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    Wife Giving Great Blow Job


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    this is a great video, this hot dirty blonde wife is just devouring the dogs massive red cock. she loves tasting and swallowing all the cum

    Uploaded by c7m4d4 · Rating: 3.6 (253 votes) · 97332 views


    Come fuck me my ass is wet. Check profile out. In Missouri horny and in need. Game for all.

    tinypecker, posted

    mutley mmmmmmm

    madcyril, posted

    great work mmmmm fuck yeah it would be great to see someone doing this for real....

    gemini69er, posted

    She looks like a hot sucker, too bad the camera person is inept. :(

    jayko, posted

    I think I would enjoy that myself

    mary1_ann, posted

    Omg could use ur mouth around my cock the me and that dog can fuck u after baby

    dogfucker03, posted

    yea- i want to do that too.

    eager, posted

    She sure got a mouthful of cock. Nice.

    ynnel, posted

    I am also in ohio, love sucking dog cock

    tgirlwhore, posted

    i like to suck too. I am in Ohio

    eager, posted

    good but to short have some more ?

    sinfredi, posted

    too short, I'd show her to really suck dog cock. I am a great cocksucker, I love giving blowjobs to humans and k9s, and I love drinking sperm, both human and k9.

    tgirlwhore, posted


    abracadabra69, posted

    MMMM, ya can`t beat good clean fun!

    jayko, posted

    I guess, 2 mnths a I watched this clip with lustfilled eyes, when I agreed with that great bj. Now, 2 mnths later, not so lustfilled, I look at it with other eyes and do NOT agree with that 'great' bj. Oh, the bj is good. That dog had a really nice, big cock, and she sucked it very well! But I cannot call it great anymore, because the dog, himself, does not like it too much. If she wants to do a great job, she needs to take his whole dick and knot in her mouth and close her lips behind his knot. THAT's what the dog likes to feel. He wants his knot inside a warm, moist hole and feel lips closing behind the knot. Then he can squirt a lot of come in that hole. I'll vote 'pretty cool'! L A T E R ! ! ! 18@animalpsychologist.

    cleclego, posted


    gwenwalker69, posted

    good bj looklike fun

    guyukug, posted

    Thanks !! This is a great vid and from what we can see she has a great body to boot =)

    mehoff, posted

    looks great

    chase20057, posted

    Beautiful, LOVED hearing her breathing as she puled away, sounded like she was soo aroused!!!

    gwenwalker69, posted

    That's a great bj alright. animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    Oh this is hot,so sexy to watch these sexually deprived married woman doing what they love to do,"suck a huge dogcock" this is lovely.

    breeder09, posted

    def like to see a lot more. cumming in her mouth would of made it for me.

    numbskull, posted

    I would love to see the whole movie and watch her take that dog's cum load! That dog had a really nice big cock, and she sucked it very well! Good woman!

    romrodt, posted

    so do I Pinkcunt

    blylvr, posted

    wish i had my mouth around that yummy cock

    pinkcunt, posted


    JONEES, posted

    I bet that's one happy dog!! This gal has some nice tits!!

    rgrijalva, posted

    mmmm yes i would love that cock also

    peterjackson_lg, posted

    Oh, so sexy..wish i could see cum all over her face...so erotic!

    sexydogslut6, posted

    so sweet i will try with my pudle also

    jana6ua, posted

    Great video but too short. Would suck that cock myself. crocodile

    Crocodile9999, posted

    to short to tell is shes good cocksucker or not

    larwil321, posted


    madcyril, posted

    would enjoy sucking the dog too, i,m in uk any dogs in cornwall

    marbtt, posted

    This movie is a definite pleasure to watch She is definitely a winning cock sucker

    itrain4life, posted

    Great Tits with a sweet suck!!!!!!!!

    Dododergraue, posted

    more please! I wanna see the dogs cum flowing from her pretty mouth.

    LongIslandBTM, posted

    Please make a longer video of a woman sucking a dogs dick.

    HyperA1985, posted

    Sweet Muttly27

    digitallover, posted

    perfect wife.

    digitallover, posted

    mmmmmmmm i like to join her to suck

    gradem, posted

    BOth are enjoying

    rohni34, posted

    Mmmm very hot, she's a good doggie whore

    troy-lee, posted

    well...i don't know about devouring...and i don't think anyone can tell if she's really hot or not...but at the very least, this gal seems to be doing a good job. and as for swallowing, i don't see any evidence of that here. it's not bad for a very short clip, but all in all, nothing too special.

    deexx, posted

    What a mouthful!!!

    hairy, posted

    @randymark yes its muttly in the video

    madcyril, posted

    This is a nice clip, hot.

    jayko, posted

    that is one lucky k9

    sillyjilly, posted

    is that muttly

    randymark, posted

    •Aluzky• Much better if you upload the original video, that way it doesn't lose quality.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    nice suck i wish i was the dog! ugh how much luck they have

    arise, posted

    i need to find a dog to suck

    auggiedog, posted

    not bad she really likes it good girl

    motoman656, posted

    good closeup!!! nice full legth blowjob wishing for a cumshot but never happens!! Got my cock so hard watching her suck the dogs cock!!! Wished they would show her face so you can see her eyes as she deepthroats her dogs cock!!! It could be a gret video if there was a long slow motioned cumshot in her open mouth!!! would love to see the cum dribbling out of her mouth on the floor then her licking it up with her tounge!!! Then jack off her dog till he cums again and again!!! How long is 100 words to describe a movie? You can only make up so much stuff!!! lol!!! but she did look really really good sucking her dogs dick!!!

    Bamadog, posted

    This is the best site i have ever been to I Loov it Jus wish I had More previews is u do make this site free I will always cum beat my meat at these great videos. Put more on the site daily and charge a little less for the credits I dont know wat else to say but thank you for this great experience I will tell all my friends about this site there big porn addicts, Do u have any links? I need more suites like this one. If i had to count i would say this is top 5. Where are these videos made & can i get my girl to make some. Man I jus amazed wat people will do with there pets

    fffffffffhbu77, posted
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