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    Dog Cum In Women Pussy Galon


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    dog cum in women pussy alot of dog jizz and the women is enjoing evry jet of sperm into her womb, and the she is finger by her lover a great movie

    Uploaded by salax · Rating: 4.0 (860 votes) · 114501 views


    that was one awesome MEATY fanny good fucking cunt ==D - -

    cable22a, posted

    WOW that dog loved your tight pussy. Love the way the camer guy worked on your pussy.

    vickie, posted

    woulda been good if the fool knew how to hold the freakin camera still

    badasscowboy, posted

    I need to do this so bad.....

    daddyslut69, posted

    fucken hell taht cam work was shit!!!

    DoubleDude, posted

    She's loving hs cum load in her fertile pussy ;P

    mehoff, posted

    LOL - I'd be jacking off too!

    farmpoker, posted

    Dude is jacking of with the same hand he is holding the camera with!LOL

    sdheavypapac, posted

    Does anyone know how to hold a camera properly anymore?

    kinkybruhman, posted

    allow him to turn to make it even more real

    qhuma4321, posted

    learn how to work the camera

    chase99, posted

    Fucking hot video. I would have been sucking on that big juicy clit while he fingered her at the end and drinking up all that she squirted out. Mmmmm

    petlover8888, posted

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    maw123, posted

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    eagerto, posted

    I wanna get fuck hard by dog and his master !!

    dam0555, posted

    Female from Russia, searching zoosex talks and advices.

    milena1980, posted

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    milena1980, posted

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    reaper93, posted

    make me your sex slave command me to pleasure you and who or what ever you choose male female I love it all

    michaellj1972, posted

    zoom out you prick!

    Narcoleptic, posted

    male seeking female to have fun with my pitbull... message me for details

    bianca18, posted

    Its hot! The camera work sucks though...

    jayko, posted

    yeah thats what im talking about... there has to be some horny animal fuckers on the nsw sth coast ild love to watch n help out

    gemini69er, posted

    A purrrrrrrfect 10!

    dirk20200, posted

    Fucking hot hot hot ,, this bitch loves dog knot

    bigwheels62, posted

    Anyone want to chat maybe more ^_^ Im bisexual and looking for fun, so check my profile ;)

    young_one_65, posted

    would love this dog knotting me followed by a sexy woman fuking me hard with a thick strap on:P

    gaz21, posted

    wonderful video, love how much she enjoys it and squirting at the end is great!

    cockgirl27, posted

    Chicago guys? I would love to be knotted by your big dog!

    conniechung, posted

    Beautiful pussy

    anthony_p_v, posted

    From all the dog cum pumped into her womb, did her belly swell up some?

    Krystal, posted

    That was so hot to see that pussy filled and knotted and what a marvelous clit and lipps on that pussy!

    breeder09, posted

    OH fuck I wish this was me tied to this big dog cock ..would love all that dog cum in my pussy

    fuckmeup47, posted

    Probably one of the few knotting clips I watched and liked. Thanks for posting.

    bluedestiny, posted

    good dog, great wet pussy

    dtguy, posted

    ok but not in fokes and to much on the close up

    slipere, posted

    Excellent video. Dog is stuck in the womans pussy for a while- while his cum drips from her snatch. Then he has a nice big dog knot pullout.

    amani2011, posted

    She finished him off good, Seeing her Squirt at the end was just a bonus really ^^

    Dastardly-Dawg, posted

    it awesome this dog sure know how do fuck the women, the dog fuck her deeply in her pussy .

    samsonsam123, posted

    Schöner Film , macht Lust auf mehr...

    fotoapper, posted

    This is a good one, nice wet action, and her moaning, gasping and grunting are hot.

    jayko, posted

    Maybe the shit thought: 'hey, you need to get out, now!' And so it pulled the dick out. Why? That was a nice, juicy slit with a nice clit to top it off. And the shit thought: 'hey, that are only her and the dog's bodyparts in the film, not mine!' That's why it foung it necesary, to put its fucking hand there, where it shouldn't be. It's not helping me none! So it could just as well left it's fucking out. Boy, the woman´s got some beautiful clit. And again the shit thought, its hand needs to also be in the picture... @ L A T E R ! ! ! 1702 animalpsychologist 1.

