• this lucky girl is tied by her boyfriend to the bed. the dog in their possession is doing some petting work to prepare this wet pussy for the big show!

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    nobodylikedog, posted

    Uhm....kinda lame...

    jayko, posted

    Why carn't we down load the movies?

    Randyones, posted

    this should be flagged that girl duznt even look consious AND shes tied up

    hornygirl1212, posted

    love bieng tied and fucked love it more when dog licks and fucks giggles

    boundpussy, posted

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    1st of all way too short I want to see a cum shot of her or the dog...2nd of all have the girl tied up play the part like she dont want it at 1st but cant fight the pleasure feeling..Get a younger smaller girl for him to fuck..the 17 secs was nice but you need better video and she needs to moan more.I want to see the dog fill ur pussy or mouth up.Or if you could get many young girls with small tight pussy and a few dogs and have a orgy that would be sweet.How long have u been doing this for having your dog lick u and tied up guest? you could also train everyday and make your dog a master and go down on you for hours and him/her never nipping your pussy just pure pleasure.Then u can make a real long worthy video where i can play with myself and cum thinking about u and being there helping the dog get better

    nameno109, posted

    one would think title indicated "tied" as being tied to the dog's dick ..... I see there are just a few strands of cord "tying" the lady ... so one hundred words are required? .... mmmmmmmm .. let me see whatelse can I say here? Maybe that this video sucks. However, the pup seems to be enjoying its self. Wonder if it is even a male? How many letters must be used to count as 100 words anyway? I will reinterate. one would think title indicated "tied" as being tied to the dog's dick ..... I see there are just a few strands of cord "tying" the lady ...

    lawsondrm, posted

    The girl is really hot. I would like to see more of her. To me the lighting was very poor. If more light was put on the lower part of her body it would have made this a very smoking view. I HATE IT WHEN THE VIEWER CAN NOT MAKE OUT DETAILS BECAUSE OF POOR LIGHTING. i like clear view of whatever i take a look at. UI would be glad to offer directions as how to get better video. No cost to those that are interested. I would enjoy locking that myself, ( ; ). Lets see more of this team !! Let get a few different angles also. If you want to show it off how about a little more creativity. Show us the viewers what you really what us to see Both the girl and the dog are impressive. Make me envious and jealous at the same time

    PLESER, posted
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