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    Bulldog Knots Cums In Wife 2


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    Bull dog cums in my wifes pussy until the fill point is reached and overflows all over her pussy and starts to hump deeper and deeper.

    Uploaded by codbo666 · Rating: 3.7 (731 votes) · 116008 views



    kountryqueen, posted

    'and starts to hump deeper and deeper." The dog isnt humping, the owner is making it happen

    animalsavior, posted

    Camera work could have been better , but the clear views of her cum filled pussy was worth it. Glad to see at the end where the dogs cock is in deeper, so hopefully some of the cum gets pumped deeper as well. Hope afterward, she laid there and let all those sperm swim around inside her for awhile.

    ewilson, posted

    Wow! that boy has emptied his balls in her vagina lucky dog ;)

    mehoff, posted

    I would love to put my dick in her!

    Prasak, posted

    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I imagine that after t soaking in all that ripe sperm her eggs have been fertilized ;)

    mehoff, posted

    its better when the dog does it himself!

    chili900, posted

    Nice load of sweet cum..makes me wet

    bitchkitty1972, posted

    would any1 like to c2c on Skype with me preferably a girl also even better if you have a dog :) and im only ok with a guy if they have a dog to. and I am a lilbit younger so I hope that dosnt bother you if any1 is interested please send me a message

    glowstick25, posted

    No knot.

    Kerry69, posted

    love missionary fucking with a dog

    bobdog1916, posted

    Oh thank you ! She gets her pussy filled to the max with his sperm her insides soaking in his puppy makers she will definetly get pregnant by him now ;)

    mehoff, posted

    Well, theres cum in her pussy at least.

    ewilson, posted

    Man is trying to work the camera and push the dog's cock into his wife and is not doing a good job of either. Wife makes no sounds and won't spread her legs, I mean what's the point?

    jakar77, posted

    To fat

    GeilerHengstx3, posted

    this is not god = the dog is used as dildo .... boring

    lzska, posted

    ahhh que rico esta eso asi quisiera yo un hombre y un perro a la misma ves a dentro de mi

    dam0555, posted

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    samyalii, posted


    390656180, posted

    Nice looking cunt full of cum! Love it!

    junglejohn, posted

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    kristian868, posted

    19 male near salem wanna chat?

    mmffnnff, posted

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    reaper93, posted

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    BlackBiTop, posted

    Good boy! good boy ! get your seed in her pussy ;)

    mehoff, posted

    damn any girls in the Illawarra interested in trying this contact me..... ild love to watch

    gemini69er, posted

    any girls wanna skype me with dog message me

    izzmaster18, posted

    would be nice to assist a woman / girl in doing this :-)

    gemini69er, posted

    Hello ^_^ Bisexual male here, feeling very horny, can be top or bottom for another male i dont mind ;) Feel free to message me, and we can chat, maybe trade pics and have fun <3 Also, il tell my age through message ^.^

    young_one_65, posted

    Better camera work would be appreciated.

    zoodog999, posted

    Any females want a male slave to do whatever u wish?

    Wolf895, posted

    is he fucking her or are u dildoing her with him?

    Iluvpuppies10, posted

    that is so juicy and overflowing with cum

    jrpa, posted

    While she is getting filled with his cum the "knot" is not actually inside.

    mandawg, posted

    Hi, dont suppose you could look at my profile maybe message me, im Male and Bi but will only tell age through message cya' soon :)

    young_one_65, posted

    I cant wait to find a slut who will fuck dogs for me. any women near joplin?

    bigman6363, posted

    its not even the dog humping not fun at all

    blaustars, posted

    Excellent!!! Very enjoyable. 10 out of 10.

    Stan1960, posted

    Somebody fuck me right now please, very horny 19 year old!!

    dpkr, posted

    I can't wait until my puppy can do this for me too....i want to fuck a big dog cock like this so bad!

    fuckmeup47, posted

    if anybody ih melbourne fl. and has a well endowed dog or pony and would not mind me haveing fun with them please massage me. ps i would not mind being recorded

    boatman6969, posted

    this is the hottest vid yet i think its wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    arh1tony, posted

    Wow so much cum great video

    sjohnny99, posted

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    xxsniper229, posted

    yum i want that

    litawolf, posted

    anyone close to wyoming that has a dog that will fuck me

    honeybunstori, posted

    ben there done that love it

    nastylinda, posted

    wow nice big Cock & all that sticky Dog cum mhhhhhhhhh

    lilbeaver, posted

    WOW!!! I would of loved for that to be me.

    shn1212, posted

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    eeno, posted

    This woman got a long knotting and her womb is flooded with this sumami of sperm from her k9 lover as her swollen belly is full of his potent semen invading her woman hood! ;) Very hot!

    mehoff, posted

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    awesome2818, posted

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    nothere555, posted

    clip so bad it is in the free bonus videos

    k911, posted

    Thats a lot of cum. I wonder if she got pregnant

    pearlg, posted

    this is hott!!

    tata1991, posted

    Any one in Suffolk got a pet I can Fuck

    lookinside, posted

    Thank you very hot!! I would have jumped in after he was done filling her pussy =)

    mehoff, posted

    Very good creampie

    NBNM, posted

    god wish i could get filled like that

    lovecraftmare, posted

    loved the way his cum was pooled up in her pussy...wish i could get my wife to let a dog fill her like that!

