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    Wife And Dog


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    Sexy wife and pup get it on on the sofa doggy style then he licks her clean and attempts to hump her mouth.. Very hot action..

    Uploaded by deer · Rating: 3.9 (653 votes) · 96390 views


    you can tell they want eachother and know how to please eachother ;p

    mehoff, posted

    beautiful woman and her dog breeding and after a quick clean up she ties to give him a blow job HOT!

    mehoff, posted

    Women, in the N. Louisiana, E. TX area or possibly passing through who are serious about K9 experiences, contact me here on the site. I have a very well trained lab retriever that will knot and tie in both pussy and ass! Women only please :)

    blueyedcwby69, posted

    lovely bitch no wonder the dog was so keen pity she was not properly knotted and bred!

    yourholeinone, posted

    mmmm im next. want that nice cock in my pussy

    honeybunstori, posted


    mehoff, posted

    wow he fucked her good.... wow love her hairy pussy id lick it and her asshole yummmm

    lilcock1, posted

    Any women near Louisiana E. TX who want to feel a hard knot message me on here. I have a handsome yellow lab that will breed you over and over.

    blueyedcwby69, posted

    Wow OMG What a woman and what a great dog . Wonderful, I'm adding it to my favorites

    houndog69, posted

    Anyone in va with a dog for me to fuck please reply!!!

    brandss723, posted

    Bi girls into k-9...lets do this with my shepherd!

    lexxilynn33, posted

    Sweet! Ole shep and his momma are a good team! Looked like a good time!

    harleypoor, posted

    nossa fode direitinho esse cao ,por isso que gosto de cachorro faz o trabalho ainda a area de lazer

    adely, posted

    Not bad! Pretty hot video!

    junglejohn, posted

    Very hot clip, sexy girl and dog, great chemistry.

    jayko, posted

    anyone in San diego??

    wma53ca, posted

    VERY hot video! Made me super wet - now if I could only find someone to play with! *efg*

    K9_Curious_CDN, posted

    yummy, real 10 thick, huge inch here, i wish to watching guys and ladies playing k9, if u got dog and cam plzz add me, blackbitop4cuck@yahoo or Skype under BlackBiTop, ty

    BlackBiTop, posted

    I know her, she lives in southern France, and she's reachable if you like.

    damienkdo, posted

    any wemen in tn I am 15 open for gsd bitch to

    dogvet2765, posted

    WOW i loved this clip i love older ladies and her likeing dogs id be in heaven if i were there with her and her dog id eat her pussy before during and after she was fucked by her dog michaellj1972@yahoo.com im open for anything with any1 human and animal male and female any age

    michaellj1972, posted

    Very nice...the best "doggy style" fuck I've ever seen in here, bravo!

    Pergotski, posted

    any girls masturbating inbox me

    oocumoo, posted

    oh cool das suchen wir auch biite melden

    wirsuchen, posted

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    GeileStutex3, posted

    Thanks for sharing she got his beautiful cock in her and he wanted to keep fucking her ! =)

    mehoff, posted

    I would love to fuck my cock into your sweet pussy right after the dog nuts in you.

    lvmydog, posted

    Such a lovely wife,I'd love to taste that pussy after her stud got spent in her and then the joy of how all 3 of us tasted.

    1billy4unow, posted

    Would love to taste that pussy full of dog cum,shepards have the best cock ever.

    1billy4unow, posted

    the dog likes 2 lick hairy pussy as much as i do.

    fishlover, posted

    20 f washington state. if you're around and have a huge stud pm me so you can tie me up and breed me as his loyal obedient bitch. Teach me to sit stay and beg! I follow ANY command.

    x116, posted

    Nice looking woman,nice body. Like to see her sucking my cock and then my dogs

    bitemebigtime, posted

    oh ja gei-der soll mich auch mal ficken--

    petfrau, posted

    LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    candygirl36, posted

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    luk3y167, posted

    she had no idea what she was doing

    ilovedogs24, posted

    awesome great clear pic love to have seen more dog fuck girl action nice she give him a bj

    wallsvince, posted

    looking for a female dog in are male dog in V.A. I will pay returns. please let me know. I never try with the animals.

    cash1000pr, posted

    Nice, some what difficult too a few seconds of him pounding into her. Not a bad clip thanks. keep posting.

    bluedestiny, posted

    I would let her suck my cock as i sucked the dogs cock. any one who would like to chat email me cowboycock@yahoo.com

    COWBOYCOCK63, posted

    one of the best free movies i have seen, would like to have seen more oral, seems as if both enjoyed the session.

    keith123, posted

    Very good video. It's clear that the woman wants to fuck the dog as she's kneeling and ready for the dog, The hubby entices the dog to fuck her, and fuck her he does. He humps her furiously and digs to get better traction for a deeper thrust into her pussy. We don't see the knot but we do see her stand and the dog cum drips from her well shaved pussy. The dog loves pussy and the taste of his cum as he licks, stops, then she opens the pussy againg for him to lick. The woman attempts to suck the dogs cock, not very succesful as the dog is still wanting to hump her wildly.

    dipswitch69, posted

    schönes video, schade das es so kurz ist

    Flowerpotman, posted

    Great clip

    ffighter5, posted

    Very nice, they obviously have done it a lot

    JessiMom, posted

    that was hot. just wondering what does dog cum taste like? i only fuck bitches

    ilovewhores, posted

    Sweet! Fun movie!

    harleypoor, posted

    such a beautiful pussy for that dog

    love_mature88, posted


    oocumoo, posted

    Very nice video...wish it was longer to see her suck off that cock.....

