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    Pegada Con Mi Perro


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    chica es anudada por su perro

    Uploaded by luis82 · Rating: 3.9 (257 votes) · 51037 views


    I would really love to be in a situation like that ttcandi@yahoo.com

    tlvedogie, posted

    Nice clip. Couldn't tell what was going on the first 20 seconds or so. Way too close. The rest was good. Nice distance, clarity. Audio would have been nice. Pull out and licking was good.

    red-rider, posted


    curious4699, posted

    Wow very sexy would love to get that much seed pumped into my pussie ^.^

    Kasandra69x, posted


    femalezoo, posted

    es asombroooosssooooo,very very hoootttt

    fisgon221, posted

    VEry nice but if hv clearly vision will be better i love it i wish i can do this beastiality I love porn and beastiality and sexy girl with dog knoting i wanna find some sex mate or sex dog who hv pls messages me VEry nice but if hv clearly vision will be better i love it i wish i can do this beastiality I love porn and beastiality and sexy girl with dog knoting i wanna find some sex mate or sex dog who hv pls messages me

    crazygamer09, posted


    fasfredi, posted

    nice video if it had sound it would be way better

    cryguy789, posted

    Now that is some good dog licking

    Chummer, posted

    definitely one of the best vids i've ever seen, cept for at the very beginning. Especially like the closeup of him slowly pulling out of her and then for him to turn around and lick her pussy. Love this video. Any ladies who do this i'd love to hear about it. Hit me up at Rushman34@yahoo.com

    rushman34, posted

    nice asshole and doggy oral, i want to lick it and stick it as the dog pumps her full of his puppy batter. great job by him coming back after pulling out and cleaning up her satisfied cunt.

    browneyedog, posted

    very very very good video

    246748ajacs, posted


    dragonheartkid, posted

    Good clip, photgraphy could have beenbetter. Liked it when the cock slipped out of the pussy, not to much dog cum came out, but the dog did a good clean up. Should see it again and maybe see this woman and her dog again showing more detail

    Hardluck, posted

    A lots videos without sound....I don't really like!

    cansex, posted

    what an amazing pussy

    wetpetpussy, posted

    Great video, and by the way girls, be careful when being filmed so your "tramp stamp" doesn't give away your identity if you don't want your face seen......bravo

    becauseican, posted


    grrrrrg, posted

    Okay where's the horse. All those stretch marks around that ass-- don't try to tell me there's no horse somewhere close by.

    tonktaf, posted

    this made me soooooooo wet! good video!

    alexiskiki, posted

    Talk about breedin'.

    Stepiwolf25, posted

    very hot

    windstar, posted

    Great knotting vid. Love the lady's sweet ass hole as she is being pumped full of doggie cum. Nice view as the knot slowly slips out. Any woman would just love to be knotted like that.

    cherokee429, posted

    any one have more videos or pics like this send it to my emial maxowaxo781@yahoo.com

    lilwayne781, posted

    My god, it feels sooooo good to be getting filled up by a dog like in this short but sweet video. For any guy or girl that is curious about being mounted but haven't taken the step yet, DO IT! You will wonder how you ever lived without it.

    sexyjenny16, posted

    Great to see the dog enjoyed his piece of ass.... nicely done!!

    polarize, posted

    young hot female from florida looking for fun. message me if interested in hooking up ;)

    fuckmehardbaby, posted

    had to see it twice . good clip!***

    esparzascc, posted

    I hope you know that you can get very lucky to have such a great dog ... good to see how the knot is pumping all in snatch ... the connection still horny licking ... nice clip for you many happy fucking 2

    viancaro, posted

    si quieren yo comparto con ustedes megustaria estar hay y mitras el perro teda por un lado yo tedoy por el otro asi seria mas interesante