    AnimalLover2030, posted

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    nastyshit77, posted


    derpader, posted

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    boatman6969, posted

    Great shot

    mz.qtpi, posted

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    storlek78, posted

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    22cm_madrid, posted

    So wonderfully looking.....yum!

    knotty1234, posted

    oh wow! I wish that were me, and hopefully it will be one day. my man and I watched it together and both agree it is way hot! hope my first vid cums out half as exciting. mmmm loving it!

    zimking2, posted

    what a great clip. huge dog cuck cream pies a willing pussy

    imfucked, posted

    Wow this is a wonderful clip. The site of the cum just lingering on the pussy is so good. Gets me going for sure. The sound of the cock in there and the slapping and slurping too. is just fantastic

    yohanx, posted

    WOW hot Vid mhhhh -big Cock & lots of Cum, I bet cha she would have loved to have that Knot inside of her :)

    lilbeaver, posted

    Damn thats hot,wish that were my wife!

    breeder09, posted

    very hot so much cum.

    smint123, posted

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    rolrex, posted



    HOT cum but it was way too thick for K-9 cum. Looked more like human cum. Her hubby or boy friend probably loaded up her puss full of cum to lube the way for Rover. Still a pretty hot video. I'd love to add a few of my loads as soon as Rover was done. Thanks for the video.

    atlantacentaur, posted

    despite the slightly shakey camera this is an awesome video mmmmmmmmmmmm absolutely delicious!

    rikk469, posted

    a river of cum yeah baby mmmmmm nice dick too, bring him around i want some fun too

    chubbyladie, posted

    Wow. what a patient and cooperative dog....!

    nvrbn_unhorsed, posted

    OMG! A LAKE OF CUM!!!!

    iluv2suck, posted

    Very good creampie but as a movie director I would show quick glimpse of wife postion.Pan out a little then right back in..Nice job!

    edthehorse, posted

    damn that dog did not get any in a while

    bigcxc10, posted

    Fuck that dripping wet pussy!

    george47, posted

    hot! got me hard.I liked doggie cum as some run out of her.

    Dave60, posted

    kitty wants some cream

    chubbyladie, posted

    wish i was helping love a nice cream pie.

    wheelman41, posted

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    dnldsnk, posted

    i want a knot

    NeedsIT69, posted


    ciombe, posted

    awesome knot ,loved watchin her pussy dripping cum from such a hot looking cock,if I were there I'd be under that licking every drop of cum as it dripped from such a hot snatch

    elwood9x6, posted

    Very good but a very nice looking kont goig to waste. Need to let him do her doggie & knot her filling that pussy up & let the lady have a good fucking.

    vickie, posted

    fantastic but would love to see her knotted. some woman.

    griffo102, posted

    what a load of hot dog cum that pussy got! my pussy is sopping wet from watchin this clip.

    maddy4, posted

    the knot didn't go in, and the husband was dildo-ing his wife. nicee looking bitch, she should have been mounted, knotted, and bred properly. good load of sperm tho, and a nice arse hole. perhaps see more of her?

    hamilton2, posted

    either way, I would have loved to take all that cum to the throat

    shredman, posted

    I agree with voyeur96.Dog is not mounted, they are butt to butt with man manipulating the dog's dick.

    fld40, posted

    I'd like to butt fucked her myself.Nice pucker hole.

    fld40, posted

    i agree should have backed off a little

    Rocketdilo, posted

    anyone in the ottawa ontario region of canada need some one to hold a camera? If so, message me.

    infuse90, posted

    Am I the only one who thinks that someone is dildoing this woman with the dog's cock? The hand is very evident in several places. Nice cock, but don't give the dog that much credit! lol

    voyeur96, posted

    Should have backed off at least for a short while to give a little perspective of the entire situation.

    minnie, posted

    sehr sehr lecker....

    dulli, posted

    Mmmm, love seeing pussy filled with dog cum. How cum the guy never jumps in after and fucks her when she's full?......

    tazman99, posted

    Liked everything about this video. Great cock, great cunt & great cum.

