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    Very Nice Chick Makes A Strip, Then Finger Herself, And Then Gets Mounted In The Ass By A Half Bred


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    Very nice chick makes a strip, then finger herself, and then gets mounted in the ass by a half bred. A very erotic video with a very young girl that want a dog dick so bad in her tight pussy

    Uploaded by salax · Rating: 3.8 (760 votes) · 85219 views


    wow mad my cock so hard HOT

    dogfucker03, posted

    Unbelievably hot!

    conniechung, posted

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    Tolkatore, posted

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    izaakk74, posted

    My new fave

    sanxavier8, posted

    Nice entry with the double strip-tease and self-pleasure. It would have been nice to see the entire action with the dog. Looks like we came in after she had been knotted. Very cute young lady. She should do it again with a little background music instead of TV.

    red-rider, posted

    its not even teh same fucken girl!! I call bs on tihs shit!!

    DoubleDude, posted

    OMG gorgious girl , love to see her with a bigger dog

    houndog69, posted

    Oh hell yes! I could watch this woman all night long! Love her finger fucking her ass. Great clip!

    junglejohn, posted

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    wma53ca, posted

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    topshelf, posted

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    dogbang10, posted

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    doglover0869, posted

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    young_one_65, posted

    Tv turn off

    bobsaggets, posted

    Damn wish I could find a fine ass like that loves there animal

    unick, posted

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    wezlo, posted

    tv turn off

    bobsaggets, posted

    cupcake is amazing. beautiful and very naughty! i wish she was my chick!

    dogfan31, posted

    omg bb mmmmm,u will make me cum watching u over and over again and im a sr8 woman...OH YES

    lillyfrench, posted

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    hotrod167, posted

    cannibal cupcake! xx love her

    dogsluttt, posted

    Most boring shit I've ever seen...

    Athenos, posted

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    boatman6969, posted

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    mbtw_84, posted

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    gewgirl, posted

    Grow some tits bit h

    gtwe, posted

    Turn off the damn tv. Ugh

    imahornycunt, posted

    Cupcake & Biggs. Old repost.

    elman1952, posted

    great vid, would love to see more

    LamuertaXXV, posted

    I still don't see difference in the girls. I see, that the clipscenes are not filmed at the same time. Maybe therefore the appearence of a different girl. The bed is not the same, the room is not the same. But the girl can be. And she's hot. @ L A T E R ! ! ! 0103 animalpsychologist 2.

    cleclego, posted

    the girl stripping was hot.....sorry id have to do her before the dog...lol she wanted to be fucked long and hard,,,her dog was a little passive....wish i could find some hot women who would fuck my two dogs...one of them likes missionary...the other would eat her for an hour....

    xxcu33, posted

    Somethng's wrong. The first girl strips all the way. The second has different panties plus a bra. She gets on a bed with brown sheets, but the third girl is on a bed with white sheets. Finally, how do we know the dog is in her ass? Pretty fraudulent!

    olemanjones, posted

    i wish i was being fucked like this girl...anyone in north carolina have a dog that would fuck me?

    lynn7272, posted

    fantastic, wish i was the dog i would fuck her silly for as long as she wants.

    dragon147, posted

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    stackm6, posted

    I wanna merrie this girl. :-P

    ludde, posted

    mmmm-good. this girl has that kind of ass no wonder the dog fucked her silly. I think she deserves to be fucked much more. Wow, I tip my hate to you young lady.

    VOND3, posted

    da wäre ich gern der hund

    Germanlike, posted

    первые девочки лудше!

    Lito53, posted

    I have seen more clips of 'cupcake & mr biggs' here in petsex. I don't think (I could be wrong), that there are 2 different girls. It's the lighting, that is different. Daylight and artificial light. The dog stays on top of her, because she's holding on to him. And she probably taught him to stay on top of her. But to make sure, she's holding on to him. @animalpsychologist12.

    cleclego, posted

    wow she is so hot !!! wish i was the dog. text me baby

    PillePalle111, posted

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    oocumoo, posted

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    oocumoo, posted

    so freakin hot i wish i could find a girl that would do that

    wjohnstown, posted

    God shes hot! Nothing makes me harder than watching a girl get mounted;)

    Bigjohn232323, posted

    I would love to be knotted and have the dog stay mounted where i could feel his fur on my back and his knot buried deep in me, that would send me over the edge.

    christine4k9, posted

    delicious wish I had such a Hottt lady to come home to Hang on little doggy you stay buried in that little beauty as long as you can I know I would!! Thanks for sharing

    fidos_ladi, posted

    Hot little chick with some lucky dog locked into her.You can't tell though if it is her pussy or ass but she is holding him in,very nice!

    breeder09, posted

    What a great flick. I don't understand why the first girl striped and the second fucked. They were both beautiful and the second certainly needed no one to fluff the show. I hope she was really feeling the raw sensuality she exhibited on her face. I know I did. This almost makes up for all those lick flicks, come on girls, if you are licken em ya may as well fuck em.

    watchindirty, posted

    halfway through the vid they changed video and girl... still good i suppose...

    ifdogs, posted

    Women in Nebraska or Iowa im me

    doglover0869, posted


    tgirlwhore, posted

    i love how they stay knoted

    NeedsIT69, posted

    well nice gal. pitty theres not much woman n dog action

    chubbyladie, posted

    im looking for aa older women (: im 15 in ca

    cashflowvip, posted

    I've seen this girl in quite a few videos, not on this site though. Anyone know her name?

