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    Dog Knot Women


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    do fuck women very hard until he came a lor o sdoggy jizz in her eager pussy. The women is enjoing a good fucking from the dog with her husband and anothe couple watching her fuck the dog

    Uploaded by salax · Rating: 4.4 (983 votes) · 106279 views


    mmm wish guy would shut up but very hot

    whsepop, posted

    Beautiful !! I think big titted blonde in background wanted some too, now she's pouting

    curiuos1, posted

    One of the best?

    mbrown69, posted

    any one in San Diego

    wma53ca, posted

    so muss das sein und es zeigt uns das es eben doch so geht.. man lebt seine sexualität aus. alle haben spass . find das video toll

    dejavu74, posted

    I love have dog in me and i love wen dog collars

    dog005, posted

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    young_one_65, posted

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    Catm318, posted

    Very nice job!! Women who are in N. Louisiana, E. TX area or who are passing through the area, contact me here if you're serious about experiencing a big K9 knot. My lab retriever is well trained and will knot in both pussy and ass. Contact me here with a message. Women only please.

    blueyedcwby69, posted

    Fuckn awsome.sexy lady.plus watching a game makes it even hotter

    sanxavier8, posted

    anyone near miami message me

    explodebam, posted

    That is so fucking hot! Anyone in San Diego into getting together?

    sdheavypapac, posted

    great video. more exciting with others watching

    ohblackburn, posted

    Damn nice video for sure! Would love to see more of her!

    junglejohn, posted

    OMG! What a sexy Pussy! Damn I'd love to fuck and lick her like that!

    zizou8181, posted

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    Elittessthusky, posted

    i'm touching myself right now 'cause i don't have a dog to fuck me :( i'm so horny

    dam0555, posted

    WOW OMG She's hot . loved the way she took it knot and all with out even spreading her legs. OMG What a dog and what a woman

    houndog69, posted

    nice ass

    MrIvanCRo, posted

    Good movie ! Love to see all that cum being pumped deep into her pussy. Wish I could meet a woman like that. Me and the Dog could take turns filling her pussy with our cum every day.

    ewilson, posted

    Plus ya get to watch the Football game

    lucgsauve, posted

    loved it! :) - Young female UK got questions and wouldn't mind having fun, Skype me on amilea_coppal@hotmail.co.uk

    Amilea, posted

    would love too meet you guys.

    planetnebur, posted

    Q rico seria hacer un trio o una orgia donde participe un perro! sere hombre pero gustoso le entrego mi culito

    Cureoseando, posted

    So hot, id eat that pussy all day long

    petsss1864, posted

    would luv for a couple to let me watch,el paso area

    jfmata, posted

    Touching myself to this right now! Message me I love dog dick

    meyoytu20, posted

    Very fucking hot! GHreat content, nice clear audio and vid.

    jayko, posted

    great vid love the others having fun with the experience too. who's next lol!!!

    brittneyok, posted

    hot hearing her moan as he pumps his cock deep into her pusy...filling her with his doggy cum! Anyone in north carolina have a dog that would fill me wth cum???

    lynn7272, posted

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    young_one_65, posted

    fucking juicy pussy id lick that dogs cum out of it

    coolguy123xxx, posted

    yum! great video

    zoodog999, posted

    hot seein the cum, sexy hearin the other girl that shes usually the watchee! there there havin fun watchin there wifes fuck dogs!

    beastsexbill, posted

    This girl loved his cock in her pussy as he fucks her with his thick cock and fills her with his sperm;)

    sooohorny323, posted

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    boatman6969, posted

    im a 14 year old bi guy if anyone is interested in having soome fun

    chromebat, posted

    Next time plop that knot all the way in when he's at his biggest, let him claim that ass girl!