    cincinnati_bi, posted

    hot ans sexy

    rome911, posted

    wow a v nice movie my wife whas very excited when saw and propose to me to try in a day

    ammonra, posted

    beautiful!!! would love to have that inside my pussy!!! video was okay, but content was outstanding!

    timula, posted

    would have been HOT if we could have more of the woman and dog and not ALL close ups.. DAMN.

    lickmyasshole, posted

    Missleading title! The dog's knot is not inside your wife! Good material though! An improvment could be made if you showed some shots of the dog and the Mrs as well as the closeups which I might add were fantastic. That is quite a dog! What age is it? How long did it take to train it to mate well with you wife? Roboroberto

    RoboRoberto, posted

    Pretty nce. Would like to hear her moan some more or tell us how it feels. Maybe husband talk some more or at least back the the camera up and show more detais. Hot Hot Hot. I would def lovea dog doing this to me or at least watch someone else. I would give this a 8 out of a possible 10. more noise,less moving and a little more distance, camera is shaking to much for me makes me motion sick rather than horny. I wonder how people can get approved if the just copy and paste other peoples words as well doesnt seem very far to me

    housewife44, posted

    How fuckin hot! Nice. Movie would so love to fuck like that. Would love to find someone who would lend me their dog or just watch me get fucked by there dog! Never done this b4 and now im so fuckin addicted. Makes my pussy wet just watching. I watch it on my phone even in public. Im into this kinky shit...love my pussy stretched and fisted so would love having my man fuck a bitch and watch! God this makes me so horny! Wish I had an animal...makes me want to go find one. Love watching bick cock go into a tiny lil pussy and the bitch just taking it like no big dal! So hot!

    nastyshit77, posted

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    djcrazymonkey, posted

    Cummy delicious. Too bad she wasn't really getting "knotted" by that juicy looking cock though. Lots of cum though. Camera man should have been down there licking up all of that up. Don't that nice gooey cum go to waste. I know I would have been. Don't waste all those "love" juices. Next time give us more of the mount and hump action, and less of the dill / dogging. Could have been a better clip. All in all, I'd give this a 7 out of 10.Cummy delicious. Too bad she wasn't really getting "knotted" by that juicy looking cock though.

    wineman123, posted

    The movie shows in detail how much cum a dog can shoot out. Plus, the lighting is good, (from a cameraman's standpoint there) and it shows how much of a good time the dog and the girl are having. I would definately recomend it to others to watch. If there was a point system, i would give it a 10/10. Its the best animal sex movie I have seen yet. Good Job. I have no complaints on the video at all and I just love how the dog doesnt really have to do much except just stand there and shoot cum into her pussy without her trying to keep him from cumming.

    rickman150, posted

    Not a bad movie I like a difrent type. camra work was shaky and the dog dint hump at all try haveing a little more lighting in your next video just a lamp will do I would watch Not a bad movie I like a difrent type the vidio the camra work was shaky and the dog dint hump at all try haveing a little more lighting in your next video just a lamp will do I would watch it again all and all I would give this video a 4.5 the over all thought is ok it was good

    Xxxcody, posted

    I read the previous review and I find myself questioning how that ever got approved; it is a series of copy and paste for the same unhelpful line. Anyways, here is a REAL review. The video is, in my opinion, very good. I rather enjoyed it as a whole. The video is a close up of a woman's already well used pussy, stuffed with a thick purple and veined cock. Her sweet sex is filled to the brim with cum that just bubbles out around the cock in a very delightful manner. My two biggest complaints are that while the video has sound, she is VERY quiet and almost never moans and more importantly the lousy camera work. While it does improve considerably as the video progresses, certain parts of it are made impossible to see by the unsteady filming or failure to transition smoothly. All in all though; I highly recommend this video.

    AlvasterRoman, posted

    It starts off with a shaking camera, which, at the beginning, made me think would just plainly make the video of low quality and camera problems. Gladly, I was wrong, as it turned and showed us the knot, with a bit of penetration. Then followed the filling, which clearly filled, as the spooge was all over the cock, as it slowly fucked the wife's pussy. After some more fucking, all the cum was either out, or in the wife, awesomeness. Although a bit of laggyness (Maybe only on my part) and some camera shake made it a tad less enjoyable, it was a really good clip. 3.5/5

    diablo83131, posted

    It is just awesome i m going watch it time and time again , its too good and must watch for each and everyone It is just awesome i m going watch it time and time again , its too good and must watch for each and everyone It is just awesome i m going watch it time and time again , its too good and must watch for each and everyone It is just awesome i m going watch it time and time again , its too good and must watch for each and everyone It is just awesome i m going watch it time and time again , its too good and must watch for each and everyone It is just awesome i m going watch it time and time again , its too good and must watch for each and everyone

    JohnSmuts89, posted
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