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    what a world...this is..awesome

    frankrananaware, posted

    Uually thats the case. The guy fucks these animals from behind while they suck a titie.


    Since these women let animals suck their tits,wonder if they fuck animals as well?

    hairy, posted

    Lucky kitten and goat. Those are some beautiful tits being sucked!

    locknuts, posted

    Nope. only good bit was thefirst half minute

    rimickx, posted


    gohilnilesh35, posted

    I don't feel like this is porn. x] That was real sweet. :3

    Ezra16, posted

    •Aluzky• @geilekimmy, I assume you where raised with soy milk?

    Yesilovedogs, posted


    JONEES, posted

    terrible this is nasty

    geilekimmy, posted

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    this movie is just various shots of different women breastfeeding different animals. it is appealing for a couple different reasons. to me, a lactating woman is very sexy, and as a woman i wish i lactated myself. if i did, i would not only feed my lover but possibly do this myself. seeing animals feed off luscious, full tits raises not only slightly maternal feelings but also very sexual ones. nipples can be very erotic, and this vid combines 2 of my favorite kinks. bravo to women out there who do this, and may more join you (and video it, of course)

    concave_scream, posted
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