    Kracka, posted

    tremenda hembra ; me encantaria ser ese perro para engancharla por 45 minutos; bueno y caliente video

    yoelperez, posted

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    guyyug, posted


    brad031, posted

    made my cock so hard seein that nice little pussy take a pounding like that, loved all the cum pouring out. how can i convinse wife into tring a k9 cock please contact me and chat

    mcesme, posted

    this is pretty much a textbook breeding session.

    lori_wly, posted

    the sound of her wet pussy being fucked by his hard doggy cock...his knot stretching her pussy...anyone in nc have a dog that would fuck me like that?

    lynn7272, posted

    does that knot hurt ?

    loventhedog, posted

    very hot video

    gabriele40, posted

    awesome, nice audio and lots of dogsperm.

    jayko, posted

    This girl loved his cock in her pussy as he fucks her with his thick cock and fills her with his sperm;)

    mehoff, posted

    only humans and dolphins have sex for pleasure soooo this dog didnt just do this for fun :p

    angel123321, posted

    oh i would love to find someone that can help me out with a cock like that :) my pussy would love to swallow that cock. :) i miss thefeeling of a dog tongue inmy pussy too. anyone wanna help me im in south dakota

    cumplay696988, posted

    Nicw clip thank you ! This woman loved being taken and filled by the dog ! May have been her first time but she has a beautiful body ;) Lucky dog ;)

    mehoff, posted

    ja einfach geil- wir suchen auch so einen geilen rüden -der die dame mal so richtig durch fickt-

    wirsuchen, posted

    lovely firm fit and joy

    jrpa, posted

    Nice clip

    bigred86, posted


    ballsblue, posted

    great vid and a nice size cock on the dog make me all wet just thinking about it

    inuyasha86, posted

    very nice and verbal, made my pussy wet

    gabriele40, posted

    Too bad one of the 3 others didn't help hold in that tie at the beginning. She was just starting to get a good feel of that when they just let the dog pull out. All in all a pretty good clip with a really nice pussy and a pretty good sized cock.

    wineman123, posted

    looking for fuck buddy in the davenport,orlando,Fl.

    carnageprc, posted

    einfach nur geil

    muggel2, posted


    zivotinje, posted

    Beautiful legs, beautiful cunt, beautiful ass, nice balls, nice knot, nice dick, nice dog. It's a good thing, she's getting tired, because she's leaning backwards too much. What is the guy standing there for if he's not helping? He knows, the dog is gonna drag his dick out, still he waits for the dog to do that. He could've prevented the dog from dragging his dick out. I see, that 24 days ago I already wrote something. I was a bit harsh then, wasn't I. I need to stop doing that. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    hallöchen ihr lieben wenn ihr auch so einen aktiver rüden habt würde ich mich gern mal von im verwöhnen lassen

    petfrau, posted

    dog fucked woman very hard and he came in her fucking pussy. Her husband wached the woman while she was enjoing the fucking from the dog

    colin09, posted

    The only thing ima say is... This vid is made me wet.. an now if ya all will excuse mee.. ima go let my female lick my pussy cuz i am not really fuckin turned on now!! Oh an cleclego, i kinda have to agree wit you about pullin out...it could have been provented from happenin by a couple diff. ways..

    FlickLickMyClit, posted

    She's leaning backwards too much. What is the guy standing there for if he's not helping? He waits for the dog to drag his dick out, whereas he knows, the dog is gonna do that. He could've prevented the dog from dragging his dick out. I see, that 24 days ago I already wrote something. I was a bit harsh then, wasn't I. I need to stop doing that. animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted

    Sweet! Everyone enjoyed her pups cock deep inside her pussy!

    harleypoor, posted


    Anil3874, posted

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm gorgeous woman and nice knotting cum dripping cock - excellent vid!

    rikk469, posted

    oh beautiful! would love to have a good boy like him :)

    gloomgirl, posted

    I love this video.. lovely pussy and ass and great dog cock and I loved the cum dropping down her pussy and thick legs...

    310310tt, posted

    nice pair of nuts on this dog, know was good and cum shoot was good too,

    chubbyladie, posted

    this is great,thanks for sharing.

    digitallover, posted

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    hookups, posted

    If anyone lives in TX and has a well hung dog please let me know.

    SiberianSoftie, posted

    Why does that shit first lets the dog drag his knot out of her cunt, to put his dick back in right after? And why did that cunt had to sit with her ass on her heels, while getting fucked by the dog? She, that way, asked for him to drag his dick out of her. And they think, they are experienced? animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

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    xxxturkuazxxx08, posted

    I need a dog dick pumping cum inside of me!!!!

