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    Women Rides Dog


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    very good stuff of my wife getting notted by a dog hope you like and enjoy this vid as much as i do theres nothing like good bestiality.

    Uploaded by njfrnotnenj · Rating: 4.0 (254 votes) · 57489 views


    Very hot.

    Bellas41, posted

    mm if i lived near you i would ask if could have fun with your dog and see if you would want to do my female belgian shepherd

    sexmaniac46, posted

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    boatman6969, posted

    i'm so ready for a doggy dick now...live in Northwest Indiana..i'm just wet listening to them!!!

    shellbegone2, posted

    Regardless its good fun;I can tell you have fully enjoyed him before.

    1billy4unow, posted

    OH my god. That is so hot. I am sopping now. Damn.

    jadern, posted

    damn i want that

    wettiestlolipop, posted

    take that big dog cock baby

    dogfunanal, posted

    I was wandering how a dog ride was gonna look like! Is there a reason why the legs are being held?

    WeBeLovin, posted

    I enjoy watching a good doggie cock ride.

    daringdora, posted


    zeakburke, posted

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    oocumoo, posted

    fuck u are one lucky dude wish my wife would let our dog fuck her like that

    k9luvver69, posted

    Nice one

    Lwethu, posted

    very hot ;)

    vengence1981, posted

    I hate dildogging......just get a dildo which is not alive to use. If you want to experience K9, it should be real....let the dog drive the knot into you so you can BOTH experience pleasure. This is just using a dog without any regard for him.

    TZwolf, posted

    rape that dog doesnt like that at all

    ilovedogs24, posted

    This was one of the beast would have liked her to lick her juices off it at the end

    billincan, posted

    Movie sucked I seen better

    peachman, posted

    sehr gut

    sascha4711, posted

    She should know their are black cocks 5 times that size. she might try to ride one of those.

    LAWRENCELLC, posted

    bad porno movie dialog... good for a laugh.

    mitchelldm, posted

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    luciane, posted

    This sitebsucks! Can't see shit

    gross4444, posted

    it made me cum again

    pinkcunt, posted

    a bit different dog enjoyed easy sex on his back, Liked so see some cum though

    farmtrev, posted

    omg that got me so horny thank you xxxx

    pinkcunt, posted


    JONEES, posted

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    1seximama, posted

    there should more of these positions

    bobote, posted

    He said take the big dick.I don't see a big dick.I guess if u set your standards low u wont be disappointed

    beenknotted, posted

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    virginpussy, posted

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    summitkid96, posted

    god i wish that was me his cock looks so good

    kellihasanal, posted

    More of her riding this dog please :D

    sharky385, posted

    mmmmmmm very nice

    iwannadoginme, posted

    more please with side view, would love to see her tits swing as she rides :)

    lovebbw4life, posted

    Ja - Geil - Bitte etwas länger !

    capricornus, posted

    good one , please post more

    Brughel, posted

    This is a great movie, you can tell she's really enjoying it. not to mention that she is riding that doggy dick like a champ and she gets such a good pounding , she probably loves the fact that shes having that dick held tight for her aching pussy. and that she's being recorded. I love when she is riding like theirs no tomorrow. this video is very good stuff when the girl is getting knotted by that big dog dick you wish you where there to enjoy the act with her. I'm sure everyone loves this video cause theres nothing like good dog fucking.

    BigDoggyDick420, posted

    it was amazing loved it i want my dog to fuck me now! if she would have screamed louder it would have been perfect. i wanted to fuck her myself and i want the dog to fuck me really fast damn im so horny i have a dog but its a small dog so it doesnt have a big dick but i still let him lick my pussy it feels so good when he does it his touge is so wet and warm. i might just get a big dog so he can fuck me so hard and fast in my ass and my pussy!

    joeyours, posted

    Although there is not alot of positiooning in this vid it is hot. She rides well, wish i could get my wife to ride a dog like that. you can tell she likes it and wants more.The dogs cock is fully erect as she rides him like she loves him. Love that it is in english. Her saying he is so big is hot. If i had the chance I'd be fucking her ass as she rode that dog cock. I would marry her in a second. Don't knowwho is luckier, her, the dog, the guy, or we who get to watch.

    needit2, posted

    phenomenal video! We see the woman sliding up and down on the dog's cock, and it's so slippery that it goes in and out of her with no problem. She is riding that dog and giving herself all types of pleasure! Her human partner is making sure that the dog stays in the perfect position to fuck her, while murmuring encouragement to her as she pumps herself up and down. You can tell how much she's enjoying it by how fast and slick the dog's penis goes inside her. I just can't imagine being the guy and having to watch that and not get a piece of it...of her OR the dog!!

    observer24, posted

    The clip I have seen is actually entertaining. I have never seen a male dog laying on his back. So it was surprising to see this gorgeous dog laying on his back while his owner is riding him. The girl seems like this is her first or if not her first maybe a few times. Mainly because she comments on how big the dog's cock is as she is moving on him. She clearly enjoys it, by the sound of her moans she is willing to keep moving on him. Her husband is filming this wonderful clip, he is encouraging her to take the full length of the dog's cock inside of her. Even helping her move on the dog. Summary: If only it was a bit longer, I'm sure this viewer would have had an intense orgasm. ***** out of 5 stars.

    Sirene, posted

    Just sitting here watching the movie made me wet my pants. The way the dongs dick slid in and out of her pussy. OH WOW. Fucking a dog shut up. Wanted to see more of her taking that dick in her pussy. Who Knew. Makes you want to go out and get a dog. I will have to watch this movie again cause she really had tha doggy dick all up in her pussy. Can you imagine just ridin that dick up and down. She said it was too big and I say not nearly big enough. Ride on baby ride on till it makes you cum

    fetishgirl, posted

    For this clip I enjoy that they to a good job on the camra angle for starters. They were just far enought that you saw all the action. I'm sure they wanted to keep their faces hidden for good reason. Their was moaning toward the end made sure she was enjoying the dogs long member deep in her body. They even went to show all of the dogs Cock so that people would know it was not small by any means. Yet even the man wanted to be on the clip showing his hand and also talking . Over all I thing that they did a great job they could have changed the angle showing the dogs face and I would have enjoyed seeing the whole fillm but I stilled enjoyed

    ariesdarkmage2, posted

    Very hot. Love how you can see her taking all of the cock in her. Would have been sexier if he knotted her. But still a good watch. I also love how the Guy talking dirty to her tells her to take that big cock. I would have loved to see the dog cum inside her. That would have been hot. This video makes me cum so hard I love playing with my pussy while watching it. I want more from this user .. maybe let the dog fuck her next time. Just give me more let the dog lick your pussy than fuck him. Yummy.

    takemycherry, posted
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