    Paquete5, posted

    good video until the t.v. came on, then all I could think about was how much I hate lady gaga.

    hidden4ever, posted

    hot girl with awsome feet that i want to play with

    shirleygirl, posted

    great looking girl but needs more active dog

    ewbidoo, posted

    Is that her in the strip tease making that, what i believe to be smooching sound?

    lucasganja, posted

    wow would travel roun the world to meet this girl

    dirtyfucker36, posted


    egterzdfgbvsx, posted

    WOW is right!! She has a smokin' body, the perfect ass, and she is absolutely gorgeous!! Does anybody know who this chick is??! Or where to find her? haha. I just need to talk to her or some girl just like her.

    gottfried420, posted

    WOW. HOT

    worley3, posted

    where did u find this movie petsex is not letting any movies load up for me if u can send it in an email it would be much appriecated or the link to where this movie is thanks gamble21061@yahoo.com

    gamble21061, posted

    that's definitively the longest title i've aver read on this page. :D but wow! what a nice vid! can't stop seeing it!! oO

    Nocrin, posted

    that dog need sto move so I can fuck that bitch

    DarkDawg, posted

    the girl in this video did not approve of her video to be shared on here

    bucknutz, posted

    not only was that a stupid video i could have found anywhere.. but she's disgustingly thin.. who the crap would wanna fuck that? bleh.. now i hafta watch more, *better* videos to get worked back up again....

    Quatrepup, posted

    People, turn the fucking TV off. Don't want to hear that at all. Just want to hear and see the fucking.

    mrsbiggirl, posted

    Cupcake is hot, true...the editing could be better, but the passion and audio are right there.

    jayko, posted

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    butterflycandy, posted

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    rolrex, posted

    "makes a strip" huh?

    ou81288, posted

    So basically one mediocre on-topic video padded out with two mediocre off-topic videos.

    SatisfiedForte, posted

    perfection at its best love this mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    mrbill63, posted

    tight male ass looking to get fucked. message me and i will fuck u too if ur a girl/or guy

    summitkid96, posted

    Very attractive girl, though I'd love to see more foreplay with the dog and solo. Can't tell how big the dog's cock is except by her expression.

    bobjknows, posted

    Cute girl, but not much happening in this short video. I'd like to see her playing a blind girl with a red tipped cane and dark glasses who trips and falls onto the bed only to be immediately mounted by her "seeing eye" dog...now that would be hot!

    peterperv23, posted

    this is not your video to share

    bucknutz, posted

    A very hot girl indeed, left me wanting something more though in the beastiality realm, which is why I am here. If I wanted to look at sexy young chicks just getting naked and jilling off I could go anywhere online. Kinda a waste of my credits, oh well :/

    browneyedog, posted

    Wow cupcake, You are fantastic. So hot and young. keep them coming. I LOVE them young. anyone out there has any young teen movies to share let me know. mrrlodex at yah00 dot com.

    rolodex, posted

    The movie opens with a rather attractive young lady clad in an tiny pink top and a pink mini skirt. She slowly undresses herself to reveal a black thong which she quickly dispenses of before backing up to the camera and rubbing her pussy and ass. The scene changes to a bedroom, an entirely new clip altogether with her walking in in black underwear and climbing on the bet to finger and play with herself much to her obvious delight. Lastly, the third scene opens with her pooch already being mounted by her pooch, after a few moments of strained humping he buries himself in her and she moans with pleasure, her eyes rolling back as he holds himself inside her, likely because of his newly inflated knot.

    Muffdiver9, posted

    Starting off with an amazing strip, showing off her beautiful body, her petite tits and tight ass, then it cuts to her stripping again, closer, this time getting to see her face and by gawd is she gorgeous, she takes off her panties and kneels down on the bed, caressing a very wet pussy, then it cuts to her getting boned gently, and she looks to be in 7th heaven. Only way this would've been better if it was all in 1 cut, going from the stripping, fingering herself, to the dog joining in, completing her climax with some dog cum.

    geidde88, posted

    this sexy young hotty is horny! she teases you at first by stripping then she sticks her finger in her dripping wet pussy to let you see just how horny she is and ready to take her dogs dick in her wet juicy hole! the dog obviously has cum inside her and his knot is huge and they are stuck together for a minute. this video is extremely hott and sexy and would've been even hotter if we would have seen all of the action, like the dog licking her wet pussy and then fucking the shit out of her. but over all the girl is sexy and the dog is no amateur to this girl's pussy! enjoy!!!!

    renita18, posted
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