    cleclego, posted

    Thank you ! She is very sexually talented and knows how to hold his knot in her vagina as he fills her good she's loving that feeling she's getting from it =)

    mehoff, posted

    one of the best I've seen on here you can tell she really is into it and I'd love to see her husband get right in there behind the dog

    bigduck54, posted

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    evonnem, posted

    Sweet! looked like a goood time!

    harleypoor, posted

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    lesley, posted

    What did the shit think? 'You wanna pull your dick out? Won't it come out? Wait! Let me help you!' Is he like fucking crazy? L A T E R ! ! ! 0602 animalpsychologist 4.

    cleclego, posted

    Loved seeing the Cum hanging on her pussy lips, as well as hearing how wet she was with doggie cum as her bf fingered her good.

    wineman123, posted

    she squirted at the last. watch it and u will see it. my gf is a squirter too. nice

    goldenboy1, posted

    She has a nice behind and a nice cunt. The shit zoomed in too much and held the camera in 1 hand and couldn't hold his hand still. That's why is was shaking so much. He was pushing the dog to and fro with his lefthand and couldn't hold his righthand still. And then the shit pulled out the dog's dick (someone should horsewhip the shit for doing that), just so the cameraeye would see the knot and see how much cum would come leaking out. But he pulled out the dog's dick too soon and his wife was lying on her shoulders, so gravity pulled the dog's cum deeper in her body, so it couldn't leak out. But his wife had a real wet cunt. wet from the dog's juices. Loved seeing his red swollen cock locked inside her cunt as he shot his sperm inside her. L A T E R ! ! ! 0402 animalpsychologist 1.

    cleclego, posted

    Gives me a raging hard-on. I'd like him to fist her cunt full of doggy cum. A beautiful swollen clit.

    Dr_Jack, posted

    Very good she draind fucked his knot moving her hips back & forth. Her pussy was well taken care of. I know she had some fun.

    vickie, posted

    what a marvalous movie all the sceanes from the dog ramed up to the hilt till the girl squirts at the end it isatotal turn on, it got my attention straight away with the dog panting like a champion & the giel moaning with delight till the bloke fingering her till she squirts her load was pure magic highly recomend thi movie

    tammy58, posted


    proalex, posted

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    grausamahmet, posted

    not a bad movie

    schnozawiggum, posted

    Absolutely amazing to see that beautiful pussy with that huge clit knotted is sooooo very beautiful,give you a ten if I could!

    breeder09, posted

    i was able to cum to it but towerd the end when the guy started to finger her i almost threw up

    shadowmarka, posted

    i tried not to get seasick

    gradyman, posted

    my cock would have been straight in her pussy as soon as the dog cock was out, hot movie

    xdata, posted

    If i had that knot inside me, as soon as i was filled my husband would come in for sloppy seconds. The thought of all that cum inside me makes my clit quiver!

    funcouple1998, posted

    Damn that looked tasty. I would be there in an instant cleaning it out. A steadier camera woulve been nice, but it was still extremely hot.

    zoophantom, posted

    Hot swollen clit...yum. Mine is similar, especially after it's been ruler trained. Wish it was coated in doggie cum right now. Suggest better lighting and a camera man with a steady hand.....oh and more of the dog's cock.

    yorktown, posted

    Fuck that's a big Clit!

    gandalf564, posted

    awesome. a good knot at the end shows she enjoyed every moment, rest her friend did.....

    ash1242, posted

    Fire the cameraman.

    sweetk9girll, posted

    the nuts on the do fucking good so was his dick, stop mianing bitch. your spoiling the whole video

    chubbyladie, posted

    mmmmm lovely,would have licked her clean and his cock too mmmmmmmmmmm goodboyk9@hotmail.com

    goodboyk9, posted

    Show more dog dick Jees. I can look at a pussy any where the dog dick is the whole reason we watch it. I am tired of pussy showing god damn it.

