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    id love to join her and her dog id love to eat her sweet juicy pussy and ass befotre during and after she gets fucked uf any 1 is interested im open and extremly willing to do any thing with any 1 i have no limits im michaellj1972@yahoo

    michaellj1972, posted

    Very nice I can see he is savoring the taste of that lovely hairy pussy,nice job!

    breeder09, posted

    Nice orgasms.

    lionlicker, posted

    great i loved it all and they cum she did with the dog and hubbys hand and she even got to suck cock at the same time what more do u want

    samantha69now, posted

    did any1 noticed that she was giving that man a blow job??

    pissuballa, posted


    nastyfreak114, posted

    now thats hot , dog licking , woman sucking cock and getting a mouthfull of cum too ! im all in that scene

    ballsblue, posted

    Very hot... this is one of the best vids I've seen here. Real moaning and cumming, both man AND woman. Damn, that sounded and looked so good. Made me cum too ;)

    DesiBitch, posted

    so hottt

    fuckingslut6, posted

    Love this lady she get off with dogs tongue n hubby hand the then get her hubby off.Good team work I love to have been there.

    Dave60, posted

    I think that this is one of the best video that you have on here. The dog was really going at it and the lady came so hard while sucking her man's dick. I am so hot and horny right now I think I might teach my dog a few tricks. Damn that was hot. I hands are all sticky and wet with my cum just watching this. I hope to see more of them!!!!

    whatifwe69, posted

    very hot

    cumminghome666, posted

    My kind of doggie...he sure knows what he likes

    jonniekay, posted

    Love cumming to this one!!

    luvsdoggies4170, posted

    i got licked and came at age 13 by my german shephard, a mind blowing orgasm!!!!!

    nelliebell, posted

    This novie is very hot!!!! Everyone is pleasuring everyone!!! Love hearing both of them cum so good...Made me nice and hot and wet!!!

    missi35, posted

    You are so right Jaelow, this woman is luck as hell.

    NitaMiller71, posted

    this is the best clip so far.....love hearing them cum...

    jaelow, posted

    thats hottt!!!!!

    goober9999, posted

    this woman is so lucky ,,her man is soo good at fingering her pussy,,,,omg......what a turn on.....good dog ...good man........I want this.....

    jaelow, posted

    Very hot!

    Uknowit1, posted

    WOW...What a turn on...that's what I need right now: to come as hard as she did with a nice doggie licking my pussy!!!

    mefirstime, posted

    They both came... damn... hot movie. Gonna watch it again and join in this time ;)

    DesiBitch, posted

    love the moaning.mmmm. this will make me cum forsure.

    bananaface2, posted

    hot! love her sucking cock and him playing while the doggy is licking her pussy! i need a dog :)

    mari_luv143, posted

    get that tongue in tight...peanutbutter up your cunt...he'll lick and you'll cum so f'kin hard....Mmmmmmmmm loved it

    sexydogslut6, posted

    •Aluzky• Dogs are better at licking that humans >:)

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    dam i cum so hard watching this

    bigbubba1967, posted

    SO HOT :)

    lc1971, posted

    So nice. Looks like she was giving a blowjob to the man in the vid fingering her

    lisasummers, posted

    you got one hairy ass

    saramh22, posted

    i remember when my dog used to lick my pussy.i loved it. nothing like that sort of orgasm!

    sexybeastchic86, posted

    hot, hot, hot

    tommarie, posted

    i kind of like see action on both ends shew must be sucking the man to

    lilcock1, posted

    he loves his mum sure thing great thanks

    mikiyrogers, posted

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    picture not that good but overalll setting is quite sexy. Women is turned on nice to see man helping to encorage her dog not that intested at first but gets into it. The woman starts to produce juices as the dog laps her up. Good to see mans hand playing with clit. you can hear the woman start to moan that is exciting and the dog gets beter as she moves around would say woman in her 50s. the man then gets turns on and gos to the womans mouth. You ant se it but she has taken him into her mouth as dogs toungus goes in her. You can hear the man startt o fuckher mouth and she makes more noise. I assume the man cums inher mouth fromthe sounds of both of them. Pity you cannot sethis action

    pips6969, posted

    This video has okay video quality and good sound; the title about sums up the movie. Pet dog licks woman's clit until she cums. She is getting her husband off at the same time, off screen, who you can hear finish a little after she does. The dog wanders a little about half way through, and the husband picks up where he left off, but he comes back to finish her in the end. All in all, a good watch. Good length and not bad audio. But there is a reason it is a free video. I would rate it a "worth watching."

    dragoonmane, posted

    I have never been with a dog before and watching this video has turned me on so much that I wish I had a dog this is the greatest dig licking video that I've ever seen I wish I could have seen more of it just imagining that dog lucking her pussy makes ne wish it was ne getting licked I really liked it when the guy was fingering at the same time that was a big turn on for me to as well I want to be licked by a dog as well as being fucked by a guy or girl with a strapon that would be the great thing to do

    lickingorgasm, posted
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