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    This was her first time blowing a dog. I think she did a great job... She would love to hear what you think :) Maybe i can talk her into doing more...lol

    Uploaded by OntarioKink · Rating: 4.2 (266 votes) · 46970 views


    More please!

    jayko, posted

    She did a great job! Good girl! Mmmm......

    jayko, posted

    i've been wondering if there are any vidz of a dog actually pumping and fuckin a chicks mouth as he would her pussy, this is getting there and her jerking him like sh would a mans cock was hot! what a dog whore, loved her!

    skunk420, posted

    That was hot and she enjoyed it! As long as she kept stroking his swelling cock he kept rewarding her with his sweet cum.

    breeder09, posted

    I love the girl in this movie you can see it in her face and eyes she LOVED doing it..

    ourdesires, posted

    She LOVES it, mmmmmmmm, that sweet taste....

    gwenwalker69, posted

    the best

    asibz, posted

    very nice, I love sucking dog cock, and drinking dog cum

    tgirlwhore, posted

    damn hawt

    anonymous1345, posted

    That was amazing you can tell she enjoyed that totally!

    breeder09, posted

    I just love her heavy breathing and her love for this dog's cock and cum! Her man is one lucky guy!

    jaguarguy, posted

    OMG she is so awesome, and she has sooo done that B4! So wish I could have been there to help, taste!!!!

    gwenwalker69, posted

    my kind of FREAK!!! go girl!!! HOT

    hitithardsoft23, posted

    Amazing, made me sopping wet to want and need this, lucky!!! She is a total slut... I love it!

    gwenwalker69, posted

    nice! she really got into it

    nigletts, posted

    OK.. dog cum is good, but it is also VERY salty and bitter and has a VERY different scent than that of a mans... it is GOOD, but they eat everything sooooo..... what I do like is there is always LOTS! And you can see the drops of saliva and cum all over the floor and that crazy hungry look she gives as she licks her lips, OMG!!!!!! She is like me... a slut you find kneeling behind a dumpster in an alley sucking a strangers cock, or sneaking into the basement to drain the cum from a neighbors lab!

    gwenwalker69, posted

    Dog cum is soooooooo good. It is so much tastier than my own cum. I have never tasted dog cum that was not delicious! I want that one pumping in & out of my mouth!

    yummydoggycock, posted

    Dog cum is soooooooo good. It is so much tastier than my own cum. I have never tasted dog cum that was not delicious!

    yummydoggycock, posted

    Oh yes what a beautiful hot cock. I would love to have that one cumming in my mouth. There is NOTHING better than sucking dog cock!!! It is the HOTTEST & most erotic sex there is. Amazing how nice their cock tastes and the cum is very, very good!!!!!

    yummydoggycock, posted

    This is a hott video! I am looking for a hott knotty bitch like this one!!

    revlive, posted

    mmmm very nice you both enjoyed that by the looks of things your a lucky girl id love to share his cock with you. and taste his juices mmmm sweet

    horney4sex, posted

    I love this video mmmmm

    polpetta, posted

    Very hot vid. She really wanted to get a mouthful of doggy cum. Thanks for sharing

    tommarie, posted

    Love this video and I would love to see her and the dog some more.

    Stoneofsilver, posted

    omg!!what a cute babe.1st time, wow! from the look on her face it wont be the last I,d say she loved the taste!

    laceybabe, posted

    y love ! trop excitant

    baxel01, posted

    awesome hot! great for first time!!!

    jayko, posted

    she definetly knows what she is doing

    Odd_Thomas, posted

    wow that was awsome she is so sexy i would love to see that big dog cock going in and out of her lovely wet pussie im sure she would love it i think she could be talked into it

    paultemple, posted

    Wow shes a pro

    Reflection23, posted

    That was awesome!

    SuperMeMN, posted

    Fucking lovely. Made me get hard. She loved it too. Wud love to get to know people into this!!

    bjanyone, posted

    Absolutely incredible...Lets see more!!

    aceswylde95, posted

    awesome got me nice and wet

    taffy999, posted

    after sucking that dog, she looks like she just had ice cream.

    fredpotts, posted

    just charming.... a most classy dog slut...she's wonderful !!!

    fredog51M, posted

    This young lady is not only attractive but seems to having a good time doing what is a new experiance for her. Loved her smile and hope that she will bring more action to this site. If I can be of any help in New Orleans I can be contacted at rjpastor2001@yahoo.com.

    cajunlawyer, posted

    I liked it on this side of the Falls so do more!

    brokenstraw, posted

    That was amazing! Great action, hot woman.

    dagnamitus, posted

    i am from PA i welling to do anything so hit me up in the message box

    followdreams, posted

    She is very sexy. I love when she turned to face the camera, she reminded me of my daughter.She loves this bigtime, as well as me.

    donavan, posted

    next time nut in her face and let the dog lick it that would be hot

    raymtz, posted

    What a hot fuckin' whore!!! This is the shit dreams are made of.Love to see her cunt get pounded and filled,with that swollen dog cock.

