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    Teen Suck Dog


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    A teen girl sucking Cock of the House Dog.its a little bit dark Sorry. but good Homemade.after the Sucking the dog Cum on her Hand.

    Uploaded by Wickem · Rating: 3.9 (254 votes) · 97805 views


    Nice clip, you can tell how into it she is by the sounds she makes while playing with that tasty dog dick...

    jayko, posted

    she is a great dog cock sucker and knows how to tease out all of the yummy hot doggy cum. really loved watching her play with his slippery hot cock at the end - between her fingers and thumb, milking a few more drops out and then taking it back into her mouth. MMMMMM

    katierez, posted

    She is a good dog cock sucker and has him cum in her hand. My self I'ld rather have it in my pussy or in my sallowing mouth.

    forfun19, posted


    dogknot23, posted

    If any women in the Austin, TX area want a dog... I'm trying to train one. Inbox me! I love to hear stories too. ;)

    LesbianRiley, posted

    hot dirty little slut!

    eatmypussydaddy, posted

    i wish she was sucking me like that

    xnxx217, posted

    Wish I was in her place!

    gwenwalker69, posted

    too dark, can't see it enough to know if it's any good

    puddman, posted


    lillyfrench, posted

    Lots of good stuff on this site. The one thing that throws me is why do so many guys on here have girls names.??

    donavan, posted

    Hi! I don't get it! I've watched this three times and so far all I have seen is a hand. "Where's the beef?"

    myfriendtad, posted

    cool vid

    coolwater16, posted

    i love the taste of dog cock and the cum so warm down my throat mmmmmm

    kellihasanal, posted

    This is good and hot....

    jayko, posted


    BatSkin09, posted

    dark and wish it was full screen but i enjoyed it

    larryruckman, posted

    Is it me, or is she way too hot to be doing this without a quality camera?

    rimickx, posted

    Very sweet. My girlfreind and I do it often and it's true you should try the cum. MMMMM!

    marey, posted

    she is so good i love the way she suck so professional job tour me on good girl and move

    usa26, posted

    i was alright first one i saw. kind od socking!!

    mipita, posted

    A bit disappointing. She wasted her opportunity to have that cock in her mouth when he was cumming...Why, I don't know. I'd of made certain I had him in my mouth for that!

    lilbud200, posted

    Начинается: "Эй, это rightside до .. Позвольте мне включить его. Там мы идем, с ног на голову, они собираются любить эту ног на голову операторскую работу. Я гений!"

    agasi, posted

    Starts out "Hey this is rightside up.. Let me switch it. There we go, upside down, they're going to LOVE this upside down camera work. I'm a genius!"

    ou81288, posted

    very hot, I want to do that and taste doggy cum

    gabriele40, posted


    ilovedbz, posted

    she deep throat him a couple of times

    fredpotts, posted

    Nice Video 5pts

    Zooman_1980, posted

    This movie was way to dark and you could not make out really what was going on.There should have been more light and a bigger screen. You couldnt make out what was going on. If your gonna do it you should at least do it right. You should remove movies like this, they are a waste of time for people that think they are gonna get to see something, it builds them up and lets them down. It would have probally been a good movie if there was a light on so you could see the live action. If she didnt want her face to be seen she could have wore a mask, or if she was that ashamed of it them she should not have did it to start with.

    mamadog31, posted

    i always like seeing the young girls it makes everything better and watching her sick that hard dog dick i wish i could see her do it in person.shes a very hot young teen and looks like she has done it many times the way she just goes at that dog dick and thats what we like to see not an awkward girl who doesnt want to do it.just wish the camera work was better its kind of a waste to have such a hot girl and big dog dick and have crappy camera work. all together it was a video worth watching. hope for more of her

    dunkman1, posted
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