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    Blonde And Big Dog


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    fucks her on all fours. you get to see a hot blonde in her room getting fucked doggy style by a well hung dog. close up of knot too.

    Uploaded by joebeast4573 · Rating: 3.7 (261 votes) · 69970 views


    yeah this is good

    newhere87, posted

    i would have loved to have felt that knot pressing up against my g spot

    christine4k9, posted

    god I wish that was me gettin that bone

    SheIsIntoIt, posted

    would have been a decent movie if the man had stayed out of it. but he couldnt resist puttin his hands on her sweet pussy. and she was too naive to realize that he was just copping a feel, not helping the dog: the dog didnt need any help. then again, she had such a wonderful body; i would have copped a feel too. lol.

    lilgia, posted


    Humboldt, posted

    Nice video

    beenknotted, posted

    that it

    franky456, posted

    Love it, dog cock in pussy great shot. woulda been nice to see the blonde's face...

    larry123456789, posted

    fresh pussy

    zoe93, posted

    i'm not bi nor lez but her pussy looked good..wish i had that dogs cock in me

    vicky2078, posted

    she seems to like it deep

    sillyjilly, posted

    That's Angel from Flying with Angel

    Ganesh, posted

    damn her pussy looks good...

    chicitymami, posted

    awesome would love to see alot more of those two

    partnersincrime, posted


    beastsexbill, posted

    nice pussy

    peepeetouch, posted


    femalezoo, posted

    19/f/tx looking for my first encounter. anyone interested in helping me e-mail me at imhis.babygirl@yahoo.com.

    imhis.babygirl, posted

    WWW.ZOOCHAT.JIMDO.COM Donde todas y todo tenemos un secreto

    femalezoo, posted

    good action good lighting looked like she enjoyed it wish it was a longer one would like to see more of her

    dfpjs137, posted

    That is a great looking bitch !!! Very Hot !!

    hogwild73pont, posted

    i dont know which one is the luckiest

    jonn84, posted

    good action good lighting looked like she enjoyed it wish it was a longer one would like to see more of her

    nastyoldman, posted

    Hope there will be more!!

    scholarpete, posted

    really nice.

    piemanpie24, posted

    nice transition from licking to screwing smart camera work with the light, nice view. please do more.

    maxthetax, posted

    Thank you could u do more pls?

    mefirst, posted

    need to hear more moaning

    ilikepussy12, posted

    hot movie

    adelshinwari, posted

    Thankx, I loved it. Wish I could have been there to see.

    mefirst, posted

    Are you kidding... it was wayyy too short, is there a full version, i want to see the cum squirt out of her pussy when the dog pulls out.........................

    curious3, posted

    Hello Verver, I live in Washington and wuld like to help out, feel free to send me an email so we can meet up ok? harroldluvbird77@live.com ok? would have given u my number but can't shre such info on here, so write me ok?

    harry212, posted

    hot looking girl

    bluewildomar, posted

    Imagine cleaning her up after he has cum mmmmmmmmmmmmm gorgeous pussy and arse

    Belinda402007, posted


    disliao, posted

    nice shot

    chesterxx, posted

    very nice want to see more

    teddywashere, posted

    i love this one too!

    kitten2, posted

    nice girl and horny dog :-)

    fijo59, posted

    Sweet! Nice looking couple. Well done!

    harleypoor, posted


    dfpjs137, posted

    Beautiful. More please.

    Johnson007, posted

    I'm from Washington and really wanting to be fucked by a dog with a nice cock, let me know if you can help!

    verver123, posted

    this is so hot great licking and sex

    ilovedogs24, posted
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