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    Our First Video


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    This is our first video. She just loves to lick and eat me pussy out after its all wet. She just can't get enough and whines when I make her stop.

    Uploaded by puppykisses515 · Rating: 4.4 (272 votes) · 41719 views


    This isnt bad, nice cunt and pup, decent audio..

    jayko, posted

    geart short clip and that little dog make me mad she looks like she can lick pussy better then me lol

    hudson47, posted

    hmmm screen is black for me

    xhorny1970, posted

    its amazing, love watching it and doing it with my puppy

    diggincunt, posted

    I love this vid...made me cum soo easy

    Juliazam, posted

    awesome vid, you both enjoying it, you needed your arse licked aswel the way you were lifting yourself up for the puppy. maybe next time !! lucky you, enjoy

    debs, posted

    watching you sit with your legs spread letting that puppy lap up all your cum is amazing

    lickme0000, posted

    you dirty slut you cant get enough caN YOU

    samantha69now, posted

    i wish i could a good licking like that

    upstairs, posted

    I am a 17 year old guy I live in Sweden (Stockholm) any girls out there between 15 and 22 wanna chat or maybe even hock up? message my ;)

    KLK_95, posted

    Sounds juicy. My pussy is puffy and slick right now... gonna watch it again and rub my clit till it bump bump bumps.

    lionlicker, posted

    very nice my dog does the same and i do the same to her she makes my pussy feel so good

    pussylover56, posted

    very nice. I have a nice little licker as well. makes my pussy feel so good.

    sincitykitty, posted

    mm yummy

    emmanem616, posted

    Mmm lick it good

    mikejones1999, posted

    I miss my old dog doing this, I would have her lick my pussy then my ass, even let her lick my ass as i farted. Mmmm

    omgewwwtf, posted

    Awesome make more

    Xm25, posted

    i like playing with my pussy while watching this mmm

    anglen11, posted

    this movie is amazing absolutely amazing!!!!! bravo bravo bravo i almost CAME every time i watch this video i get so so so so so so so so oh so wett all her videos make my lips tremble and my mouth water , it swells my pussy up and make my pussy juices flow like a river . not sure if this is an original video from the original uploader but i sure do need to give a really big big big big big big big big SUPER big big big thanks to whomever uploded these and a thanks to petsex.com for satisfying all my sexual needs

    kfreeman, posted

    i so loved the how she tells her dog that shes a good girl for licking her masters pussy.even more her dogged lick and licked and licked.deeper and deeper her dog licked and the more she moaned. i got so wet my pussy juices started running down my ltgd. it made me call my pitbull over to lick my pussy juices all up for me from wathcing that scene

    2gud2btru3, posted

    A great video enjoyed it very much wished that was me getting licked like that

    doggiedoer2, posted

    Simply the best video display of pussy eating!!!

    Dallas4real, posted

    Good short clip, the woman is enjoying the licking emmensily and the dog is doing an excellent job of licking that beautiful titted pussy, the juices made me get hard and waning to get iside that Beautiful Pink Pussy.

    dipswitch69, posted

    Oh nice I wish i had a dog to lick me out like that

    fucktard89, posted

    LOVED it! Beautiful woman, great pussy and awsome footage!

    sdheavypapac, posted

    i got so wet to this... listening to her and the dogs licking i busted all over my girlfriends face... i luv this site.

    sexygirl209, posted

    our lil boston terrier does all the time with the wife. and boy does she love it. now if i could just get her to let me video it.

    alatino, posted


    dxxdxdxdxd, posted


    troyv7, posted

    nice u got such sweet tits good pussy wud love to lick u ike her .

    dogfucker03, posted

    I just came too

    sylenasmommy, posted

    You're so sexy. I love it that your dog is a female too. So awesome. I have a dog that loves to lick very hard too. He'll never stop until I come. cheers, deepsix

    deepsix, posted

    i just came to this (:

    tightpussyy808, posted

    I want to be your good dog.

    xxooxx, posted

    Damn I want to lick that pussy with him,lucky dog and he or she is very good at it!

    breeder09, posted

    im so horny right now i want my dog to do that

    eroii963, posted

    that is so sexy im dripping wet

    badgirl62191, posted

    You've got a lovely pussy and great tits too. Get the dog to lick your asshole next time.

    beastieboy99, posted

    I want a dog!!!! Yummy they made me wet.

    spicything, posted

    OMG - this movie makes me want to get a dog sooooo badly!!

