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    Dog Licks Pussy


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    Chubby woman has her legs open on the floor and lets her dog to lick her hairy pussy. She moans while her dog uses his tongue to give plaseure.

    Uploaded by kane007 · Rating: 4.2 (254 votes) · 118789 views


    The way the dog licks her out and the sounds and her moaning, I have to get off too. One of my fav videos. Can I borrow your dog?

    jthoen, posted

    I'll gladly join in :o)

    hornymom69, posted

    beautiful. Sometimes I let my cats lick my cock but its kind of harder to get them to do it. Its easier with dogs.

    kootra911, posted

    Beautiful. The sound of her being pleasured gets me off. Next time let us see that sexy belly honey. Dont cover it.....its lovely!

    666pedro666, posted

    That pooch has her cumming her brains out!

    kegumar, posted

    genial muy excitante!!!

    julylove, posted

    Oh my god those sounds! such a beautiful woman body being pleasured so well.

    smoothcanson, posted

    Love it when a woman appreciates a doggys long hot tongue keep coming x

    debs, posted

    Love it when a woman appreciates adoggys long hot tongue keep coming x

    debs, posted

    I loved the moaning & the dog was right into it.

    mrhyde74, posted

    I think this bitch is preggo, not chubby. luv it!

    jayko, posted

    When I was young I went into the kitchen sat down and the dog used to lick me out while my parents were in bed, love this vid, the moans etv

    rox6t9, posted

    guau guauuuuuuu i'd like it so muuuuuchhhhhh

    erikx, posted

    my step daddy sometime watches the dog lick my pussy

    anglen11, posted

    i want that dog!,, love to get my pussy licked

    kelly534, posted

    :D :d

    coockiecoockie, posted

    Really hot...would have liked to see more than a minute! Wish I had my own dog...

    angie.girl74, posted

    Shave that pussy already...the poor mutt probably got a mouthful of pubes. He/she is a good licker though...really enjoys it and so does the woman judging by the moans.

    beastieboy99, posted

    verey nice

    warm12, posted

    That dog should have ate her out that well about 6 months ago,she may have not gotten pregnant!


    I had to watch this again, it made me so wet. She loves it so much you can tell that in her moans. it is so real and they both really are enjoying themselves. Made me cum and I was only rubbing my clit !!! this is awesome, thankyou

    debs, posted

    Love this, loved watching a woman getting enjoyment from a good licking from her lovely dog. It made me really wet and wishing I had a dog to lick my pussy

    debs, posted

    Good Boy! Wish it was me!

    lickmedoggie515, posted

    awesome, watched it 5 times in a row. Made me rub my clit very hard until I came.

    luvsdoggies4170, posted

    loved it! got me all wet!

    badgirl76, posted

    great,got me rock hard, xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    cockie53, posted

    really enjoyed, want to see more. she doesnt look fat, shes pregnant.

    animal_guy_69, posted

    Made me soaking wet LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!

    hotlov, posted

    watched this like 6 times aready im dripping wet. i wish my dog licked me like that.

    mm11, posted

    im a 15 year old virgin female. message me

    virginpussy, posted

    Real good vid. She really opens her pussy for the K9. He shudda sucked her belly and titties too. I think she had milk to give.

    vonCaldwell, posted

    like it

    face19, posted

    I will fucking tape your zoom lever.

    ou81288, posted

    I've never done anything like that with a Dog But would like to try and Idea? Or anyone can help me with that?

    fuckme214, posted

    Absoultly made me horny loved the way dogs tounge sounded as it lapped up her sweet juices from her juicy hairy pussy made me want to go down there and eat her too. her moans were great too great video

    jellobooty, posted

    really good dog pussy licking, and the girl looks enjoyed,,..

    mipita, posted

    I love the way the dog goes back to clean the pussy up from the cum , good dog.

    kekeko, posted

    This some wonderful pussy licking this video makes me cum every time I sure wish I was that damn dog I would clean that pussy out good after she came then lick her ass dry too. Damn that look like some good ass pussy , good job dog.

    kekeko, posted

    very nice

    altthink, posted

    FUCK me that's hot!!! You can hear he has his tongue really into that pussy!!! I miss my little dog...he tongue fucked me so good. My pussy is wet now..gonna go finger my wet cunt till I squirt!! Message me for hot phone sex!!

    barbann73, posted

    Mmmmmmmmmmm....i want to be that cunt..can you say HOT

    sexydogslut6, posted

    Dam that shit made me hot as hell,he licked the fuck out of that pussy now I'm going to get me a dog,.!!!!

    wetpus, posted

    That is a talented pouch. He sucked the cum out of her.

    george47, posted

    I think that will make me have my dog lick my pussy now

    lickmeplease, posted

    another awesome lickying clip!!! the chubby woman will never forget how good her dog licked her into most likely the best orgasm she will have!!!

    sefriendlyguy, posted

    jeepers, that good, beautiful pooch was digging in deep, almost too much for this horny woman. he obviously loved her scent and taste. what a great amateur vid, love it!

    browneyedog, posted

    sweet plumper.

    digitallover, posted

    mmm lovely, I think she is also pregnant

    cyberbart, posted

    poor quality :(

    jessie217, posted

    The best part of this video are the sound effects. .the slurping sounds and her enjoying the constant licking are very arousing and in my opinion make the movie. .probably one of the best on here to me. I've seen some where the dog is really licking and you can hear there's sound but you never hear the woman moan and I'm thinking how is that possible having a big, long, rough tongue on your clit. .but she really exemplified how you're supposed to respond to a licking like that in this video! Overall I'd rate this between a 8-9!

    cclay40, posted

    I have to say, that was pretty sexy. The woman was obviously in need of a good orgasm, and my god, that dog gave it to her. The sounds were simply delicious with all of the slurping and slippery sounds. The woman's moans of pleasure are so arousing. The dog looks like it enjoyed itself as well, going back for seconds even after the woman had already came, and gave the dog a signal to stop. Overall, I would give this video a 8/10 "Very good". Those missing points because the woman didn't have an ideal 10/10 body. But nonetheless, GREAT video.

    selymsivad, posted

    Being greeted to the action from the start is always and nice tough, although sometimes it is preferable to get a bit of build up going first. we are instantly greeted by the sound of the dog licking away at the woman, and the sound of it's tongue lapping up against her pussy is very erotic indeed. The woman seems to enjoy her dog's affection as her moans clearly seem to indicate before culminating in what sounds like her orgasm. The dog doesn't stop licking at all and pleases his misstress well and I'm sure this couple will perform this act many times over, maybe even make love.

    fv5, posted

    that movie is really hot, that puppy was buried in that pretty pussy, the sounds were soo exciting i could barely contain myself, i can only imagine how far in that pooches tongue gets, but when she starts moaning, and calling out you can definitely tell she is absolutely loving it, when she moans and puts out her hand almost as if to signal to stop, and the pup actually does for a second, then goes right back to licking and slurping at her to her obvious delight, that was the best, i was very turned on, and there is no doubt that lovely lady, and her pup, had a great day

    judorkreeg, posted

    I love love looove these types of videos, so keep em coming because they definitely keep me cumming. Pussy licking videos are on my top favs. Trust me, this one is definitely worth watching. Great sound quality. You can hear her lil buddy lapping away at her pussy over and over and over as she moans non stop from all her excitement. You can hear her cumming towards the end, crying out in from so much pleasure. One of the times I was watching this and playing with my own pussy, I was able to cum at the same time as she did. If you dog isn't doing this already, this video will make you set up more "play" time and get things hot and heavy. Watch it. You won't be sorry

    lalalove, posted
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