    BamBam807, posted


    TominBuff, posted

    She did fantastic! I hope to see much more from this sexy beauty.

    marelover2000, posted

    wow, you are fantastic, more please...

    beastonpregnant, posted


    polo840, posted

    she needs to show us how she takes a knot and gets licked

    knotloverbbw, posted

    Great quality clip. More please.

    wineman123, posted


    zpaul, posted

    so sexy, close up on the sperm so we can see it shoot on her tongue <33

    bahamut66, posted

    best thing I have ever seen

    rexer12, posted

    OMFG this is the best thing I have ever seen! What a lucky dog!

    john916, posted

    Beautiful gal, very sexy she obviously enjoyed herself hope to see more soon.

    lb838315, posted

    Sometimes, the ending of a clip is what MAKES the clip. I'm not going to give it away here, but you will not be disappointed. I love the informality of this video- almost as if it's a "quickie". Amateur videos have a tendency to lose some of the thril by the eagerness of the cameraman or the poor quality of the camera, but this is clip suffers from neither. I also love that the girl genuinely seems to be enjoying herself- something that I like watching. The camera angle is also excellent and adds to the excitement. I would rate this clip as one of the best free clips on PetSex But that ending......!

    pcclark, posted

    EXCELLENT!!! Hear her moan in pleasure (the girl that is) see the action. Great sucking by the girl and the dog loves every second of it. Length for free movie is great. Most of all I LOVE SEEING HER FACE at the end. Eyes glowing with pleasure and fulfillment. You can see and tell she loves sucking the dog. Nothing better than finding a girl who loves to suck dog cock and even better posts her doing it. Love you girl and thanks for the hard on. Sure wish I could get my wife to meet you and then train her how to love dog cock as much as you do.

    ourdesires, posted

    this is a good one got me hard and i enjoyed it a lot it was a short but good film it managed to sum it all up in to one good film to make an excellent film furthermore to shortness and quickness is great for a ouickie it was good it was god it was good it was god it was good it was it was good it was good it made me hard and horny i have an awsome joke whats funnier than a baby nailed to a tree......a baby nailed to 7 trees ha ha ha ha ha ha

    jim448, posted

    Blue eyed blonde face fucks herself with a good sized long hair dog. She jacks the dog’s dick very fast into her mouth. There’s a radio on in the background, which always adds a touch of reality and pretty much means it’s not a pro. It sounds like the station might be in Canada. The dog cums on her face, although it’s a little difficult to see because the camera work is pretty sloppy. When she’s finished she looks up at the camera, and smiles broadly. You can really see her blue eyes and pretty face. Can’t see her body, but who cares, she’s cute and into blowing the dog.

    rensking69, posted

    Aceptar .. cum perro es bueno, pero también es muy salado y amargo y tiene un olor muy diferente a la de un mans ... Es bueno, pero comen todo lo sooooo ..... lo que me gusta es que hay siempre un montón! Y usted puede ver las gotas de saliva y semen por todo el piso y esa mirada loca, le da hambre mientras se lame los labios, OMG !!!!!! Ella es como yo ... una puta a encontrar de rodillas detrás de un contenedor de basura en un callejón chupar una polla extraños, o escondidas en el sótano para drenar el semen de un laboratorio de los vecinos!

    serious1982, posted

    this is one of my first animal sex movies. it is super hot. i think ive found my new niche. i love the way she sucks his dick shes really into it. and she takes the whole load with no problem. deffinately very arousing though i would like to see the cumshot.i still love the movie, more movies like this would be amazing. video quality is pretty good but the angle is a little off. very attractive woman. i would love to join them for some "activities". cant wait to continue enjoying more animal sex videos like this one. and i cant wait to try this with my wife

    ashhole1, posted

    The video starts off with the dog cock already in her mouth. She was sucking and jacking the dog as he humped her mouth. The camera zooms in on the side of her face as she is sucking and jacking the dog. She continues sucking and you can she the dogs cock going in and out of her mouth really well by this point. The dogs cock comes out of her mouth but she continues jacking the dog as she licks the tip of his cock. By the end of the video she is jacking the dog and then she looks up at the camera so you can see her face as she gives the camera this sexy smile and she licks the dog cum off her lips.

    Stoneofsilver, posted
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