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    Dog Creampies Girls Pussy


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    Watch the dog fuck a teenage girl as the cum drips from her clit and onto the floor *Sqish* *Sqish* *Sqish* My dog got my girlfriend mandy temptress Real good :)

    Uploaded by Thehuskylover · Rating: 4.6 (333 votes) · 33323 views


    that is EPIC

    bigrob52, posted

    can anyone help give me pointer on how to convince my gf to fuck her dog? please contact me if you have yahoo messenger we can chat.

    benangjerry69, posted

    the flow of dog semen from that darling pussy and the sound are exquisite

    jrpa, posted

    lovely shot of dog's jizz spilling out of her swollen cunt

    jrpa, posted


    75789632145, posted

    lookin for a male dog. message me.

    shangjii, posted

    Damn U See her take like that

    119Bama, posted

    Holy sheep shit batman did you see the cock and knot on that puppy that bred her!!!

    St88man, posted

    id liked to have seen another dog go in rite after and slick that wet pussy up more! loved the drip!

    shemim, posted

    That was amazing.

    qwertysdo, posted

    I cannot wait to try something like this someday, holy shit. Gonna make a special lady real messy with a dog like that and how much I already cum :D

    Korsa_Fen, posted

    got me off!

    eddymetal1, posted

    i watch this movies man i dont think i ever would ever have my wife fuck a dog whatss the point ...i have a 9 inch cock can a ddog match that and i last up to hour fucking my wife's pussy from evey angle .and she love it till she cum's over over the bed whats better that /

    9inchhorsecock, posted

    yesssss that was so nice n hot.got my 9inch black cock hard as fuck.

    Ponydick9, posted

    awsome spunk running out best i have seen yet in a freebie more please hector07

    hector07, posted

    Pretty pussy, nice fuck. I love the cum shot, the way it ran down the pussy and dripped off. Would she marry me? Jim

    genealguy, posted

    Wish I could lick those fat pussy lips clean

    kinkyhorsefuck, posted

    Damn, i wish if i was that lucky to have flush out my dick and filled that thick lipped cunt ith my cumload. I just adore pussies and i masterbate four times when i saw this video, i wanna ffuuccckkk this chick.

    darkprince25, posted

    that should be me in there

    klonditebar, posted

    hot iwould lick her clean

    playingalone, posted

    that looks so hot i would love to go in after

    chef99, posted

    best video ever!

    Nightsun, posted

    really superb!!! that dog is experienced dog, keep that women until breed a lot of cross dogs.

    Anil3874, posted

    Yes, I would like to meet the girl and see the live action. The dog is good and doesn't have to be coaxed.

    DarkVader2, posted

    Wow now thats what im talking about , more more more ! looking for girl like that in my neck of the woods .

    ballsblue, posted

    I'm looking to be dog fucked. I never did it in my life but really want to try it out I live Minnesota and is looking in that area. So if u know someone or is that someone please do message me. BIG DICKS ONLY. THANKS

    fuckmeraw23, posted

    That was absolutely beautiful,stunning and so erotic WOW,it was just downright beautiful!!!!!!!!

    breeder09, posted

    This is damn nice, so muych doggy creampie! And the young girl is hot.

    jayko, posted

    very nice video and good sound also,love to watch how much dog cum runs out of her pussy while he is still fuckin her and how much more drips out when he pulls out,must ave been a quart....and she loved it

    pablueeyes8, posted

    Thank you!! Way to go boy! you knotted her and flooded her womb with your hot seed ! ;)good boy!

    mehoff, posted

    its impossible to get pregnant from dog

    c00kiee, posted

    The dog should have got her pregnant.

    HyperA1985, posted

    ok i live in PA and im a virgin to pet sex but i would love to fuck a mare or a dog. or any one in that case. if ur a guy or a girl message me and we can work something out

    animallover107, posted

    fuck yes. want to lick tht doggy nutt out her pussy while his dick still in her. then when he pulls out I can suck the rest out his dick & finish getting it out her hot pussy. so fucking horny off this!

    bigpleaser69, posted

    "Damn", is exactly what my friend said when a stray came like a fountain in his Mom's pussy, just like this lady.

    vonCaldwell, posted

    The Guy XD "Damn" fucking right. Damn hot ^^

    Peterpul, posted

    WOW super Vid - lots of sticky Cum mhhhhhhhh

    lilbeaver, posted

    muy bueno

    arekai, posted

    full her up ...............

    bill5050, posted

    very good

    bill5050, posted

    nice I like this

    dicasela, posted

    Love it, juicy sloppy wet cunt. Want to be taken the same way.

    mrsbiggirl, posted

    Hot hot hot. Gdzie Polaks?

    NowOrNever, posted

    im a 15 year old virgin female. message me

    virginpussy, posted

    any guys/girls wanna fuck then message me

    summitkid96, posted

    Good doggy, that's a very good doggy.

    alifealife22, posted

    She has a nice looking pussy, would love to fill it up next.

    becauseican, posted

    Nice! I would have licked that pussy clean!

    dogcum123, posted


    pier5555, posted

    great creampie!!!!! i would have fucked her in the ass afterwards to push out all that doggy cum in her tight pussy

    spartan6996, posted

    Who is she.:)

    k1239, posted

    nice wet sounding pussy love all his cum running down her pussy.

    fishlover, posted

    nice pussy,you should be balls deep and not your dog

    crambone, posted

    I'd be straight onto her to clean her up then fuck her.

    its.wizzard, posted

    Thank you! that was a hot little pussy getting filled by her dog lover !

    mehoff, posted

    Best one yet. Love to marry that girl

    looking64, posted

    That was hot, I want to have dog cock inside of me

    gabriele40, posted

    thats was beautiful wish i could clean her up for another round

    dickcuckold, posted

    Love that little giggle at the end. Wish we could have seen her smiling face as that dog spunk dripped from her overfilled little pussy.

    peterperv23, posted

    Holy Cow...that was pretty HOT!

    dogweener, posted

    Best video I've seen yet

    00wayne, posted

    Should have collected that cum and made her drink it!

    bearshiteater, posted

    Wow, that was pretty damn hot n exciting, except for the hillbilly's voice in the background! Great visuals and sound, looks like she had a ball and I am sure the pooch loved busting his in her smooth, sexy pussy ;)

    browneyedog, posted

    I love the sound of the dog fucking your pussy!! mmmmmmm slopy and full of cumm!! thanks for posting

    Sickness_30, posted

    Damn Tail got in the way at the end. You should have grabbed it and moved it away.

    anonyno5, posted

    This is an amazing video. I beleiv that this is the ultimate result every animal sex addict would like to experience, for a woman to experience or man to watch.It does get much better than this.!! ;)

    sherrylduke, posted


    Agog89, posted

    this is amazingly HOT!!!

    JaffreyJames, posted
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