• i try to do the best i can for you guys , just let us know if you like our post's.The camera work is also a bit spastic, but hopefully you can forgive me for that... I was almost as excited about watching it.

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    nice to see the shithole licked out

    judasfanny, posted

    more please! love it!

    xwildcatx, posted

    moooore thnx

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    if anybody in melbourne fl. and has a well endowed dog or pony and would not mind me haveing fun with them please message me ps i would not mind being recorded

    boatman6969, posted

    boring. no sound.

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    Dayum, that's some sexy girl.

    bluetounge321, posted

    that was so raw and beautifull,shame no sound but 10/10

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    I like to see a girl making a puppy with a dog.

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    need full version....=)

    Verian, posted

    That is no virgin asshole. Do tell.

    thedon, posted

    MmmmMmmm, hey buddy, want to share that sweet ass and pussy? LOL

    tazman99, posted

    Very good video. Please post more with sound. thanks.

    villain99, posted

    Excellent video.!!More please :-)

    roverover, posted

    •Aluzky• Good action, beutiful pitbull, but horrible sound.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

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    summitkid96, posted

    Other than the dog whistle hum for sound this is one hot clip! Both the attentive pooch and eager lady are very sexy. Love how she spreads her cheeks while on all fours so her pet can get better access to her sweet, juicy hole and lick her deeper and harder while she fingers her clit trying to cum. And she opens up her legs so wide on her back, opening up everything and offering herself and all her delicious juices to her doggy, so it won't miss a drop and dig in to hte fullest. Amateur vids like this are why I love beast porn, so real and honest, just an owner enjoying her pet more than by just petting it! Thanks for sharing and would def want to view any clip you have, so horny.

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    your doing a great job

    mattmam, posted

    i wish i was the dogie licking both your holes

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    licking licking , its all about licking (i'm not referring to your video) where 's fucking and sucking. Are you mod keepeng the goodies away from us?

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