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    A fantasy one of my islamic friends asked me to create for her. She loves the taboo of being impregnated by an unclean animal and so do I.

    Uploaded by lunarguitar · Rating: 3.6 (162 votes) · 74657 views


    I bet she Really liked getting Serviced (Breed) by a Boar.

    wcooksley, posted

    Like to see her Piglet's sucking on her Tit's if more than 2 -Piglet's Fighting over her Tits

    wcooksley, posted

    love to try out that twisted cock..

    FunBrenda, posted

    Yea,we do like some taboo to give is a little vacation from the straight path!I wonder,if your friend thinks of this fun when she prostrates?would be nice,even if just a bit!

    pitbull1010, posted

    I will do her. I am also an 'unclean' animal.

    dclapper, posted

    she's a goog musulmin girl ! :(

    leclodo75, posted

    A litter of what? A litter of piglets? Or 1 piglet, 1 human, 1 piglet, 1 human... ? ? ? animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    would like to see her deliver a litter

    eds_texas_angel, posted

    wow ahahaha

    rahal31, posted

    Liked it with her tummy swelling so nicely.

    donny42, posted

    Belly full of piglets.

    hairy, posted

    Very nice, I wouldn't mind it if that happened to me. XD

    Tinabmovie, posted

    Have waited 3 minutes and all I get is an arrow doing circles. Very, Very SLOPPY!

    hognose, posted

    movie doesnt play for me

    raikonen, posted

    your serover is very slop

    dnyanesh.more, posted


    HarrySPotter, posted

    Make one of yourself getting impregnated by a dog.

    HyperA1985, posted


    maximillion33, posted

    Hey, I like it.. the imagery and connotations are wickedly deep... hehheh

    jayko, posted

    cool little cartoon, could do without the porn soundtrack though.

    wolfen1176, posted

    Cool toon ;)

    mehoff, posted

    Was that a pig or a dog. Or was it A POG. You decide. . .

    6were6wolf6, posted


    romymor, posted

    Hell yeah talk about becoming a bitch...

    maximillion33, posted

    At long last! I have been waiting for your new cartoon.

    acarue, posted


    47886428, posted

    thats great! you should make the woman wear a burkha! really make her look like a islamic bacon slut!~

    horsecumcurious, posted
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