    LunaTyk, posted

    one of the hottest k9 videos I have ever watched...the whining..the licking sounds..the hot wet pussy were all so hot. Make more!!!!!

    shadow_insights, posted

    i love when you tell her "good girl" so sexy :) you have such a beautiful lusting mouth watering pussy that makes my dick so hard when you feed it to you doggy :)

    love_mature88, posted

    The audio is normal, but the video is in super slow frame by frame. That sucks!

    Viking25, posted

    wow that is one hot vid really gets my cock hard andy ready to jerk off

    honcho138, posted

    Very hot, very sexy.. makes me soaked.. I wish we cound see her squirt.. :-)

    michellep223, posted

    Super hot series of vids! Perfect for me to watch in the morning while getting my sweet pussy eaten out. Love her hot pussy and rock hard nips. The licking sounds and her moans make me drip....

    luvsdoggies4170, posted

    It's a little girl dog eating her Beautiful masters pussy! Puppykisses you RULE girl!!! The best clips on here i think! What more could you ask for "other than to be that lucky little Boston?" You can tell the little girl loves licking Moma's sweet pussy and from the groans she's making Mommy moan she is on the right spot!I give this one a "5" 4 paws and a tails up for sure! I love the series of 5 clips you posted a big THANKYOU for sharing with us :)-

    bigdog49, posted

    JUST GREAT!!! "hearts"

    kitten2, posted

    video wont work. what can i do?

    M2U, posted

    WOW training him early mhhhhhh :)

    lilbeaver, posted

    please make more! :D

    dogfucked1234, posted


    dknyrob, posted

    Exquisite! 5 Stars! ***** What a very good girl and what a beautiful woman with a perfect wet pink pussy! Nice! More, please!

    dirk20200, posted

    good stuff haha

    zombiedrew13, posted

    im a 15 year old virgin female. message me

    virginpussy, posted

    hi you are hot your pussy and asshole look delish.id like you to pull your shithole open moan saying lick my shitole good girl lick my shithole please im begging you to make this type of clip my cock will bust!

    strays, posted

    excellent !!

    roverover, posted

    please help me, the video not playing

    ivanivo, posted

    what a tasty bitch

    Kinky6, posted

    Really good vid. Got hard watching it. :-)

    londonmank9, posted

    well done young lady,what a natural,i hope you will add more for us all in the future. what a video what a body what a good little pup. thank you for making this old man very horny(opps i ment to put happy.

    lookerlooking, posted

    Wow! Now that was hot and exciting, a little clit rubbing and this would be the ultimate vid. Such a sexy girl, what a pussy, and the little pooch is so eager, willing, loving and cute! Def one of the best oral clips I've seen in a long time, great sound and not too put on, seemed natural and something these two do even if the camera isn't rolling, loved it. I am going to watch it a few time more then look at the next one by this poster. Awesome!!!

    browneyedog, posted

    more please

    hosk, posted

    mmm exceletnt sounds !! GOD DAM!! you are yummy

    Sickness_30, posted

    I'd eat that ass and pussy while the pup was at it too :o

    Agog89, posted

    I really wish I had a pppy like you. a girls best Friend ;)

    sherrylduke, posted

    I thought it was a pretty good 'movie' It could of lasted longer, but it was very good as what I was showed so far! Good action just need too improve on length! very very very very long! I dont really have 100 words too say! I think I would actually rate it 8/10 its really good but could do some ass lickin aswell and some blow jobs & for like action, It was anough for a first video, I no it is your first but in the future put some more 'alot' action into it so you can get some more people watching your videos, as the might just skip it because they saw the length?