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    chemg, posted

    hot hot hot

    hobby101, posted

    I bet that felt good :)

    lilbeaver, posted

    This nice looking woman gets fucked and filled! then after he pulls out of her leaving his seed inside her shame she stands up so soon instead of letting his sperm soak in her pussy! ;)

    mehoff, posted

    mmmmmmmmm that got my pussy so wet love to feel him know with me

    pinkcunt, posted

    that was a great video

    evangelion89, posted

    She has a gorgeous cunt but some of the talking was very distracting.

    sumpthindifrent, posted

    Como me calienta ver mujeres y hombres abotonados!

    Cureoseando, posted

    would love to do this. im in ohio if anyone wants to help.

    sxxxymomma, posted

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    Lickmypuppy, posted

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    shangjii, posted

    wooooooooo w8 a great and clean pussy i can fuck that pussy ,,,mmmmmmmmm

    kurwamuch1, posted

    Can I volunteer my wife to go next?

    midnite3, posted

    love the vid. love how the dogs cum was running down her gorgous pussy

    bestialitylove1, posted

    i need a dog like that! that was hot and i am now soaked!

    jordyn, posted

    all scenes should end in cum shots this has my vote. Would have been nice to see a mount at the start.

    farmtrev, posted

    I'd be all over that pussy, licking their juices once he pulls out.. Hot clip!

    strikeofmidnite, posted

    want to marry her

    looking64, posted

    That was amazing that woman was fucked really hard and knotted and she took it very nicely,loved her being verbal too which included everybody present.Very well done this was hot My cock is dripping its precum!

    breeder09, posted

    Awesome! Football!

    andewisbetter, posted

    lucky dog what a bitch!

    yourholeinone, posted

    oh ja so einen hund brauch ich auch-- meldt euch

    petfrau, posted

    Absolutely fucking good!

    bipolar1969, posted

    beautiful pussy, wanted to dp her with the dog inside after licking all the wonderful cum that was squirting out @ the beginning! then drink the cum that ran out after she stood up

    AnimalLover2030, posted

    I like it...and good sounds except maybe a little to much commentary from the audience : ) Good Boy

    ThisMan, posted

    she has a gr8 pussy and ass.

    fishlover, posted

    Amazing to hear how casual these people are while watching such an incredibly perverse sex act! It made me really want to be there. Wish the other girl had joined in the action and licked that wet pussy clean then finished by swallowing that huge doggie dick.

    peterperv23, posted

    Did anyone else notice that the cameraman had a problem keeping the camera HIGH enough to be centered on 'the action'? Maybe he was jerkin' off the whole time?

    Carstairs, posted


    Humboldt, posted

    Thank you! She has a pretty pussy and the dog really got to cream her but good !!;)

    mehoff, posted

    too much talking for a good movie...

    nogueira, posted

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    virginpussy, posted

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    summitkid96, posted

    Seriously, that was a nearly perfect video. Finally great lighting, picture quality and camera angles combined with a nice looking woman and hot doggie action. Like to have seen a little oral action too.

    peterperv23, posted

    How can I watch that football game with that damn dog and her ass in the way!

    peterperv23, posted

    Absolutely beautiful,there is nothing hotter than a dog knotted in a womans pussy filling her with cum! Super Hot!!!!

    breeder09, posted

    What a wonderful woman. Not only does she have a nice hot pussy, but a great personality that let's her share with her friends and the forum. Her letting the dog get her in the pussy is a classic moment. Thanks, Lady.

    vonCaldwell, posted

    This video is so good !!!

    animalsexxlover, posted

    Great movie,,anyone in Connecticut or New York that would care to let this man join in please get back to me. I will host if requested. Hope to hear from you

    frogballs, posted

    god that was so hot id love to have that dogs knot in my ass

    inuyasha86, posted

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    So hot, I like anal but I wish I could try a dog's knot in my ass!

