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    Couple With Their Dog


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    couple are playng with their dog. cool video nice dog and very nice woman ( so hot ). good quality video and sound. i hope u like it.

    Uploaded by Cluuuuu · Rating: 4.0 (961 votes) · 157828 views


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    hate it when the camera guy won't shut up

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    Nive video! It's nice to know there are couples out there that are into this as well.

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    This would have been a good video if the dog was actually fucking her and then knotted her. All you're doing is using his dick as a dildo >:(

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    Very hot video!!! Love how the woman can't get enough of that big dog cock while her hubby is jerking his off too!

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    HoneyMaster, posted

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    1robert, posted

    kinda wished he didnt force the dog to fuck her, im sure he would have done it on his own..

    FlickLickMyClit, posted

    worth watching, but make sure you mute it, this guys moaning and dirty talk is horrible... by the way he says cock I can tell hes a huge faggot

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    fuckmyass201, posted

    Another stupid shit, that gave a review. This is NOT a great clip. The quality was quite good, NOT amazing. There were fine details alright. But that's because the guy had it zoomed in all the time, because he didn't want his hand to be seen, how he pushed the dog. The man did NOT 'litteraly moan the whole time'. He gave directions and sighed a little. In that the shit is right. It WAS/IS disturbing. But then the shit thought the clip was not good enough and it knew, how to make it better. But to it's opinion the 'compainion' was excellent. And then the shit saw something, that never happened in this clip. It saw the excellent 'compainion' mount the woman and screw the shit out of that 'beatiful' pussy. The shit can't even write proper english. It tries! But it can't! What really happened is that the dog was on the woman. Probably not on it's own volition. The man put the dog's cock in her cunt and he tried to film it, holding the camera in 1 hand, trying to keep the dog on the woman with the other, while pushing on the dog, to make it's dick go in and out. That is why he couldn't keep the camera focussed. At some point, the dog started thrusting in the woman. If the dog could've thought, it would've thought: 'See, what you made my body do? Now it starts thrusting on its own! That's not me thrusting! It's my body!' It's a bodily function. It's not the dog liking, what the man is doing. Just like, when a woman is raped. When the rapist starts pounding in her cunt, it will moisten. NOT because she likes being raped! It's just a bodily function! In 1 thing the shit is right: the woman does have a 'beautiful' cunt and the dog does have a nice cock and and impressive knot. animalpsycologist.

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    Russellb, posted

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    proudspire, posted

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    chris969, posted

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