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    Licking The Perfect Pussy


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    some dogs like to play, but this big dog is eating a shaved pussy just as a past time activity. this girl is absolutely a GOOD dog trainer!

    Uploaded by doggy_doggy · Rating: 3.8 (100 votes) · 43389 views


    agree's with nurse more noise but still hot

    bitchhunting, posted

    I am a bi k9 lover and this is so hot! MORE NOISE!!

    nurse1317, posted


    nightsurge, posted

    great looking pussy and your titties are beautiful also. thanks for sharing. kisses

    1robert, posted

    i am a horny female that wants to try getting fucked by a dog i also am bi so if anyone wants to have some fun text me at five eight zero four eight zero two nine one five

    giggles669, posted


    victyo, posted

    nice wish she would make some more noise

    user480, posted

    Mmmm, she had sme sexy nipples, and that dog knew it. She had a nice body and yes, the perfect pussy, I wish I was that dog, so I could massage mytongue inside her pussy and taste her juices.

    likmuhpusup, posted

    would have like to see more - the dog could have gotten his mouth in her further

    amandaflags, posted

    Great clip very nice pussy! It must be very tasty the way he goes at it! Now if she would just let us watch her get the knot!

    bigdog49, posted

    Exquisite! 5 Stars!*****

    dirk20200, posted

    very nice

    jayko, posted


    113curious113, posted

    interesting perspective don't ya think kind of like Y O U A R E T H E R E

    mcnesby, posted

    would love to lick her perfect pussy with the dog, or have dog lick us both while were fucking, lots of fun

    k9lovin69, posted

    do you have any movies with large black men eating cute white guys like me? they're real animals :) with my best regards,

    micasmicas, posted

    I want to lick her while the dog does lol.

    spunkypunky19, posted

    I'd think that if every girl could get this from her dog, they would! Forget the taboos about it, both beast and human are enjoying it, the dog love the taste isn't forced or rewarded by food, only her sweet juices, which he clearly desires. And the women, well, she needs to get off and be pleased, not everyone has a mate everytime they need to get it. So, harmless play with a pet is sexy and natural, not some sick twisted affair for the mentally ill. The problem I have with animal sex is when the beast is clearly being forced to do it, near abusive actions. But, I love this girl and her dog, such a turn on.

    browneyedog, posted

    lucky dog i would eat that pussy too!

    crazy69moose, posted

    she is that regularly when hubbys gone to work

    strays, posted

    I think your dog has something special I think with training everyday u can teach him to b better than any man and lick and fuck you for hours.i think you could moan more yourself and or get a lil girl in there to lick and fuck and to cum in.Is your dog fixed or can he still shoot a massive load?I would like to see u suck his dick.Or if u have a hubby I would like to see him fuck a female dog good that would be sweet...Was this your first video and how long have u been doing this for?

    nameno109, posted
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