that out there.

    lovebbw4life, posted

    Sweet! They were just getting warmed up!

    harleypoor, posted

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    I would love to see more of this..she can stroke that dogs cock real good..wish she would ahve kept it inserted more in herself..really hot..she looked like she was having fun with that juicy dog cock..i would have loved to see her cum all over it as well as the dog cumming deep in her...she would have loved to have that hot knot all the way inside her and jerking instead of stroking its cock.would have nbeen lovely to see it more..she did seem to enjoy what she had at the time though..wishes to her and take more there babyh lookes great and lovely at the same time

    boneyhead987654, posted

    i have enjoyed your movie however i think you should not only play with him but have sex with him as well. You would be surprised how good the knot can be. I think you are on the right track so I applaud you and your partner. Continue to make more movies we hope to see more from you. I would like to see more of a variety in partners. I will soon submit some of my own. We are training him now and I would appreciate your advice and criticism on mine as well. Thank you for your time and the movie.

    fuckmedamndog, posted

    Wife Doggie starts with a good, clear, and close shot of her masturbating the dog with her hand. He is clearly hard and seems to be enjoying her "handiwork." She is sitting on the edge of a bed or couch and after the initial scene, she lifts him up and we get a good view of her letting him slide inside her. The camera work is a little shaky as the dog is being lifted--my assumption is that the cameraman is her husband or boyfriend and is helping get the dog up. Then it's back to close footage as he slips inside her vagina. She obviously enjoys it as she makes some very pleasurable noises. The dog thrusts in and out for a few seconds and then pulls out. She goes back to masturbating him with her hand. The movie ends before we see if she takes him all the way and makes him cum or not.

    texasguy50, posted
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