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    Webcam Licking


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    a girl on her webcam getting licked from behind by her white dog. a girl on her webcam getting licked from behind by her white dog.

    Uploaded by btwisted · Rating: 3.2 (93 votes) · 42020 views



    curiouscat57, posted

    any women interested in talking or hanging out even just message :] male/21/Florida

    ray8110, posted

    as always, well spoken by kitten-hope you are doing great!

    dirtdevil, posted

    kitten you sound like my type of woman! want my wife to be just like you !

    jrob918, posted

    what the hell do you guys know about it? maybe you should put your jealous asses up here on this site and see how well you do! ^_^ I love this clip!

    kitten2, posted

    •Aluzky• What happens in a web cam, should stay on web cam. Because web cams quality sucks. :/ ◄► Pretty sure that was a lab puppy, she should wait till the dog is an adult and not a child.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    holy jesus! what is that?? what the f*** is that?? cit. Hartman i cannot see anything...

    pierogimmi, posted

    This chick has the sweetest ass , and I love watching her arch her back, ass up and belly on the bed so the lucky pup can lick her from her pussy to her ass hole! She really looks like she enjoys it when he finally reaches the asshole, arching her back even that much further. I love a real clip! one that doesn't have a boyfriend or some other "coach" tell her what to do!! this one you can tell she planned all for herself!!! When its homemade and you can tell the chick is really into it, like she has been doing it for a long time. It makes it that much hotter cause you feel like your getting to see something that has been going on a while, but know one's ever caught her in action! when they finally get comfortable and show it, it makes for some juicy entertainment!

    swashbuckler, posted

    This vid was very cute! tho i do wish there was sound it looks as though she is enjoying being licked by her little white puppy. her video cam was well placed so that we can have a great view of her pink little pussy being licked. though the video is short, the puppy makes up for it in eagerness. next time she should try laying on her back and maybe be topless so that we can see her face as she is being licked by her pup. all in all, i think this vido shows that she is on the right track and i'm sure i speak for us all when i say that i would love to see more from this girl in the future!

    criswikkid, posted
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