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    Young Girl Loves Doggie


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    Young girls first doggie cock and brother helps her

    Uploaded by skyguy499 · Rating: 3.7 (259 votes) · 57030 views


    add me rajan3_gangsta@hotmail.com i am male and would wank for anyone and i aslo want to see naked girls on cam fucking their dog

    knavtaj, posted

    if anyone in melbourne fl. has a well endowed dog or pony. and would not mind me haveing fun with them please message me. ps i wouldn't mind being recorded

    boatman6969, posted

    Is it weird to want to feel a dog dick

    Jeepx73, posted

    id love to suck them both .then let the dog have my pussy,krazyeagle60@aol mail

    krazyeagle60, posted

    Can i fuck you with the dog?... ill fuck your asshole while the dog is into your cunt.

    69MiNdFrEaK69, posted

    would love to feel it , deep inside of me and feel the juice gushing in my pussy...................mmmmmmmmmmmm

    lilyf, posted

    wow - the sound and enthusiasm is great

    jrpa, posted


    ballsblue, posted

    I want to Fuck your pet can any one help me on this I in Suffolk email on davidhw@hotmail.co.UK

    lookinside, posted

    Good video! Thank you for sharing! ;)

    south2, posted

    would love to see the knot go in

    toyotaone, posted

    wish i had that big cock in my cunt

    pinkcunt, posted

    It would much more enjoyable should she had backed the camera up a bit >>seems to be enjoying would like to have seen her!!

    cleodog, posted

    awesome totaly

    danimal1959, posted

    Poor clip and why YOUNG girl ?????

    betsy69, posted

    Great vid showing a beautiful huge dog cock being enjoyed by a horny lady. Wish vid could have been better quality. Love the comments the lady made. She is a dog lover for sure.

    cherokee429, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yum

    lillyfrench, posted

    This is a nice clip. They were clearly beginners then... I wonder how they`re doing now?

    jayko, posted


    tarrajane123, posted

    I wish I was in her place. except with no one helping and the dog doing me himself

    somprs, posted

    oh my god.. i wish my brother would help me fuck like that!! I want the dog to fuck me and have my brother licking my pussy while the dog fucks me... oooh i'm horny now.. vibrator isn't enough!

    murphy4554, posted

    She pushes his cock deep in her and enjoys his thick cock and shows cum!

    mehoff, posted

    dog has a beautiful cock, and the bitch is very enthusiastic. great clip

    knotsqueezr, posted

    mm what a good brother

    Belinda402007, posted

    4:52 AM??

    someonenew2222, posted

    lousy film lovely cock, wish I had a brother that helpfull

    ErinLucy, posted

    don't know how you found out that is brother and sister...but it is definately hottt...I love it when they speak, and more when I can understand what they are saying

    dustydoggy, posted


    BladeofHate, posted

    wow, I really love to see that juicy dog cock go in and out of that pussy. And love to hear how the lady enjoys the feeling of a dog cock in her pussy. I always like it better if a dog humps a woman en does the work himself bit though this video made me very horny and want to try myself hihi. So keep up the good work and let us enjoy more of your movies. Love it, love it, love it !! Anyone in the neighbourhood of holland with an experienced dog ? Hope you can help me with my first time !

    poppetje79, posted

    This made my dick so hard! Very hot! You can hear her excitment. Dogg has big cock! though it is only one minute long it gets hot and heavy right away. You can tell who ever recorded this was very excited also! If give it a 3.8. If you like beasty this frer video is for you cuz it has what we love. Hot wet pussy being fucked by big ole doggy cock! The audio quality was low but clear. The picture quality wasnt great but it was good. Id love to see more of this one. What else can I say otjer than watch it and you will ne glad you did!

    Lilroger, posted

    Wow, this is such a great effort undone a bit by poor resolution and cam stability but still quite hot. This short submission is very obviously a fledgling attempt but in spite of the poor lighting and recording quality, it shows promise. I’d be willing to bet she will be going back for seconds from this yummy pup and maybe they can turn on the lights to shoot. The bitch is appealing, but does not appear to be particularly young, in spite of the title, and she keeps control of the action, as it should be for a beginner. She seems to be truly enjoying herself and her partner is quite pleased too. Her controlled strokes allow us to see the cock clearly and the couple’s whispers and giggles make the experience genuine and exciting. The film ends abruptly, and there is no knot, but again, it is a first effort. Recording quality aside, I’d love to attend a sleepover at that house- though we’d have to lose the country music in the background. Call me! lol CC

    curious_chick, posted
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