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    Peanut Butter


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    big girl getting licked by her female dog..not a bad movie i love moaning she does and the way the dog is lapping up the peanut butter from her pussy very exciting and very nice

    Uploaded by xtravx · Rating: 3.4 (44 votes) · 33095 views


    its a good thing dogs like peanutbutter heheeeee

    lilbeaver, posted

    just as she opens her pussy and dog goes in you can just see it

    xtravx, posted

    •Aluzky• I didn't see any peanut butter O.o

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    MMM would love to see more of her :)

    lc1971, posted

    would love to see more

    lisasummers, posted

    Whew, the big girls really like the pooches. I am not complaining the vids are hot and arousing. I imagine many turn to a pet when they can't round up a man or woman to go down on their needing, wanting, eager wet holes. Even if she had to tease the dog with a treat to get her to lick her, she got what she wanted and the doggy wasn't complaining either. Her moans were so loud that clearly it seemed she was really enjoying the interaction and feeling of her pet digging in between her legs with its snout and tongue to get at her reward. If the movie kept going on would have liked to see the BBW play her a clit a bit while her attentive dog continued to lick at her open and slathered hole. Once again a hot video, love the amateur aspect of it, like being there and watching the action.

    browneyedog, posted

    she sure enjoyed that..thanks

    tommarie, posted
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