• My wife sucks huge bear cock, she really gets into it and could suck him all day long. First time ive introduced her to it and now she loves it.

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    damnnnnnnn big ass tits!!!! grrrrr;)

    harderthannorm, posted

    I would fuck your wife's brains out

    bass_bear, posted

    I'm really aroused..

    dhrr, posted


    jayko, posted

    she is sexy

    domam, posted

    I came. I feel bizarre.

    kittibunni, posted

    What a stupid fucking dumbass bitch!

    EvilWolf, posted

    i thought she farted at first

    thetwiggymanson, posted

    hotttt kinky girl...ziet r makelyk uit ze doet t goed mag ook wel n x by my doen kussss

    tnotBeast, posted

    Sex is in the mind, and this woman has a very kinky mind. I like this one a lot, and wish there were more like it.

    NervousAsHell, posted

    Don't get it.. stuffed animal strange

    rubis50, posted

    she's pretty good at it actually lol! Is she the one that dresses up in the costumes??

    kitten2, posted

    I want that hot chick!

    69lvr, posted

    damn i want to meet her.

    txpantyboy, posted

    i love it i feel hot now really i hope to find some one to fuck me dog or strap on from hard girl if u like to fuck me add me my skype is bisles just add me pls am so honey now

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    xNORCAL, posted


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    JONEES, posted

    I want to know who she is please tell that you know

    robe_123, posted

    Nice tail and her tits!!!! Awesome!

    ph1950, posted

    I,m a bear......and ready to be seen too

    marbtt, posted


    Prasak, posted

    great, makes my really horny

    wulfgangt, posted

    She could do better with a dogs dick.

    HyperA1985, posted

    More, I find this very erotic.

    bluetounge321, posted

    MMM, lets do it together.

    Rgby, posted

    well then

    brady360, posted

    I don't get it

    Deidra, posted

    id love to be up her shithole while she is at that

    strays, posted

    •Aluzky• A female plushophile, I though I would never see something like this O.o ◄► By the way, this is a bestiality website, plushophilia is not bestiality. Why the hell is this here? Whats next, people uploading pedophilia? Anything goes?

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    try somthing thats going to nut in your face say like a dog.

    raymtz, posted

    yes more of her damn fittie!!

    216dog, posted

    MORE! right everyone MORE OF HER :)

    arise, posted

    very nice tits... want to see more

    zebraman71, posted

    now that is so horny,thank you young lady but we all need much more.

    lookerlooking, posted

    hey darlin i wanna chat with u,, dapiggy55 ym

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    xistenz, posted

    cute vid and the boots are a nice touch.....

    luvembig, posted

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    This video starts out with an amazingly beautiful woman licking the teddy bears penis in a very kinky way.Don't be startled by the creaking noise, its just leather rubbing against the table. She gets more and more in to it and starts to lick the teddy bears balls. Overall this is a great video, the woman is sexy and has amazing breasts, along with a very nice looking ass as far as I could tell from this angle.This girl needs to make more videos. Would like to see more but overall very pleased with this video. It is a great short video.

    sare11, posted
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