    BenKelley, posted

    My cum squirted about four feet across the room when he pulled the knot free from her very wet pussy and what a magnificant clit she has,very hot!

    breeder09, posted

    I know the camera angle could have better but without doubt, this is one of the best k9 clips I've ever seen! The woman's groans, the knot being pulled out after thinking it wasn't in there in the first place (the dog seems to have a massive length before his knot), the opening of her wet cunt, the noisy wet fingering and the squirting. Wow!!! I loved it and wish I could have been there. Fucking awesome! More like this please :)

    rikk469, posted

    I love it and love the looks of that fat lipped pussy too!!!!!!!!

    cldawsonjr, posted


    lolo3500, posted


    382359674, posted

    I bet she enjoy's the dog more than him

    lovemydogknot, posted

    Ok.. only 2things i didnt like about this vid... 1 is her shaken her ass.. too hard for the cam to keep up.. an 2 that asshole pulled the dogs cock out befor the dog was done cumming.. With a knot an tie like that... you should never pull it out.. let them be tied so he can pump her full of his seed.. let her womb an pussy overfill till its starts leaking out.. after his knot goes down an slips out on its own.. then you can do what you want.. but for the love of god! please let them stay tied, dont pull him out befor he is done!!... This is still a very hott vid... made me drip my hot juices.. an now my clit is starting to swell... hmmmmm ... love it..

    FlickLickMyClit, posted

    Loved seeing his red swollen cock locked inside her tight pussy as he shot his sperm deepin her with his nice cock! ;)Nice lookin lady one happy dog ;)

    mehoff, posted

    he knos wa 2 do wiv a pussy

    yaz_boy, posted

    mmmmmm nice pair of nuts on the dog, cute dick too, i;m going ti try fingers o=in my arse too, that sound n looks so heavenly

    chubbyladie, posted

    Truly amazing, you can tell by the womans movements she is milking the dog for all his cum. You can see a small amount of the dog cum dripping from her hot pink pussy. Seeing the guy finger fuck her was OK, but would have been a 1000 percent improvement to see him get his cock in her dog cum filled pussy and see the combination drip out of the pussy.

    dipswitch69, posted

    Fuck.... That's hawt

    woofsexx, posted


    cassie18, posted

    loved the knot and cum on your mans hands wow i'm impressed pitty we did't see the dogs face

    chubbyladie, posted

    I lost my load watching this wish i could have seen her face with that knot in her her hubby should have let her enjoy it a little longer

    readyforthis, posted

    look at that fat clit. how fun to play with that

    tonktaf, posted

    He was knotted really well in you.. do it when hubby isn't home and you can enjoy it a whole lot more!

    kitten2, posted

    awesome tits on this girl.. nice pussy too

    pauldc5, posted

    i would love to like ur pussy clean

    boatman6969, posted

    sehr lecker

    ladyviola, posted

    This bitch loves her dogcok and cums, she moans well, has a nice engorged clit.

    jayko, posted

    mhhhh nice fucken Vid he even managed to have his Knot in ahhhhhh ~ yeah shouldnt have made him pull out :(

    lilbeaver, posted

    this is really good dog fuck movie except couple times guy got camera moving to much but otherwise really good dog fuck movie and then the end where the guy hand fucks wife and shows how juicy her pussy is was cool also......lots of cum spraying around not sure whos woman or dogs but was nice cum altogether..........

    skinwalker, posted

    yesssss more please hot!!!

    aerodeck, posted

    Just had some mayo, man that was so sexy, my mayo took on a whole new taste

    Speed2454, posted

    OH my, my panties are so wet.....

    dirtygurl38, posted

    love to be there

    looking64, posted

    someone horse whip that bastard that pulled out that dog cock that had his bitch firmly knotted and tied!

