• Great movie showing a girl sucking her dog, great quality, great sound, awesome movie. This chick is absolutly one of the best ive seen in beastways!

    Uploaded by ficklampa · Rating: 3.5 (185 votes) · 89058 views


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    This is hot, very nice.

    jayko, posted


    ynnel, posted

    looking for female in Florida thats down for dog sex, and maybe horse...im a really attractive 20 year old male in Lakeland,FL looking for a female friend whose into beastiality....if interested hit me up pimpn_ska@ yahoo . com

    lightnin01, posted

    Lovely girl

    bjw628, posted

    lovely, I love a dog cock in my mouth.

    tgirlwhore, posted

    esta si que es mamona!!

    guichi11, posted

    esta si que es mamona!!

    guichi11, posted

    Ohhh I want to suck a cock like that one. I'll bet his cum is an awesome load....I love how much dog's cum....it is simply the BEST sex EVER feeling such a nice dog cock as it is squirting.....NOTHING IS BETTER!!!!!

    yummydoggycock, posted

    Oh Baby what a cock!!!! I would love to taste that load! I never had the opportunity to suck one that long.....it looks so hot. I think the dog is cumming in this video because she is not sucking or going down on it....she is having that great moment when you feel the pulse of the cum squirting in your mouth.....that is one of the GREATEST moments there is....nothing better than that feeling & the taste of the cum as it is spraying!!!!!

    yummydoggycock, posted

    Sadly too short! However, I bet she is hot!

    jackf9, posted

    this blond seems to love eating dog cock

    sillyjilly, posted

    just wish i had a dog

    pinkcunt, posted

    great wish we could see the hole thing when he explodes in her mouth

    partnersincrime, posted

    any willing ladies in mobile, al/pensacola,fl area?

    tyoder87, posted

    not long enuff but good, anyone in panama city fl edheadstone@aol.com

    beachflea, posted

    the next suck job i have I want that way

    fredpotts, posted

    wow. i would love to try that. i am in Ohio- any Ohio guys here?

    eager, posted

    Really short, still not deep enough. I learned to deep throat my dogs.

    Susan38HH, posted

    nice sucking

    Shepherd789, posted

    yes , but so short.........

    Brughel, posted

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