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    Bulldog Cums In Wife 3


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    second part of the filler up video he tops her off with a huge load as she pumps him in and out of her with a huge orgasum

    Uploaded by codbo666 · Rating: 3.7 (257 votes) · 71542 views


    Hey, if anyone lives in Texas and has a well hung dog or horse and wouldn't mind letting me have some fun with them please let me know. Also I wouldn't mind being recorded, just shy.

    SiberianSoftie, posted

    Four words for this video.. Zoom The Fuck Out.

    fuckmyass201, posted

    I would have LOVED to have been there to clean them both! We could have shared that sweet hot cum!

    gwenwalker69, posted

    OMG!!! Yeah he's going to have puppies after that long session with her!!! ;)

    mehoff, posted

    Loved this :-)

    krisssssss, posted

    The cameraman should have had her spread her lips so he could get the close-up without having to move around so much. That took a lot away from the video for me.

    taarna77, posted


    catss, posted

    mmmmm...love the video...I would want sloppy 2nds!

    holmes19, posted

    wish that cum was in my ass mmm

    hornycockneil, posted

    interesting, l also need a dog to fuck me

    mazy, posted

    ho ho

    totolata001, posted

    Interesting very interesting

    Billybigcock, posted

    That pussy looks so damn yummy covered in doggy cum..I'd be all over that in a heartbeat then have him fill my mouth afterwards.. Mmm!

    strikeofmidnite, posted

    why isn't it function?

    legolas1919, posted

    She must have held the camera herself unfortunately, otherwise nice amount of cum, but poor action and camera work

    farmtrev, posted

    could have been better but thats why they call it amature

    wizard1000, posted

    loved the vid. love the dogs cum all over her pussy. he really filled her up.

    bestialitylove1, posted

    prolly was a good knot, but we'll never really now with that footage, if can't hold the camera straight find something to set it on, also almost no audio, heard maybe a moan or two in the course of the whopping what30-40 seconds of the clip he was actually in her, rest of film was lots of fumbling and attempts to close-up on her cum-filled pussy that didn't work cause blocked any lighting as well >.>

    stormwing, posted

    omg wish he was pumping all his cum in my cunt i just cant get enough of it love to lick it all of her

    pinkcunt, posted

    this was alright

    aniro, posted

    nice fuck, she got hot pussy,,, i want to fuck her pussy

    kurwamuch1, posted


    blakke, posted

    muy guiado, muy actuado

    tsuru311, posted

    Nice fuck, and the cum keeps coming. Sexy, wet ending. More! Jim

    genealguy, posted

    After watching this I'm going to let my shephard fill me like this..... hehe. want him to knot in me for long as he can (too bad he can't get me preg with his yummy tassting seed).

    doplzcuminmeg, posted

    I'm looking to be dog fucked. I never did it in my life but really want to try it out I live Minnesota and is looking in that area. So if u know someone or is that someone please do message me. BIG DICKS ONLY. THANKS

    fuckmeraw23, posted

    nothing hotter than a K9 cream pie....well maybe if i was there watching ,makes my cock hard just thing about it

    pablueeyes8, posted

    mmmmmmmmmyeah!!! Got me sooo wet n horny!!! Want that yummy cock cummin in me too!!!

    doplzcuminmeg, posted

    WOW lots of Cum mhhhhhhhh

    lilbeaver, posted

    ok i live in PA and im a virgin to pet sex but i would love to fuck a mare or a dog. or any one in that case. if ur a guy or a girl message me and we can work something out

    animallover107, posted

    im a 15 year old virgin female. message me

    virginpussy, posted

    goil reingerotzt in die Fotze

    skinfucker, posted

    This was Cool I loved seeing her Pussy Dripping Dog Cum..

    dwain12, posted

    Guy in UK asks! Where is all the dog dick?

    bitchboy, posted

    Nice messy goo.

    londonmank9, posted

    wet and wild

    mikemagill, posted


    poper72, posted


    poper72, posted

    dude.....its a camera....its really not that hard to use. Sweet vid minus the fact you completly suck at cameras

    Estiouss, posted

    You all seem to like anything even with the worst camera work imaginable. I'm a guy but even we can make a fat ugly hairy assed fart look more sexually appealling in comparison this piece of amateur dirt.

    RoknHorse, posted

    you sick animal fuckers need to die !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    darkmonkey19, posted

    Hard to see

    icey_, posted

    My wife loves to be filled with doggy sperm!

    Bigeightincher, posted

    fucking awesome. A lot of cum for sure, would love to join her and that dog some time. Anyone in fla>?? Loooking for playmates here

    beachflea, posted

    my man pussy was made to take it like that, and lots of cum all over the place just liek she took

    bootedskinhead, posted

    I loved to see her pussy overflowing with hot dog spunk I would love to see her face though. great vid

    mejas, posted

    that was great now she needs someone to lick that cum out of her

    doghunter69, posted

    So hot seeing her pussy drip dog cum.

    anm210eb, posted

    wow so hot... I want what she had

    hornyslut24, posted

    Hard to see

    Friandise, posted

    To HyperA1985, you can only get pregnant with animals of the same species.

    itsxmoshinxtime, posted

    Sooooo hot! :) When will this get legalized??? I wish I were that woman! :)

    tercel, posted

    I wonder if that girl is going to end up pregnant.

