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    Home Alone


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    One More clip...i hope everyone enjoy it , when the dog playing with the Girl on the cam, the first video he's licking her pussy so much, and she's Like it !!! sorry for my english !!!!

    Uploaded by VERMILLION · Rating: 3.5 (258 votes) · 77552 views


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    Tolkatore, posted

    She is a stunning, young woman, one of the prettiest I've ever seen on any site, beastie or otherwise. What I wouldn't give to be with a woman like her, especially since she's into her dog. Better quality, please. Any hassles and I'd back her up.

    joefury, posted

    if u need help let me know

    haloface, posted


    Prasak, posted

    aye i love the clip il do a show with this blonde

    warlock47, posted

    she is hot!!!

    LickySlitty, posted

    What a hot babe mmm

    petewantsu, posted


    hornypony44, posted

    any girls masturbating? inbox me

    oocumoo, posted

    very hot when she shoved that dildo in her pussy i came

    getdownonit, posted

    she's cute also...NICE!!

    hugewhiteone, posted

    What was she looking at? A computer screen? She looked to be young. Not too young though. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    never mind the english improve the video quality

    minesa9, posted

    That was pretty cool, meaning the dog licking her cunt was Hot and she was really Hot,good looking slut, although a bit distracted. Worthy of half-a-hard-on,mmm.

    Kitty4horndawg2, posted

    Refreshing to see a beautiful, young girl letting a dog eat her pussy. Far too many videos feature fat, old ugly women. Why do so many videos have no audio?

    Viking25, posted

    WHY do so many males on here have girls names.??? The movie was definately hot, and it looked like someone came in unexspectedly at the last minute.

    donavan, posted

    Pretty cool movie. I don't like webcam videos with no sound but worth a look.

    hedbngr666, posted


    melana, posted

    lucky dog , would love to play with her, shes gorgeous.

    HSLC, posted

    wtf this makes no sense go out and get a good guy to lick and fuck you.

    ogawd321, posted

    She is gorgeous... Wish the dog had humped her... I'd love to lick dog cum out of her.

    bitchlover1977, posted

    I agree she is one gorgeous woman lucky dog

    myname1984, posted

    She is sexy ... why need a dog. You can have my tongue =p

    kittylicker38, posted

    She is hot and has a killer body and a fine pussy,would have liked some more interaction between her linguist!

    breeder09, posted

    She is hot and cute, but the clip sucks with no audio. 2 paws down.

    jayko, posted

    really good attempt and very sexy

    lynne24, posted

    love your video so hot and sexy. Ann and John

    annjo, posted

    necesito un perro q m lo haga!!

    athenny, posted

    Love to see more of her...

    amycarl, posted

    Wish I could get suck and licked right. Somebody help horny as hell

    dogfeelgood, posted

    she could use some help training the doggie.I will help her out garranteed.

    cyberx76, posted

    Incredibly hot girl not afraid to show her face. no sound unfortunately and pretty grainy, but overall pretty decent. Hope to see more from her!

    ddawg99, posted

    Beautifull girl!!!!

    not_a_dream, posted

    thts one on the best looking girls I have ever seen on this website, well done and hope to see a lot more of u

    sherrylduke, posted

    this put a big :) on my face....she was into it, then pulled out the vibrator and was showing that sweet ass hard, awesome video sweetheart.

    codwod, posted

    Very pretty girl. She reminds me of a girl I know. I saw her doberman smelling her butt oneday besaide the road as she was talking to a young boy. As I stopped to tell her something. She had a big smile on her face and never tried to stop the dog. A few days later as I was driveing buy her place. She waved and was with her dog. As I looked back in the mirror--I saw her take the dogs nose and put it between her legs. Man she is hot . I think the reason women are into animals is because their sex drive is higher then men,s and I love seeing it. It turns me on seeing women getting pleased and turned on.

    kojak, posted

    thats one lucky pooch!!

    doggyluv13, posted

    Wow, she is having a great time. Love it when my dog does that too

    JessiMom, posted

    uuhmmm!! vaya coño mas jugoso!!!

    blues00, posted

    she was very sexy girl ,but theres no sound i wish i could have had sex with her.

    lar123456, posted

    mmmmmmm u r hottttttt would love to chat with u ,, dapiggy55,, yahoo

    dapiggy, posted

    wow !

    rodrigole, posted

    WOW you even got all the way undressed uhhhhh is there more??

    lilbeaver, posted

    she maybe home alone, but the webcam she's hooked onto is paying her bills. pathetic attempt as it is, some fetish forum has this girl under contract, but may cut her off if the vids don't improve. POS waste of time, even though she is adorable, great body and the clueless pooch is beautiful.

    browneyedog, posted


    moose225, posted

    nnothing special needs sound

    cindythomas, posted

    i fuckin love this one

    bighoss1986, posted

    im 14 male i live in williamstown nj message me if u want to fuck me im really horny for cock ^^

    zengestu5, posted

    let me lick ur pussy too,,hehehehe

    dapiggy, posted

    Lovely young lady,wonder when she's going to finally play "hide the wiener" with her very interested dog, certainly looks like he would fit.

    kaaty, posted

    amazing !! its just what i wanted . to see a girl that is hot get licked by a dog ! im new to this site , but it sure is amazing ! holy shit i came , i came , i came , i came , i came ! i cant believe i came so hard ! thank you ! it was like a volcano ! but i just love the dildoing part ! that was just hot as hell . i want to ask you to make more videos . that would be the greatest thing ever . i get to see your hot butt again with your dog just lickin away . but i do have a suggestion . get your dog to actually fuck you . if you can . that would be the best video ever . but this is still amazing . i thank you again . - Jordan

    Jordanduty, posted

    Very good video it gave me an excellent boner. The girl is very hot, I just hope it was longer. What a kinky bitch Imagine what those 2 do all day. I would definitely pay for some more of this girl. This website should try to get more videos like this. Maybe some audio. But overall This video is a 7 out of 10. Hot girls should be on top of your list when it comes to watching girls having sex with animals. People try to convince your hot girlfriends to make videos like this it is not difficult. manipulate your bitches!!!

    elonine, posted
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