    St88man, posted

    dam that pussy sounds wett.dam nice clit.

    fishlover, posted

    love to feel him cun in my cunt

    pinkcunt, posted

    Good boy! He sent his sperm deep into her womb so when he was finished his seed stayed deep inside her body as his swimmers start an attack on her helpless egg!!!;O She lovingly cleans his cock afterwards thanking him for the pounding she got from him ;)

    mehoff, posted

    I love this clip, but wish it were all easily visible without the 90 degree camera turn. Plus, at the end there is a great surprise - perfect "baby cock" clit being played with! Man, makes you want to open your own mouth and suck her clean, doggie spunk and all, til she spurts chick cum all over you! I LOVE cock shaped clits! I would fuck this chick every way from Sunday if she were mine, and it looks like her man is doing just that. Go Girl!

    pullatrain, posted

    Beautiful beginning of a video. Begins with seeing the remains of a dogs bright red cock that isn't knotted inside of the womans hot, juicy cunt. You can clearly SEE and HEAR the woman absolutely enjoying the length and the large knot inside of her hungry pussy. It's also obvious to see that the woman wants more from the dog as she sways and shakes her hips from side to side, and back and forth, trying to imitate the dogs furious humping on her ass as she sits on all fours and takes it like a good bitch. As the video goes on you can see the dogs fat, red, throbbing knot pull out of her cum-filled twat, and once it is out, there's a sexy "pop" that goes with it as well as a groan from the woman. The man places a cloth under the woman and spreads her pink, waiting cunt still, fingering it furiously as she lays back and groans from the pleasure, and squirts out her own orgasm. A well done video indeed.

    Rubbeddry, posted

    Tha t was si mply aw esome. I lov ed how sh e wa s al l w et fr om bei ng fing ered b y h er bf. A nd th e cum sti ll han ging on was si mp ly amaz ing. He r pu ss y wa s ju st lo vin g it fr om be hind. T he do g wa s sat isif ied wi th h er a fte r cum mi ng ins ide of her, th at was so h ot. I w ou ld lo ve to s ee m o re vids.

    romance_wolf, posted

    this video was a very good show.the contrast of the dogs bright red cock against the chicks hot pink cunt was great!it was a great close up view and great picture quality.i did not like the side view angle though.i also enjoyed the idea that the woman did sound as if she was really enjoying the fucking she was getting, as well as her side to side movments.then when her partner kept the dogs tail out of our view so we could see the dogs cock and knot pop out,wow!cum rushing out and all.good stuff!then just when we expect it to be over we get another quick show,the chick is on her back getting agreat finger fucking.two to be exact.hard and fast and she has a great squirting cum shot.good video great picture quality and close ups.needs some face time of the babe to see her pleasure.

    dwntwnguy54, posted

    this movie was great ! It was a little slow to start and at first I thought the dog had a small cock but little did I know how much he had cramed in her tight pussy ! after he pulls out it just gets better! she gets a nice squirt out and you get to see her very very nice large clit! I want to see many more movies with this dog and woman ! not many videos have everything I am into all in one so for me this was amazing and I am sure you will feel the same way when you cream while watching !

    kinkyneby, posted

    Dam that was a good movie clip. The bitch realy held her stud in nice and deep,i just lovd the way she stayed where she was untill the matin was over and boy did she moan as her stud made her his bitch. What a joy it was to she her dripping with his seed as they mated. I loved the way she owsed his cum as her hadler figered her untll her studs seed was every where. Fantasticto see and hear . Its a pittyher handler did not place a bowl under her to collect the cum for his bitch to drink

    chrisoz, posted

    It was so hot watching this dog fuck this lady. The dog's dick was juicy and red, and the lady's pussy was wet and dripping. The cum in the lady's pussy was incredible. It was even hotter then the man stuck his hand in the lady's pussy to make her cum and cum again. The lady came all over the place, and squited everywhere. Then the man proceeded to peel back her pussy lips to show off the lady's clit. This video made me so horny. This video inspire me a little. I think i'm gonna try and fuck my dog too. I need to train him, but hopefully we'll both have a little fun in the making. Hopefully it goes good and i'll post some videos online for everyone to enjoy as well.

    krossboy, posted

    It was super good, totally blows you mind. The cum is definitely inside her and it gets you super hard, good video to Jack off to. I would tell lots of people who like this sort of thing to check it out for sure. I really enjoyed this so I think most of the people on here would too. She rides the dog nice and makes sure she gets every last drop of cum in her. I feel she enjoyed it more than the viewer. I would keep uploading videos like this, they are amazing and really know how to please the viewer. Good job!