    missi35, posted

    any girls masturbating? inbox me

    oocumoo, posted

    I adore a woman like that who just gets down and presents that sweet hairy pussy for him to take it without squealing and jumping trying to get away from him. She tries to take him in her mouth but we run out of time.I love it!

    breeder09, posted

    french couple it's rare !

    obelix1664, posted

    Excellent movie. Exciting and nice girl .

    lecossais, posted

    Guys, just imagine, as I am sure you all are,that you have a wife who will put on black stockings, garder belt, and a matching bra and let you film her in good lighting and revealing all her charms actualy fucking a dog. Add to that the dog is bigger than she is. When the mount is over, she takes your direction to masturbate and suck the big brute off. In this case, the wife has flawless creamy white skin and a body most women would envy. Then you see this wife's face and she is no girl, but a beauty in full bloom of her years. Tell me she can cook and is good with money and I tell you this husband is the luckiest man alive. Thank you both for shareing what for almost all of us is an unobtainable fantasy.

    watchindirty, posted

    ho ho

    totolata001, posted

    nice shepard loose the old dear, but i had to admite she had a nice arse, but wow that face, shepard had a nice pair of nuts too

    chubbyladie, posted

    That was beautiful! I want to marry her!

    breeder09, posted

    mature women are best.sweet wife.

    digitallover, posted

    jolie la misse ,mais pense qu"il a un nom le chien,

    akaxora, posted

    Come fuck me im in florida

    summitkid96, posted

    güzel olmuş ev yapımı amatörce ama süper

    xxxturkuazxxx08, posted


    wirsuchen, posted


    madcyril, posted

    mmmm makes me wet

    NeedsIT69, posted

    One Ladies first try at zoo perhaps and may also the doggies first as well ! Dog was not able to get traction on the tile floor but this did stop him from burring his bone in his ladies receptive doggy love tunnel ... with the very attractive surrounding bush awesome .... The clean up scene was very awesome as well, the mutual cleaning by him and her was great . Over all one very hot video clip and look forward to further posts from this duo they will make an awesome team ! 10+ from me

    junglebunny, posted

    dommage du peu

    gmx, posted

    Nice movie would have been awesome had the wife had some excitement vocally as the dog was doing her. Loved the hairy pussy. Would have loved to see the doggy cum.

    teejackson, posted

    waow another good french women who likes doggygames 'oui très bien "

    happynono, posted

    Love that hairy pussy, and the little extra at the end. Hairy cunt forever.

    heiferboy62, posted

    loved it when she help her cunt open i would have licked it to just a shame it was not full of his cum

    pinkcunt, posted

    i thinks she is too hairy for me

    danyboy1, posted

    anyone in the ottawa ontario region of canada need some one to hold a camera? If so, message me.

    infuse90, posted

    Thank you that boy was buring his bone! ;0

    mehoff, posted

    •Aluzky• Whats with she wearing cloth and shoes and all the camera noises. This is why I like more home made porn.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    Wifey has nice skinny body. Camera could have been placed better. Like him licking his work after he is done. Boy is he eager again when she jacks him off. Would have loved to see a mouth load there.

    alifealife22, posted

    she can defo play with my cock

    clarke123, posted

    Loved it! Would love to find a woman that would let me watch and help her with a K9. Would like to see the woman take the knott or at least a better view of her taking the dick! Like to see the pussy lips around the dick as it slams into her. Like to see her when the dog cums into her mouth and blows her lips off his slamming cock. Would mind seeing her take the dog in the ass as well, The husband could guide the dog into each hole at various times to drive the wife NUTS as the dog gets his NUT.

    DarnNear, posted

    I like the video dog ducks my slutty wife . I like how he puts it in her real easy and then he bangs he brains out and after that he licks her clean with his tounge all while her horny husband watches and say get that Dick baby all in alll this shit is pretty freakin erousing if u SBM me it turns me on all the time. These women are just freaks and I wish I could find me a woman to duck me dog cuz I would love to see in person Wha its like for a woman to duck a dog

    mikeyo, posted

    This woman has an air of having had taken that handsome pup before. Such a splendid video with excellent quality. I am not sure though about the sound since my speakers are out, but I can just picture her moaning with each thrust of that handsome animal. The dog's dick may not be as large or as well hung as some would hope, but it's all about how one uses the tool. It is certainly a treat even though of how short the video is. I'm sure anyone would enjoy this video if they look beautiful women and handsome dogs.

    Alzeri, posted

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    xadamx, posted

    This video starts off with a woman in just a black lace bra and black High hills bending over in front of a german shepherd as he mounts her and starts trying to get her into the spot. He finally starts humping and penetrates about 30 seconds into the video. he keeps humping her for about 30 more seconds as the camera zooms in on his balls. Shortly after at shows her sitting on the chair trying to get the dog to lick her pussy. After about 40 seconds of the dog licking her she reaches down and starts jerking the dog before she tries to suck the dogs dick.

    Stoneofsilver, posted

    Absolutely wonderful! The captivating aspect of this movie that others lack is the woman's comfortability and total acceptance of her relationship with her canine lover. The video quality is great. The audio is great also, which in y opinion always makes an average film a great film. She may not be Hollywood pretty but she is very beautiful in a natural, everyday way which I LOVE. Although I do enjoy K9 movies where the woman seems to find it painful, this woman seems to actually enjoy her dog with the enjoyment, pleasure, and satisfaction one expects to find with a human lover. I would love to see more of her!

    Colleen, posted
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