    50centdog, posted

    i love how attentive her dog is to her after she has made love with him.. i believe they were knotted together, if so, that is so wild! :)

    kitten2, posted

    this was awesome

    kitten2, posted

    I like the view of her fuckable asshole, while we see his ass throb as he empties his swollen nuts into her distended cunt...then the nice slowww pullout.

    jayko, posted

    One of the bests

    cooljim, posted

    No mames esta poca madre, es de los mejores que he visto, deberian poner los videoas asi, cortos para que sean gratis, o subirlos en partes para que todos los disfrutemos...Bien Luis!!!

    trespores, posted

    mmmmm exelente alguna pareja o dama que desee practicar zoo conmigo estoy dispuesto a todo con tal de gozar de semejante experiencia interesadas contacten conmigo soy de mexico en playa del carmen ...gente de cancun y merida escriban ...solo mujeres por favor o trans super femeninas...golidark@hotmail.com

    golixxx, posted

    I've died and gone to heaven, what more could any girl ask for (except another cock in her arse at the same time mmmmmmmmmmm)

    Belinda402007, posted

    Nice! Like how he licks her too!

    lovek9knot, posted

    Very good

    Jcao, posted

    this is a beatiful view,needs sound,this guy knows how to satisfied a bitch

    frometarosa, posted

    He goes in for the final lick at last..

    mexben86, posted

    That looked like a nice cock :D

    alrightybabes, posted

    Too hot. Would give anything to be where the woman is.

    Grady, posted

    so fuckin hot

    banner, posted

    Marvellous clip. Beautiful lady who know what she's doing. Would give anything to be where the dog is.

    Hawkeye001, posted

    awesome...she has a cute asshole too xoxox

    LoveCouple2, posted

    simply wonderful,she has a cute asshole too xoxoxo

    LoveCouple2, posted

    Good couple that have mastered their mating. To watch this happen is so hot!!

    mehoff, posted

    I love how she slowly pulls him from her after he's done filling her with his hot seed! She kept all that hot seed up in her soo hott!

    mehoff, posted

    They flied from the pleasure

    ucell81, posted

    i love that pussy! it is fluffy and just my type..im so hard now...any pussy wanna make me happy? thnks all mature BBW women. I love and respect you all

    smiling4mares, posted

    I love those quiet times when he's turned and knotted and he just throbs and pumps his cum into me

    ErinLucy, posted

    Hmmm .... nice. Lovely pussy too - thick, juicy lips, just the kind I like.

    kiki29, posted

    Nice little tie and turn. Note the dogs ass as he's coming in her, very nice.

    hotknot, posted

    buen video amigo luis, sigue asi y te puedes ganar un oscar al mejor

    zoofilico11, posted

    I am a woman and this was one of the hottest dog in pussy flicks I have seen on the sight. I only wish there was sound cause I would have loved hearing her moans as well as the dogs pleasure. When the dog was pumping his hot load into her snatch I didnt think he would ever stop. The money shot was when you see the pussy as he slowly pulled his satisfied bone out of her. Then with her round ass up and legs spread wide to perfectly see her pussy the dog goes at the combination of juicy cums. I almost rubbed my pussy sore as I watched.

    sexkitten50, posted

    Now this is actually a little gem of a clip. After various attempts he obviously mounts and ties after a nice hump which we sadly don't see. But the nice bit is, he manages a turn and tie and the more observant will see our studs lil asshole pulsing as he fills this wanten bitch with his hot seed. Shame we can't see the full version as I'am guessing she's pretty full down there judging by how much throbbing was going on. All in all, nice clip and well worth a second look if you already have'nt and naturally a nice rating.

    hotknot, posted

    This short has several good features. You can watch the dogs asshole pucker as he spews a lot of cum into his bitch. She looks as if she wants to hold on to every drop. This is a good dog because he loves to clean up after himself and he really licks deep to find his reward. The lightings is not bad but could be better. It would also be better if it showed the actual knot but I do not think she took that but was still able to hold his cock in her just by using a little pussy control. All in all just a middle of the road short.

    wizard5227, posted
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