    HyperA1985, posted

    fucking HOT, would love to be face up under her~ :)

    tazman99, posted

    Thank you ! Good boy good boy filling her with your seed !!;)

    mehoff, posted

    Thank you ! Good boy good boy filling you bitch with your seed !!;)

    mehoff, posted

    Thank you ! Good boy good boy filling you bitch with your seed !!;)

    mehoff, posted

    that was cool thanks,can i see some mounting to have fun.

    samsonsam123, posted


    CHOOSE, posted

    Sure made me wet! TY for sharing.

    funcouple1998, posted

    •Aluzky• Thanks for sharing, can we see the mounting too?

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    if any girl/guy wants to fuck message me

    summitkid96, posted

    I would have loved more actual dog mounting her and fucking her, not the dog being used as a dildo. I realize its amateur night but cameraman needs some work.

    larwil321, posted

    i love her pussy

    anthony_p_v, posted

    ummmm..really shitty camera work.

    jayko, posted

    cameraman must be used to a tripod, way too much movement but the subject was good

    PAB123, posted

    It's to bad that all the good sex scenes can only be found for the most part in the Men and Animals section. Not a fan of ugly fat and hairy people over sexy ones actually. Anyone sexy with a talented BIG dog will hardly ever get posted here. What a shame. At least show more toon animations with more to it all than this poor piece of female workmanship.

    RoknHorse, posted

    Yum! I wish the dog was actually fucking her though. Huge creampie!

    ilovecreampies, posted

    amazing want to lick that up!!

    Sickness_30, posted

    nice but...... Whewwww could ya hold the camera still

    openc, posted

    nice cumm all over

    nintypete, posted

    mhhhhhh lots of sticky Cum ahhhhhhh

    lilbeaver, posted

    WOW lots of sticky Cum mhhhhhhhh at least its one that I could watch :)

    lilbeaver, posted

    this movie was poorly tape it would have been great if it wasnt for the camera person fucking up because the dog cum and her cum together just made my dick hard and i would have slid my dick in her right behind the dog it was very exciting from what i could see from time to time the pussy looked real good i would have slid my cock in her came in her and then i would have licked my cum and the dogs cum out and off of her dam i got to jerk off now just thinking about it but over all get a good camera person and i would rate this vidoe a ten

    allout48, posted

    This was a great video, your wife must love this.I wonder what other videos you have. Maybe you should try a horse creampie or having it cum on her face. I wonder where you guys are from. YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM. FTH TH FGHDFTH DH D DHDHSDHS SFDGSG SGS SFG SG SGS GTSEG SRFDGS GSRG SDGS GSGF SDFG SRHGS DGSG SRG SG SRG SE SE S GSR GSRG S GXS GS G SG DSR GSR GS GS G S GSR GS RG SRG SR GSR GS RGFS RG SR GS RG

    cachiba3, posted

    Angle of the video made it hard to see what was going on the whole time along with the lighting but its a good clip. If they were to continue shooting I would try for better angles and lighting so you can see more of whats going on. I also wished she had not held back her moans, and put more of the dog cock or the knot in. All in all it was a very sexy movie; and seeing all the cum filling her up was very sexy You can tell she loved every second. Good job though, very hot. :)

    amaxndax7, posted

    Dejligt frækt at se hundesperm i en stor og åben fisse. kunne vare dejligt hvis hunden også fik knuden helt ind i hendes fisse.det er desværre en noget urolig camera føring og ogsp lidt for tæt på til at man rigtig kan se hvordan pikken arbejder i fissen. men det er en rigtig tiltrækkende fisse, jeg ville gerne se på i virkelig heden, og ville også gerne kneppe fissen efter at hunden haar spermet i den, måske samtidig med at hun slikker hunde pikken ren kunne jeg kneppe hende.Vil også gerne hjælpe hende med at slikke hunde pikken

    balder03, posted

    I love the video. Just the way how the dog's big cock just knots up inside the woman and cums inside of her. Very erotic. I just can't help but imagine being fucked by a dog. Plus the dog's cock is so thick and meaty, seeing the veins popping out of it shows that the dog has pure power in his cock. Plus he's has a very nice ball sack size and a very nice camera view and shot. And the cum dripping out of the wife's hole....all thanks to that dog cock. I would suck the living lights out of that dog.

    perlonyx23, posted

    In the video, I would give it 10 stars. Can a dog get a woman pregnant? Can a woman actually have a baby by a dog? In the video the dog cock was hard and he was cuming a lot into the woman pussy. She enjoyed the dog cock as well as look like she was cuming with the dog. I would have to woman on her back and push the dog dick all the way inside her so that he can fill up her pussy with creamy cum. I would have the dog dick out completely so he can put he knot all up inside her and having her moaning a lot. This movies is a good one to watch.

    JaneLove, posted

    Bulldog Cums In Wife 3 wasnt........I've seen better. The camera is moving areound so much thatyou cant really get the sense that the dog actually fucked her. I felt like this was the Joker filming it like he did in "The Dark Knight". But evven the Joker had better camera coordination.The description said that the dog WOULD CUM in her, but as soon as it started, the dog had already cum and allthat was happening was the camera man (probably the husband)rubbing the dog's dick against her pussy that was wet from her's and the dog's combined cum. I rated thhis "nothing special" and it really wasnt. I'mgoing to keep looking for an actual vid where the dog CUMS in the woman. Not one where he already has.

    Digijovamon, posted
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