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    Hot Blonde Being Lick


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    a girl alone in her room, perfect time to have some fun with a puppy. girl gets on all fours and lets her puppy go to town on her. great lighting and very clear. enjoy!

    Uploaded by guyver33 · Rating: 4.0 (240 votes) · 63848 views



    litttledoglick, posted

    he was really getting into it!!

    Spinelli69, posted

    would any1 like to c2c on Skype with me preferably a girl also even better if you have a dog :) and im only ok with a guy if they have a dog to. and I am a lilbit younger so I hope that dosnt bother you if any1 is interested please send me a message

    izaakk74, posted

    I want more videos you look delicious! id love to give your puppy both our pussys to work with and get my mouth on that sweet hole of yours while im at it. *drools*

    mtlgrl2meetk9, posted

    Gorgeous hot lovely ass licking! Love to lick her too!

    DogHorseSukr, posted

    Good boy! get in her!

    sn00ze, posted

    Hehe I found the beginning pretty amusing. The dog was looking back and forth from her face to her ass like "are you serious? DAYUM!"

    omfg9999, posted

    nice body too!!! more pleaseeee;)

    dogknot23, posted

    Hot girl but to short

    Rex69069, posted

    male seeking woman to have fun with my dog,, message me if interested!

    bianca18, posted

    Ugh...id LOVE to have a dog lick me...but I dont own one...v.v Rockwall TX sure is lonely... =C

    newbeastieslut, posted

    so dirty n filthy love it

    strays, posted

    very hot video would love to see more of her

    macktruck08, posted

    i live in indiana US i would love to be fucked by dogs and licked and i will return the favor, or if anyone has any tips let me know

    cntfacejane, posted

    I love licking clips. Especially ones where the dogs gets into it. So I have been on here for a few months now, posted a few comments. Not getting any feedback or mail messages which is not a bad thing. But I have come too realise most people here are in their own little niches and pretty much keep too themselves. Which is ok considering this fetish.

    bluedestiny, posted

    Would love to see more of her

    superss, posted

    that was realy hot I wish I could have heard it too.

    mcnesby, posted

    As sweet as she is I'd be licking that fine pussy too all I can say he is one lucky dog to be tasting such fine pussy!

    breeder09, posted

    this is great and lady spreading herself really horny but we need to hear her pleasure.

    debs, posted

    What a *nice* pussy,,,,wouldn't mind putting some wood to that myself. ;)

    ScurvyDog, posted

    Beautiful girl and sweet pussy...that dog is getting a real treat..

    amycarl, posted

    super the way she spreads her ass the dog is female though so wont get to see mounting

    strays, posted

    It's nice to see a chick who isn't old and fat getting her pussy licked by a dog. I love how she reaches back and spreads her cheeks so the dog get really lick. Why do so many of these videos have no sound?

    Viking25, posted

    ohhh yeah!! lick that pussy make her cum,cum,cum i love it.

    cyberx76, posted


    dirk20200, posted

    well this is awesome

    donthate122, posted

    nice pussy*

    Spells50, posted

    Loved it. She is very pretty and the dog was enjoying himself. Sure wished theirwas sound and got to see him mount her and knotted with her.

    kojak, posted

    my dad showed me how to do this when I was 7 and now that im ten i like it even more

    ginagirl, posted

    cute girl I would lick that all night

    herbertl55, posted

    This really is a hot blonde, who really makes sure the dog gets into her for a lick, and the dog is very keen, his eyes are almost popping out of his head for the love of her pussy!

    dogsrgreat, posted

    the dogs wide eyed look it brilliant

    gandywan, posted

    god if this only had sound. I love watching that dog go nice and deep.

    dragonsgirl, posted

    dam nice pussy

    fishlover, posted

    I will say, Labs are the best dog to lick your pussy. I have had a few in the last 15 yrs and every one of them licked my endlessly, with no prompting other than offering my pussy with wide open legs. The licking went on and on with their tongue's penetrating deeply. I have multiple orgasms.

    clitorliscious, posted

    cant get my dog to lick me. she just sniffs and stands there..nothin..i so wish she would do this to me anyone have any ideas on how to get my dog to lick me? i have tried peanut butter but she doesnt lick for a long time cuz the peanut butter goes away

    mmmamazing, posted

    nice pussy eating! ^_^

    kitten2, posted

    Gorgeous girl! Would love to see her in action!

    BonesMcNasty, posted

    thats so sexy! I love the girls that do it secretly, being one myself, it is such a turn on, knowing I am not alone. =)

    luvmypuspup, posted


    booney, posted

    I came and wanted more! This pup really licked deep in her sweet pussy!

    freakyluvwatR, posted

    Excellent video!! Oh my god i came so good,kept me wanting more and more.More please :-)

    roverover, posted

    Oh wow, gorgeous ass, pussy and pooch! That doggy really love diggin in there and tasting this sweet kitty, must really love her scent to lick this hard and steady. So wish I were in the hotel room with this sexy duo!

    browneyedog, posted

    any woman in sydney like this? x

    baddog69, posted

    that was so awesome loved it great big blue cunt dog bitch horse ass dog the cat is the best i ever saw thank your mom and dad for this amazing cat fish frog dick chick bic the as dell jay feel hot wet sticky frog feeling shit movie looking door knob hanging bang bang gang dang sang song form the chicken laid an egg so i poor hot water up and down her leg the chicken cried and beg but fuck the chicken anyway so cat dog was the best dam show ever who agree with me i do

    cexybeast333, posted

    This video was very hot and sexy. I would recommend that everyone watch this video and all other videos by this very lovely sexy lady. The video was perfect. The quality was awesome. The angle was perfect, only flaw was no sound. The dog looked like he loves her pussy licking it deep without her having to prompt him too it. She had such a beautiful pussy and ass. I would have been more excited if the video was longer than one minute. I also would have loved to see the dog penitrate her ass and cum inside her and watch it drip out

    dogloverlick, posted

    although there was no sound I still very much licked this movie. The girl is hot with a sweet face and an perfect ass and legs,she is young too, I would love to take the dogs place. The quality of the picture and the angle of the shots is near flawless,crisp and clear,I wish all of these movies were shot this well. I love how much the dog seems to be getting off as well,and that he doesn't need any prompting from her. The dog, because he's not a large , lets us have a clear look at her pussy and at his tongue working over her pussy lips I recommend that everyone checks this and any other movie this fin lady has done

    mcnesby, posted
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