    sexybitchzoe18, posted

    Amazing is right! Look how the dog digs in to get every drop of her sweet nectar! And her tits are absolutley fantatastic! The lighting was good,as well as the lovely sucking noises from the dog....great Job! I would love to be the guy after him filling her up with my baby batter...then watch him try and clean my mess up I left deep inside of her.I look forward to many more of these vids from you guys. Thanks so much for sharing it ! Hope we get that on the web site very very very soon!

    pinkspot22, posted

    she looked like she enjoys it and That dog is loving that pink pussy, very good movie, kinda wish i was the dog lol, very hot girl and sweet pussy not too great cuz hes camera shy..or curious so hes always hyper and knotty..in the wrong way when its on. since i suck at making vids dont hate me! I just turn it on and we see what happens, sometimes nothing does...and sometimes say screw the camera and screw me til his claws leave even more scars on my hips heh. anyways i just thought id post anyways, even if it isnt much, its natural and i love him to pieces <3 oh yeah..deleted the audio sorry, he made me whine but i also had a silly love song on..very embarrassing so i dont want no one to know our special song heh.

    bobbyd21, posted

    Wow she has the nicest tits ive ever seen! They look so big and firm, i want to suck on them while the dog is licking her. Her pussy looks so delicous, I can totally tell why the dog cant stop licking it. Would love to see her face, she most be very very very sexy. Her ass hole is just asking to be licked, cant wait to see the next vid and see that ass of hers getting licked and massaged by the cute little dog tongue. she must be in pure heaven when that dog licks her, it sure does sound like it

    sk8er2196, posted

    i found this extremely exciting not only do you get your pussy licked but that tongue stirred up more orgasms than i have had for a while and with each stroke of the tongue another wave of pleasure excites my clit quiveres and the puppy is licking so slowly that allows for a slower build up to next orgasm and that woman can really show of her holes to perfection you see everything the puppy is doing and the puppy knows which areas are turning her on so it keeps going back to the ones she reacts to most and the puppy rubs its nose over her clit as well and you can imagine the wet nose of the puppy against your pussy unreal

    chaz53, posted

    I was in the mood to watch a good pussy licking clip this morning and I'm so glad I found this one! The puppy was oh so cute, the woman was hot, and her pussy was absolutely stunning! I loved how both of them were enjoying each other, the woman giving her pooch a head scratch and the doggie just kept on lapping up her juices. The sound effects were great! The moaning added to the hotness, and there's something about the sound of the dog's licking that turned me on even more. Wish I had a doggie to lick my pussy out like that. Overall the quality was excellent. Whoever was holding the camera sure had a steady hand and knew just how to angle it so that we can get the perfect view of the dog's tongue lapping at that sweet and sexy pussy. Excellent job everyone!

    bigkat010, posted

    that was the hottest shit ive ever seen! she was clearly enjoying that to the fullest. that dog loves to eat her juicy wet pussy. it made me cum so hard watching that vid over and over. her beautiful pussy made me wish i was the dog. and when she stuck her ass up in the air you could tell she was trying to get the dog to slip her little wet tongue up in it. i just wish i would have seen her cum all over the little dog while the dog licked it out of her. i hope to be seeing more from them

    blueballs01, posted

    wow this was so awesome it got me so freaking wet. i loved it when you kept saying good girl. wish i had a dog to lick my pussy, you were just awesome. i think that you should show your face tho. your pussy is so hot. fingering myself right now watching your video. your breasts are so big and beautiful. your dog is soo lucky. cfvghjk dfghjk fghjk cvghjk fghjk cvbhnjmkvcvbj fghfghfd gffghjuhg hgfghjhgf jhgghjgf hgghgfjkjhgfg fghjkjhgfg ghjhgvfghj fghjhgfvghjk ghjkjhgvfghj hghjkjhg hghjhg hjkhg ujhghjkj juhghjhg gfdfgfd fd ghjhg jhhjkjh jbbnmmnb kjnh hkjhghjkjhg jhkj gfdsdrt gfghgfgh hgfghg jhghjkhg jhgjkjbv, kjhhjklkb ijghjkjhb ihhjh kjjkjn kjkjn knjkjnbjk kjkjb kkjbnjkbkij knknjkjnbnj kjjk kjhjk kjbhj jnjokjh kjbjkljbnjkljb kjbnmkjnbnjkjb kjnbnknbnmk kjhbjkjbvb kjhjklkjbvbhjk knmkjb kjbnklkhfghyuygyu vb