    Kogomeogo13, posted

    a nice clear clip with good light and good camera work shame you don't see the build up and the mount but what you do see is defo well worth watching and such a nice doggy cock with a good size knot I almost cum when that sexy knot popped out and i could so eat that doggy cream pie the woman has a lovely big clit almost like a little cock could just lick and suck as that doggy cock pumped her full of his k9 cum the both of them quite clearly have done this before many times and i hope to see lots more of them both very soon maybe her helper could suck that doggy cock clean i would

    bobonfun, posted

    that vid was awesome. loved the sound of that wet pussy and her moans. the angle of vid kind of hurt my neck...had laptop in one hand junk in the other. i dont do that often but it was worth it. i would have liked to see more of womans bod tho. def one of the best vids ive seen on this site and would def love to see more of this couple. camera angle a lil off but expected cuz he was helpin out.it is also first vid i commented on...so i hope this is what is expected

    joshua76219, posted

    I love hearing the girl make sounds as she enjoys, makes my cock all the harded as I stroke it. she has such a great ass and her pussy isso hot with the dog's cock in her so deep. Watching as the dark red cock pumps her and her moaning with each pump. Then as the dogs cock pulls out and hubby fingers her hole,hearing the wet from the dog's cum. Then to see her pussy spead open and the dark pink shows how she enjoyed. Great to JO too. WOW. Only wish I could take a turn on her!!!

    LJ2956, posted

    Maybe the camera angle could have better but without doubt, I think this is one of the best k9 clips I've ever seen! Listen to the woman's lovely groans... watch the knot being pulled out after you may have thought (as I did) that it wasn't inside her (this dog seems to have a massive length on his cock before you get to his knot... watch her partner open and play with her gorgeous wet cunt... listen to the noisy wet fingering as he gives her a good shafting - and whatever you do....... don't miss her squirting - beautiful! Wow!!! I loved it and wish I could have been there. This is a fucking awesome clip! Enjoy :)

    rikk469, posted

    hot fucking good sound and video the woman obviously liked the entire session because she was able to squirt as her man plunged his hand into her well lubricated cunt, she had a very large clit which was standing up nice and hard wish i could have been there i watched it twice! would have been better if video was close enough to see the knot filling her cunt good movie and i would like to see more like it guess i have to get into the premium section you all have a great day this movie came out of the free bonus section thanks

    iclitsuck, posted

    2things i didnt like about this vid... 1 is her shaken her ass.. too hard for the cam to keep up.. an 2 that asshole pulled the dogs cock out befor the dog was done cumming.. With a knot an tie like that... you should never pull it out.. let them be tied so he can pump her full of his seed.. let her womb an pussy overfill till its starts leaking out.. after his knot goes down an slips out on its own.. then you can do what you want.. but for the love of god! please let them stay tied, dont pull him out befor he is done!!... This is still a very hott vid... made me drip my hot juices.. an now my clit is starting to swell... hmmmmm ... love it..

    tUlAR123, posted

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    goodboy212, posted

    good video and nice ending, everything about it intrigued me and was a turn on. the dog was relentless and he girl was loving it which in the end made it all the better. i love zoo sex and all girls in too it. the girls position was very sexy and the camera angle was also nice because it showed the entire sheebang! the dog also seemed to be into it a lot and he busted a bunch of cum in this girls pussy which was hot. if the video was a little longer that would of been even better because i could of had me some fun for myself. the viedo was very good, it had the perfect angle, and nice and sexy lower half bodied girl, and good and experienced dog that can bust a fat load in a girls pussy, and overall the video was a good watch.

    booboo07, posted

    I thought it was pretty good. There is a good amount of cum dripping and you can tell she loves dog cock as she milks him completly. She moves her hips to get every drop. And the dog pulls his fat red cock out of her pussy you see a little more flow. The guy taking the video then plays with her lips and fingers her hard. Wish he fucked her a bit to see that dog cum ooze out. Wish i was there always wanted to fuck a pussy after a filling of dog cum. Maybe the next video.

    blazze, posted
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