• dog licking woman. feels pretty good lol, though he is a little rough ;) might upload some other movies next time, who knows? i love it!

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    Nice close-up.

    roofless, posted

    please upload more

    Fuckery, posted

    Puppy definately found the sweet spot in that hairy pussy with the beautiful lipps,very nice!

    breeder09, posted

    •Aluzky• Thanks for sharing, next time, try to show all the dog so we get to know who is the lucky one :3

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    inka23lata,b3 lubie hardcor poznam kilku chlopakow do ostrej jazdy moj emil;tropikana210@wp.pl

    inka23suczka, posted

    wow i would love to lick u like that

    lilcock1, posted

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    great vid if you ask me..i definately love love LOVE fat pussys with some fuzz on it so to see that awesome dog chow away at that pussy was definately a great turn on for me amd she should definatley post more vids wit a wee bit more action.I would like more sound from her because hearin her moaning with some good dog action gets my dick hard as a damn rock..I also love how the dog takes its time.. nice and slow and seductive.. so let gets some more action and vids please becuz you definately have a fan here with his dick out

    tonyelbambino1, posted
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