    xXhornybitchxX, posted

    WOW! WE both freaking loves this video! We both wish we had a dog exactly like this one to suck and lick us and we kiss it too! We love that sexy pussy of yours, and we also love at the end when you showed us your nice ass! We havent quite decided if we are getting a new pets because we will not lie, the ones we have now are damn excellent! But after watching this sexy video, we might have that decision finally made up! You definitly need to make many more! We came many times at this! This is Ashley and Daichi, from Tokyo Japan, and we freaking loves this sexy video!

    AshleyAndDaichi, posted

    Very good video, she was wet and the dog just loved licking at her very pretty pink gash. The way she kept moaning and saying good girl was very arousing. The little puppy just slurped away without needing any encouragement or direction so you could tell the little thing just love the taste of her sweet nectar. This is definitely one of my favorite videos on her, the video and sound quality are superb and the little puppy and the woman are truly arousing and beautiful and now to see the little puppy give her an orgasm and this would be the perfect video. Super sexy and highly erotic and I hope you post more!

    redrain01, posted

    Such an awesome video. The sound is perfect and so is her moaning. Love hearing the dogs tongue lapping at her wet pussy. Those tits are perfect. That is one lucky dog. In just watching this very short clip i thought i was going to cum in my jeans. Keep the videos cumming. I would to film these two in action i know that my cock would stay hard the entire time. This is a definite one to watch. Make sure to favorite this one i know i will. Have to go and watch some more of this users uploads.

    Strokinhard, posted

    I think this is a great sex it has teen sex dog sex horse sex cow sex long movies first timers really gets yah horny watching the naught amateur girl I wanna watch them like this all day every day I don't know a better site to go to really young girls amazing pussy getting fucked I love it dog sex is awesome yummy I wanna watch these girls get fucked from the day I was born till the day I die ask your friend and anybody u want to come watching these awesome movies I love watching girls getting fucked be dogs I will be watching this for a long time to come yah sign up now

    bigjn1406, posted

    this movie is amazing absolutely amazing!!!!! bravo bravo bravo i almost CAME every time i watch this video i get so so so so so so so so oh so wett all her videos make my lips tremble and my mouth water , it swells my pussy up and make my pussy juices flow like a river . not sure if this is an original video from the original uploader but i sure do need to give a really big big big big big big big big SUPER big big big thanks to whomever uploded these and a thanks to petsex.com for satisfying all my sexual needs

    leonekyhra, posted

    to tell you the truth most of you people want to be this do or this girl.this girls very hot wet pussy is get gently licked by this dogs tongue. the moaning of this girl will drive any one crazy i know it drove nuts. i wanted to be there so bad. and the fact that she has the dog trained to eat her out. and she even tell the dog that its a good dog of course it is its eating her out. and she films the whole thing her self. she is very good looking. if you watch this you will want to watch it over and over again none stop sometimes wish i could download it.

    dervan, posted

    Dang! That was impressive. I wish I had a dog like that to take care of me. Of course I probably wouldn't get anything done and I'd spend all day cumming which doesn't sound half bad either ;) Maybe I'll make my husband go dog shopping this weekend so I can finally take care of this dream of mine! I’d probably have to get a smaller dog just so I could handle it at first and then start working my way up to bigger and better dogs! That’s it, it’s been decided. Dog shopping begins tomorrow after I get home from work.

    doggydogdog34, posted
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