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    Chihuahua Licks His Mama's Pussy


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    Feels so good when his little tongue rubs against my clit and then deep inside my holes. My dog goes crazy for my pussy when I am on my period, and i am just ending it so he was happy to get back into my panties again.

    Uploaded by aria312 · Rating: 3.7 (102 votes) · 43223 views


    love you.

    Cawblen, posted

    love it hun.you are beautiful. private message me please.

    Cawblen, posted

    love it

    Cawblen, posted

    Very hot!

    petlover8888, posted

    just fed cum to my little baby boxer girl. She loves my tasty cum :) thanks for making my girl happy (now we're cuddling ^_^ )

    teendoglover14, posted

    very sexy... more please!

    Cawblen, posted

    Thanks for bringing up your period....that really gets my dick hard.....ugh...

    Orangehead, posted

    Love your vids. Obviously some creeps below. My girls used to love it when I was on my period. Now alas, I no longer have them, they have to just be content with me not washing or wiping for a day.

    pluvr, posted

    i agree with the guy below this comment

    BLINK1812, posted

    that bitch is so ugly and fat

    Opatnijs, posted

    Another grat vid if you allowed it to go on long enough to hear your full orgassm x

    debs, posted

    They both obviously enjoy it, the doggy licks her pussy and she moans to orgasmn, they deserve each other

    debs, posted


    DestYo, posted

    i am soo hard, cant wait to see more

    bigphil100, posted

    fantastic! period sex..

    albertyperv, posted

    Try his dick next time and post that you kinky girl you

    marcusaurelius, posted

    sexy pusyyy

    zlotvor, posted


    jetpilot69, posted

    Anyone Females out there want to see a teenage male Cum On Cam and Will show Themselves Add lovestounload@hotmail.com( face will not need to be shown Just body)

    ilovetocum, posted

    thats so good my g/f has a little dog and he licks her better than i can

    strawbery69, posted

    hmm delicious bbw pussy, i want to lick and fuck you!!!

    zaraki, posted

    Love the sound effect.

    joegreen1, posted

    •Aluzky• Thanks for sharing, if you do more videos, try showing from an other angle.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    what a load ofshit

    incestking, posted

    so hot and sexy dam

    bigbubba1967, posted

    i would love to lick your ass. my dog licks my ass all of the time.

    saramh22, posted

    I love the way your little guy licks away at your wanting, needing, eager hole. Your hand is beautiful, just so feminine so I am imagining you being a good looking girl. Who just so happens to really enjoy so much more from your pet than just petting it. I would actually love seeing your poochy go down on you while you are mestruating, that would be so arousing. If you have any vid of that, send me a PM and I'll give you my email. Once again this is a very hot n horny vid I will watch it a few times over!

    browneyedog, posted

    gets his little nose right in there lucky dog

    lilcock1, posted
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