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    Minotaur Takes Girl


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    This girls is being taken by a minotaur, he is holding her from behind and lifting her up and down on his cock. She seems to be feeling equal parts fear and pleasure.

    Uploaded by rekidens · Rating: 3.8 (90 votes) · 38359 views


    mate's comment is spot on and I really hope this artist puts out more wow hentai

    facebook201226, posted

    I agree with matejkopa

    Honorius, posted

    sorry its not a minotaur but Tauren from WoW and that Girl is Sally Whitemane at scarlet monaestry

    matejkopa, posted

    Found several pictures of this thing on internet. The Knight Shines Bright. On monstersites (google it). She and other women are fucked several kind a monsters and aliens with double-dicks and fucking her with those two dicks in both holes. animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    HyperA1985 Now that would be cool to watch to see her giving birth to minotaur pups

    Fiozan, posted

    like it, classic greek myth

    HSLC, posted


    tinyheavy6, posted

    Why don't you make one where a girl falls pregnant with the minotaurs kid.

    HyperA1985, posted

    where you found such videos

    lovezoo_, posted

    Looks like the woman will end up pregnant with a baby that is part minotaur.

    HyperA1985, posted

    Not sure why but im sexually attracted to demons, Minotaur's and xenomorphs Too bad this video didn't work...typical

    snakehead404, posted


    smooth11, posted

    this movie is awsome. i have seen it more than once i can say i also went to the site were this video was made and its very nice i reconized more pictures and video's from there that can be seen on this site. i personly love to seen animated movies, becuase you dont see real people doing it. and in animated movies u always get the best shots, at the scenes. i also like movies that have anal in it, and ofcourse this one has it. i also like fantasy like in this chase the minotaur and the elf. in this video you also have audio in it. there are many movie's that have no audio. well this is why i like this video. i hope you will all enjoy it. have fun greetings paardenpimel

    paardenpimel, posted

    This is a nice albeit short clip of an animated white haired girl getting a reverse cowgirl from a minotaur. She is held off the ground by the minotaur and the minotaur controls the pace by pushing her onto his cock repeatedly. The sound effects are very good as far as the girls voice. It could have used some more sounds as far as the noise of her being penetrated. The animation also changed intensity during the course, which is a big plus. A lot of others are the same rythym throughout the whole thing, this intensified. I only wish the clip was longer and had a little more sound to her body.

    qrunchi, posted
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