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    Security Dog Humps Girl


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    This dsecurity dog was so horny, he hump the girl wis a graet ass. He cums inside her. A funtastic movie to have a lot of fun 4 your pc!

    Uploaded by markus1831 · Rating: 3.3 (288 votes) · 60608 views


    Its a short clip run over and over for awhile...the camera work is AWFUL.

    jayko, posted


    jayko, posted

    security dog caught the suspect and checking her pussy for weapons...to much repeat of the humping

    castingrod, posted

    It is ok for you pro guys and gals to critisise, but we thought it was a fair go. But we are just starting out. The wife would like to try a dog some day. But dont know where to find help.

    1maddog, posted

    arrested development.....

    k9fckr, posted

    Am 16 and bi message me am in manchester and if you have a dog i would love a first try <3

    Madaraobi, posted

    Damn he's going hard and fast. I'd be screaming in pleasure if I was her

    kelll23, posted

    no hes securing her pussy

    oger7635, posted

    hes inspecting her pussy :3

    BangYouLater19, posted


    Ballsdeep123, posted


    qwq99, posted

    i'm going to fuck you for shopliftiing! Damn this is so hot

    horny4dog, posted

    wow this is good stuff i like this site

    cluelessv1, posted

    dog needs to cuff her first then stuff her good dog

    betosal, posted

    wow it was very sexy got me all horny watching it

    phlcam, posted

    Warning: Intruders will be FUCKED!

    deepsix, posted

    Hello Dear!!!, I am mariam,i just read through your profile now, and i was deeply moved. I think that you are a very interesting person.I think we should use every chance to find our happiness. and I am contacting you for obvious reason which you will understand as we proceed. Reply me through my private email address so that I will send more details to you, and I have a very important thing to tell you, I still hope for your reply into my box, have a pleasant day, (mariambaby19@yahoo.com)

    mayadion, posted

    i knew it wasn't just me, the movie is made on a loop..no dog could fuck like that for that long O.o good clip thoug

    LilGuppy2, posted

    Exquisite! 5 Stars! *****

    dirk20200, posted

    At first it seems like a good movie, however if one watches carefully, a major part of the movie is a repeat. A smal portion is shown over and over again. Where it really matters, the lightning was very bad. Overall, the movie is disappointing.

    coeniep1960, posted

    Poor movie clip.Pretty bad when it takes your own dog to do the fucking instead of her boyfriend.Well at least one thing,the guy has 2 assholes he can screw

    areuup, posted

    :>( :>(

    capricornus, posted

    •Aluzky• Loop over and over and over. Shitty video because of that.

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    this is thee same 5 second clip shown over and over and not clear at the end

    akastud, posted

    Poor puppy didn't get to please his lover properly being rudely pulled off of her!

    breeder09, posted

    I agree with beastialitygirl that this one was a waste of time as it was just a short looped over and over poor camera work hope in future they get better with that - the show as it could be a good one if they would just plan ahead and let the dog do what he wants

    nastyoldman, posted

    awful movie all together...the camera guy made the dog get off her... did anyone else here the poor stud yelp? disgusting... 0 out of 10

    beastialitygirl, posted

    awful movie all together... it was on a loop and than the camera guy made the dog get off her... did anyone else here the poor stud yelp? disgusting... 0 out of 10

    beastialitygirl, posted

    awful movie all together... it was on a loop and than the camera guy made the dog get off her... did anyone else here the poor stud yelp? disgusting... 0 out of 10

    beastialitygirl, posted

    First half is just a loop. Second half is worse.

    minnie, posted

    Looks like she loved it would like to see the face

    teddybear63, posted

    damn she is such a good girl for her puppy book her danno for being to damn hot and sexy

    mrbill63, posted

    me gusto .... del 1 al 10 le daria un 7 ...

    nehify, posted

    At first I thought it was just a loop.

    silverblade18, posted

    this bitch's pussy is secure NOW

    asc3asc, posted

    Sweet! A good time was had by all!

    harleypoor, posted

    çok iyi köpek azmış

    xxxturkuazxxx08, posted

    fucking hot but looping too much lol. Hot bitch taking it well tho

    Ezekiell, posted

    This is lame it's the same frame looped.

    BeastIncest, posted

    A bit more response fronm her would have been good

    furboy, posted

    I thought that the detail was great,the lights,views,everything was amazing.the woman in the video was extremely hot and well built.everything in this video was awesome and I can't wait to see more.I would love to see videos like this more often and would also love to see more of this girl.that is one lucky dog.please show more of the girls tits though.I think that's the only flaw I found.if u could do that the video would be perfect.I highly recommend this movie to all who like animal sex.

    racketball42666, posted

    Too bad the girl didnt moan.,.the video was ok, not sure if it was the same thing reran over and over for part of it. Maybe a better close up too, of the girls pussy before the dog entered her..that would have been juicey!! More noise and more closeups on the dogs dick and the girls pussy. She could have turned around thru part of it so we can see him enter her again...that always turns people on. Getting the dog hard and stroking him until hes realy would have been hot to. Let him lick her for a bit and then mount her from both sides before he knotted in her.

    wegerfrank, posted

    I thought this was very realistic and original... Great home video..not like some of the canned commercial ones you can see any where on the internet these days.. I quit sure you foks are off to a wonderful adventure making amatuer movies for everone to enjoy.....There are somany othe rmovies to see and review on the internet these days, it is nice to see something original looking and not pro acting in it... I think a lot of othe rfolks agree with me too. I think it would be a great idea for you to put up thewomans stats or have her tell more about herself befor ethe video begins etc..

    qazy2112, posted
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