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    Dog Knot


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    She Was in Home And Thinking of That She Have a Sex With her own Dog And She got The knot The the pussy and cum runing out of her big pussy, enjoy

    Uploaded by aghayepourya605 · Rating: 3.3 (255 votes) · 76984 views


    new 2 this but my boyfriend likes dog/girl porn. i got turned on by this but i liked the doggie licking pussy videos better. i might try it-my dog always puts her nose between my legs and i have to keep her out of the covers when i masturbate-she tries to smell me-i know she'd lick my pussy if i let her! she also follows me to the bathroom & tries to lick my pussy while i pee...i'm curious how i'd like it-i'm wet now! i'd have to get used to the idea of my other male dog fuck me...well i've been getting wet watching this!

    kinky_girl4u, posted

    too bad the dog is so slow

    akaxora, posted

    lookin for male dog to try. Message me

    shangjii, posted

    Can you help.....wil@southshore.com

    anniefanny2, posted

    Good camera angle need to hear her as the dog is fucking her. Love to see the cum dripping down

    teejackson, posted

    nice pussy I would knot it too

    Stroker408, posted

    i like the girl guiding it in just when the dog is cumming

    oxfordean, posted

    I'm looking to be dog fucked. I never did it in my life but really want to try it out I live Minnesota and is looking in that area. So if u know someone or is that someone please do message me. BIG DICKS ONLY. THANKS

    fuckmeraw23, posted

    I would love to watch that in person, love the juice running out

    spoole, posted

    I have a well trained big dick pit bull. Message me

    beenknotted, posted

    When i check this i think i can do this with my boxer

    dd.12345, posted

    makes me want adog cock in mypussy right now!

    iwannadoginme, posted

    she needs a bigger Dog -wink

    lilbeaver, posted

    love a woman getting a knot had a chow my second wife dyd all the time if we had a male dog now my wife would love the knot

    dickcuckold, posted

    Have you noticed that (apart from South American Porn stars) most genuine zoo housewives get "dog fucked" around 1am when the kids are all tucked up in bed.. Shows its genuine at least..

    Di1957, posted

    yummy hit me for some fun like this ttcandi@yahoo.com

    tlvedogie, posted


    funcouple1998, posted

    •Aluzky• Beautiful video.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Wish it would've had a better view, but it was still interesting...

    Zoophoop, posted

    i enjoyed this video

    runescape1234, posted

    like how calm the dog is... must be used to love his mistress ..

    seekerman, posted

    good penetration doggy

    dsx6, posted

    No knot, little penetration. Worth watching, but not until around 1:20. Last ten seconds are incredibly sexy, but this video is very much a letdown.

    sindarin, posted

    I don't know what a spaniel is, but that definately shows us the cocker part if one.

    becauseican, posted

    very nice whis it was me

    attala200, posted

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    sexbonus, posted

    This girl has one of the very nicest pussies I've ever had the pleasure of observing. I'd die to change places with that spaniel!!

    kaaty, posted

    Very nice, I wish it could be couple seconds longer

    BigBubbaTrubba, posted

    Thank you! Nice clip with knot inserted and cum drips ;) Beautiful woman getting her dog to breed her !!!!

    mehoff, posted

    Ich würde die alte jeden Tag durchnehmen ey...so'n schönes Fötzchen. =)

    Woolustaner, posted

    lol any?

    dee007, posted

    ein cocker der weis was sich gehöhrt ;-)

    hebr63, posted

    i am from PA i welling to do anything so hit me up in the message box

    followdreams, posted

    arrappante ma manca parte finale + hard

    torelba, posted

    got to agree. Sexy holes but rubbish video

    dfpjs137, posted

    Love the missionary position. Enjoyed the clip.

    cchevvy, posted

    got to agree. Sexy holes but rubbish video

    spitfire69, posted

    this shit is so fuckin' hot...

    Spark1EEE, posted

    sexy holes

    eatmypussydaddy, posted

    so nice, she takes a cute little dog and then she massages his cock until he squirts juices then takes it in her soaking wet pussy.you can hear her giggling with joy in the backgrounds as he feels up her insides with his hard knot. its really fabulous to see her sweet pussy getting dildod by his dog cock. It takes a while to get going but this beautiful girls pussy gets soaked in nice fresh and warm dog cum all over her pretty little ass I really enjoyed it as she wimpers and giggles you can see the dogs knot penetrate a little bit at the very end it is so nice and her pussy is obviously ready to take it some more this is a great missionary vid with a smaller dog who loves to have his penis stroaked smooth and nice like

    monkredey2, posted
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