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    hotlowe, posted

    nice, next time have the other girl lick and eat out the women when the dogs dick is still in her pussy. Also lick the dogs knot, maybe it might make him cum more in her.

    raymtz, posted

    Another great clip. Great knotting. Lots of sounds, moans and looks like she was squirting or peeing not sure which. He really stuck it to her hard and fast. Great big knot. Nice tight pussy. He was a patient lover and I’m sure she appreciated him doing that for her. Not sure if she cummed or not. I would have with that big red thing stuck deep inside me. Would have loved to see her take it anally. That would have been really hot to see. Since he is so big and the knot is so round I’m sure it would have hurt 

    PASANDRAL2, posted

    Absolutly amazing. Dog and woman both seem to be enjoying it so so much. Sounds like the people watching were enjoying it too. Wish I could have been there when this was happening. SOund is good and seeing that cock flop out of the chick was so hot. Shes good looking too which definately helps with the enjoyment of the video. Kinda wish it wasn't quite so shaky at the start and wish it was longer though. Honestly, watching this a second time while watching this completely turns me on. Wish I could have been in that pussy wahile the dog was fucking her ass.

    fausts1, posted

    this film was amazing! the girl had a nice ass and pussy and the dog was really into for the first 20 seconds or so. it really turned me on seeing the cum drip down her pussy and legs. after watching it a few times i kept watching the first section again and again to watch the dog give it to her. the film was very good quality in terms of the sound and visual quality. some of the background noise and the scenery was a bit distracting, but the knot turned me on, the dog was into it as well as the girl and she turned me on, so it was an awesome film in general.

    oldnoakes, posted

    Man i dont know if id rather be the dog or woman. Only way this video could have been better was if another dog came up from behind and started licking her pussy and his balls. He mounted her ass and went to town. She loved it. He loved it. I loved it. I wish i was that dog. I would have licked her ass hole and pussy for a while. She had a nice meaty pussy that needed some licking from behind. She should have sucked his dick and licked on his nuts for a while too. Either way, GREAT video!

    yipyalh187, posted

    This is what we'he been looking for for a long time. We knew this quality was out there but could not find it. Please get more from this contributor!!! If your site cultivates clips of this caliber,I'm sure your hit count will soar. We have some footage that we are thinking about submitting somewhere and now maybe have found the one. We'll discuss and make a decision soon. We are impressed with your site and look forward to viewing more of your high quality content. Please try to encourage your contributors by making it easier and safer to supply you with these fine clips. We would rate this one even higher if it was possible. Thank you and--- carry on!

    dandyone, posted

    she sounds like she is really enjoying her self and the ones watching are enjoying it also this is the kinds of movies i like to see a good angle with a good hard fuck and a nice knot to end it with very good keep it up i would love to see her agen maybe giving and man a blow job and the dog mounts her that would make a good movie she has one of the nicest ass and pussy i have seen on here in a long time i have watched this vid 5 times today i cant get enuf of it

    mbcamp1988, posted

    Denna film var helt underbar snygg tjej som får kuk i sin fina mus, så det bara rinner. Fin filmning och hon stönar när hon ska. Det är en film att se igen. Hon ser väldigt ung ut men är på rätt sida gränsen. Hon tar den som en kvinna ska ta den rätt in i musen utan att fundera så mycket...Jag tycker att fler kvinnnor eller tjejer ska göra som hon gör... Helt underbart att tiitta på... Svårt att få ihop texten till hundra ord men jag jobbar på det .. se filmen så förstår ni säkert vad jag menar...

    Netrix76, posted

    This is my favorite video so far. You can see the big dog happily pounding his large cock away into the sexy girl's cunt while a guy watches. It appears that you get to watch not one, but two videos of the dog fucking her nice cunt. At the end of it, he knots his big baseball size cock into her as she moans while he blows his load into her and it drips out. Afterwords, the girl stands up for the camera and you even get a quick peek at how sexy she looks. Great video, enjoy it as much as I did.

    wolf1666, posted

    Best movie yet, would love to see more. When the dog's dick is in and cum is dripping from her pussy and stomach, it's the hottest. I love the conversation from the other woman, who I think is the one saying she is always the watchee and never the watcher. The fact that she's naked too adds to the image that she will be next. The man who's doing the camera work is a poor liar. It's obvious from his intonation and cracking voice that it NOT just for his personal collection--he can't wait to put it on the internet. And in this case I'm happy he's a liar, because this movie is the greatest.

    mrsailboat, posted

    this lady obviously knew what she was doing. the way she kept the dog in there until he was done cumming even though he was done humping. and the fact that other people were helping her was all the better. i would like to see more of the womans face in the next video so you can see the pleasure you are hearing. the dog still needs a little training because it should have kept going even when done. and i personally would liked to have seen a couple different angles instead of just the onw the whole time. i love white dogs. 4/5! huge knot! good clip.

    purpleguy210, posted
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