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    Super Dog Fuck


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    I hope your enjoy...that clip i've found a some years ago...when the dog fucking the girl pussy , and she likes a lot ... please forgive me my english and i hope your enjoy it !!!

    Uploaded by VERMILLION · Rating: 4.0 (277 votes) · 68041 views


    very good, coulda been better if camera was to get closer to see penetration

    skybourne87, posted

    Focking hot

    wolfey34, posted

    You guyz are fucking dizguzting your all going to.hell!

    shonniefierro1, posted

    lol lucky dogiee.... nice vid

    Jay_, posted

    she loves it knot and all

    sillyjilly, posted

    great show loved the knott

    butterfly214, posted

    im a woman who wants to do this lol ttcandi@yahoo.com

    tlvedogie, posted

    he was up in there wasn't he!

    spiceylover35, posted

    Why can't I ever find a woman who wants to do this?

    wolfen1176, posted

    great clip loved the deep fucking and the scream at end

    mustang247, posted

    verry good

    ssom, posted

    i really want that cock in my pussy me calento!

    virginiadelhoyo, posted

    Old but great movie. the dog knew what he wanted and so did that lucky lady.good knot in the end as well.

    fiknot, posted

    yummmmm!! nice big dog cock!!

    doggydoit, posted

    nice fuck,made my pussy wet,mmmmm

    SussieQT, posted


    luisa505, posted

    great less than 2 mins fast sign up guide put ,,@luukku.com and to ,, put anything you want like com or tag or dog or anything and put your wanted password

    sexbonus, posted

    great vid she got the knott well

    thevillager, posted

    I want a dog like that

    gabriele40, posted

    That was funny

    Reflection23, posted

    man that dog was really going at it. I would LOVE to have a dog that strong and enthusiastic.

    Decemberist, posted

    muy bueno el video

    rodrigole, posted

    If I was a female, I sure would own a big male dog with BALLS.

    hughskuntz, posted

    Start is slecht, geluid en het dekken maakt het uiteindelijk best geil.

    flanker07, posted

    Oldie but definitely goodie! :)

    tercel, posted

    My god!!! what a fuck.that is a talented dog. With an experienced cock.

    LAWRENCELLC, posted

    einfach nur gut und g... wenn die so weiter machen werden sie viel vreude haben ;-)

    hebr63, posted

    nice ass

    aludwick, posted

    very nice, she looks great , no wonder the dogs got here tied

    mookaa, posted

    great clip love the scream at the end

    mazoo83, posted

    Hot is all I could say. I'm jealous of all the women out there who has dogs.

    SenseiMizuno, posted

    hot once it gets going...the usual cheesy comments from the guy make it irritating

    myschyfnmayhem, posted

    very hot clip

    gabriele40, posted

    Sweet! Pup had huge tool! About all she could take!

    harleypoor, posted

    she was just as ready for this then he was

    fredpotts, posted

    Wow..fucked up

    OXYMORN, posted

    Loved hearing her moaning and screaming when he got inside of her

    midnite3, posted

    este cachorro já deve ter morrido pelo tempo deste video de 1990....... kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!

    nanicooooooo, posted

    nice... any females looking for a man who wont jugde them hit me up at latinoboy86 yahoo looking for a girl with same interest

    pussylover86, posted
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